Will my dog protect me?

Will my dog protect me? To answer this question This blog post will talk about the protection exercised by some dogs. We will discuss the main breeds that are used as guard dogs and helping human professionals to exercise public guard.

Will my dog protect me?

In general, dogs can protect their tutors in some situations. However, there are breeds that are more fearful and will wait for the tutors to defend them from strangers.

Instinctively, some dogs will face strangers as a way of defending themselves and the tutors they live with. Small dogs tend to be more stressed and often braver. While large dogs are generally more playful and relaxed with strangers.

Is it possible to train a dog to act as a guard?

Yes. Many dogs learn with good training guided by an animal behavior specialist. Guard dogs are very important as they can help some professionals such as firefighters and police officers. These working dogs can either act with the scent, in the search for drugs and bodies, but they can also defend who is leading the animal to some threats.

Some breeds are more used due to the dog’s ability to learn and easy behavior. The most used dogs are:

  • German Shepherd;
  • Rottweiler;
  • Bloodhound;
  • Labrador Retriever;
  • Pitbull.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is very vigorous and muscular, always attentive to the environment. The bite of this breed is very strong. They are extremely protective dogs with their tutors and very attentive, and obedient. Being excellent dogs to be trained to guard.


Rottweilers are robust, agile, powerful, and resistant dogs. Their bite is very strong. When the dog is well trained for the job, he tends to be a good guardian and fierce. Hearing any strange noises, it will try to protect the territory.


Bloodhounds are very skillful dogs, stubborn and with an imposing attitude, they are a dog with an excellent nose. It is a dog that creates a bond with the tutor. It hardly acts aggressively and does not usually bark constantly. It can be an excellent dog for scent work and when well-trained it can be a good guard dog.

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever has a very strong structure, which allows it to run long distances in addition to being an excellent swimmer breed. Due to this vigor, it is versatile for various activities. It has a strong bite. It is an extremely intelligent dog and does not tend to be aggressive dogs. They are excellent dogs for scenting and searching for strangers but may not be very good guard dogs.


The Pit Bull is an athletic, muscular, and strong dog. It’s a very fast dog. An angry dog appearance may put off strange people, but it is not a breed that tends to be very aggressive towards people. It is an extremely intelligent dog and can adapt to various jobs. When well trained, they can exercise the role of guard dog like no other dog.

Will a dog protect you without training?

It really depends on the breed and animal behavior. By nature, some animals can be very aggressive with strangers and protect the tutors or the house without any training. But compared to untrained dogs, trained dogs tend to be more protective of their tutors. Because trained dogs are prepared to identify situations and know exactly how to act to protect their tutors in the best possible way.

How can I know if my dog will protect me?

Dogs may show some signs of discomfort or warn the stranger that the dog is going to attack. Some physical signs to watch out for are:

  • Growling;
  • Very alert dog;
  • Standing up hairs;
  • Crouching dog ready to attack;
  • The stiffened body;
  • Exposed teeth;
  • Menacing look;
  • Constant barking.

In these situations, it is very characteristic that the dog is ready to attack and defend the tutors. That’s why you should be careful if the dog shows one of these signs for when you are having visitors at home, as the visitor can end up injuring himself with the dog’s bite.


Dogs can defend their tutors, but this characteristic is directly related to the training and specific behavior of each dog. Breed can influence the intelligence and the aggressive behavior of some dogs, making them easier to train for this type of activity. The use of guard dogs can be advantageous for some professions, but care should be taken by tutors with guardian dogs, as these can be aggressive with those who should not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Will my dog protect me?

What is the best guard dog?

According to these characteristics, the following breeds are the most popular when it comes to guard dogs:

  • German Shepherd;
  • Rottweiler;
  • Bloodhound;
  • Labrador Retriever;
  • Pitbull.

How to choose a guard dog?

The first thing to do is look for a veterinary doctor specializing in canine behavior, so that he can guide you on the best breeds, and reliable kennels for adopting a dog with the desired characteristics.

What is the worst dog bite?

The dog with the strongest bite in the world is of Turkish origin and belongs to the Kangal breed. Your jaw strength can reach 743 PSI.


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Picture from pixabay.com