Your Chihuahua doesn’t chew food? (here’s what to do)

In this article, we will tell you what to do if your Chihuahua doesn’t chew food. We will explain the reasons behind this behavior and give you tips on how to manage this instinct. 

Why my Chihuahua doesn’t chew its food?

Your Chihuahua doesn’t chew food but gobbles it instead because it is part of your dog’s instinct. Wolves eat like this too, allowing them to eat as much food as possible.

The esophagus of dogs is very flexible, it can expand up to 5 times its size. Large chunks of food can pass through your dog’s esophagus, without a problem. The canine esophagus has essential gastric juices when digesting food. 

Thus, eating without chewing is part of your dog’s instinct! It can be said that … It is something innate! If your dog, in addition to not chewing, eats very quickly, be careful, as it could be harmful to your dog.

As we said before, the fundamental problem is not that your dog does not chew, but that … He eats excessively fast! And this could lead to problems such as canine obesity since it could eat more food than it spends.

The dogs now accompany us and give us affection, they are no longer free! Nor do they have to fight to get food. If you share your life with a dog friend, you must ensure their health. 

What are the risks of your dog eating too fast?

If your pet eats too fast, try to keep an eye on him, try to detect if he eats nervously and/or eagerly. Also, try to watch out for eating more food than necessary. Remember that if your pet is over its recommended weight, it will not be healthy.

How can you make your dog eat more slowly and even chew his food?

If you are trying to make your dog eat more slowly, it is highly recommended that you mix dog food with natural food (chicken, egg …) as this will cause her to have less anxiety when she eats.

If your dog eats too fast, it could be the consequence of nervousness or stress. Try to allow your pet to eat in a quiet environment. On the other hand, remember that your pet should exercise every day, go out with your dog friend for a walk, play with her, etc. All of this will cause your dog to accumulate less stress.

Why don’t dogs chew their food?

It is essential that you know and understand better why dogs do not chew food and do not get sick. They think that it is part of their instinct and it is something that is innate in them. But you have to be careful because there are cases in which in addition to not chewing, they eat very quickly and that can be harmful to their health.

In order not to worry, you have to know that a dog’s esophagus is flexible and can increase and expand up to 5 times its size, to allow food to pass in larger pieces without any problem and without causing any disease.

In addition, the stomach of the dog has gastric juices that are very important in this process of digestion. So don’t worry.

When your dog doesn’t chew food on instinct

As we have mentioned previously, there are dogs that, in addition to not chewing, eat very fast, which can cause problems such as obesity, since they would eat more food. Remember that dogs no longer live in freedom, nor do they have to fight for food to survive, in these cases it is the owners of the dogs who have to watch over them.

Swallowing without chewing is not a problem, the problem is eating more than necessary, producing a disbalance between what your dog eats and the energy it expends.

The risks of eating fast for Chihuahuas

Like we mentioned above, our dogs no longer have to fight for survival, so while eating without chewing is not a danger to their health, they can pose some risks to their body if they eat quickly.

Our pets are already domesticated and if they eat more food than necessary, due to how quickly they eat it, they can suffer from obesity and accumulate more fat than they need, causing serious health problems.

That is why it is necessary that you watch your pet, see how he eats, if he chews food or not, if he eats quickly and nervously, if he eats more food than necessary, etc. It is also important to observe if your dog is gaining more weight than normal.

Make your dog eat more slowly and chew food

It is important that in these cases you combine your feed with natural food, be it chicken, egg. This will reduce the dog’s anxiety during the day by providing serotonin, a great ally to combat nervousness.

It may happen that your dog has this way of eating because of nervousness or stress. So we recommend that you provide your pet with a relaxed environment without screaming, arguing and that tranquility prevails. In this way, you will ensure that your dog is not nervous and causes eating disorders.

Give your dog the exercise he needs on a daily basis, play with him, take him for a walk and do physical activity during the day, so the dog will have less nervousness when it comes to eating.

Another factor that you have to take into account is the calories your dog eats and does not exceed those he uses. It is very important that your dog has good health and a healthy physical appearance, which you will achieve with a good diet and exercise. To do this you must control the whims you give your pet.

What to do if your Chihuahua ​​does not chew food

Steps to follow:

  1. Dogs are able to swallow food without getting sick. It’s good to know, you don’t have to worry, you just have to know what it is. A dog’s esophagus can enlarge and expand 5 times its size to allow food to pass through, thus allowing large chunks of food to pass through without any discomfort. 

This is the reason why it does not chew the food: it does not need it and also has powerful gastric juices to delay it once swallowed.

  1. But not everything is instinct. Your dog can run into certain dangers if he doesn’t chew his food and eats quickly. We are going to tell you what you can do to make your pet chew food and thus eliminate those small daily risks. 

Remember that you have to know how to distinguish the problem, nothing happens because your Chihuahua eats without chewing but it should not eat more food than is necessary for its health and to avoid suffering from obesity.

  1. The first thing to keep in mind if you want to know what to do if your dog doesn’t chew food is that you know that you can combine natural food with dog food. Mix the feed with eggs or chicken, these foods will reduce the dog’s anxiety during the day and will provide serotonin, a great fighter against nervousness.
  1. Another way to get your dog to chew his food is to create a relaxed environment that reduces his nervousness and thus reduces the urge to eat food.
  1. Getting your dog to chew food is achieved in a simple way: play, play without stopping. Long walks and playing with your dog will keep him in the good physical condition and present less nervousness at mealtime.

In this article, you can read how much time your dog needs to exercise so that you know how long you have to take him for a walk so that he is strong and healthy.

  1. Calculate the calories your dog eats and do not exceed the calories he burns. Keeping your dog physically healthy is an easy task as long as you get used to giving her the right treats and always playing with her. Without a doubt, they will appreciate it.

Final thoughts 

In conclusion, we feel that it is necessary to mention that besides food, it is extremely important for your Chihuahua to drink water. Keep your dog’s bowl with fresh, clean water at all times. Remember to change the water at least twice a day, watch that there is no food remains or other waste, and wash the container every time you renew its contents.

Also, when you take your Chihuahua out for a walk, always carry with you a bottle of water and a container for the; remember to take breaks during the walk to hydrate it.

If you have any questions or comments on the content, do let us know!

FAQ on My Chihuahua doesn’t chew food

Is it bad if dogs don’t chew their food?

In most cases, it is bad if dogs don’t chew their food, as they can easily get a piece of food stuck in their throat. Also, by eating this fast, dogs are also ingesting a lot of air with their food, which can cause an upset stomach later. 

What does it mean when a Chihuahua doesn’t eat?

When a Chihuahua doesn’t eat it means that they are nervous or stressed about something. They can also have a health issue, so it is better to consult a vet as soon as possible. 

Why does my dog eat like he’s starving?

If your dog is eating like he’s starving it may mean that your dog is not able to absorb the nutrients in the food or digest it properly, so their appetite goes into overdrive. 

Will a Chihuahua starve itself?

A Chihuahua would not starve itself, but it would eat less if it is stressed, ill, or doesn’t like the food! It is your responsibility as the owner to make sure that your pet is well-fed and hydrated. 

How do you break a dog’s food obsession?

To break a dog’s food obsession you have to stop responding to food beginning and start to invest in its training. Distract the dog as often as possible when he is begging for food.

When should I worry about my dog not eating?

You should worry about your dog not eating if this behavior is accompanied by vomiting or diarrhea. A dog may refuse to eat for various reasons, either health issues or psychological issues (eg. a stressful environment). 



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