Will I regret getting a dog? (9+ points to think about)

In this article, we will answer the following question: Will I regret getting a dog? We do this by bringing to your attention 10 reasons not to get a dog. Many people tell you about the benefits of having a dog, but you probably know already that a dog is a huge responsibility. In this guide, we explain exactly what you will have to give up if you want to get a dog.

Will I regret getting a dog?

Living with a dog can bring us fantastic things, wonderful moments … or not. Regretting adopting a dog or not depends on how we have planned their incorporation into our family and our routine. Problems arise when custody has not been fully considered, when a member of the family does not accept responsibility or when we listen to advice from someone who should not give it.

To have or not to have a pet, to live or not with a living being that will need us and bring us joy, is something that practically all of us have considered at some time … Some conclude that they should and can, and others that, despite interest, that they should not.

Whoever chooses to adopt or buy an animal must be clear that the basic needs of the living being will depend on the whole life of his human: his diet, his hygiene, his health, his education, his socialization … Everything.

Many people act on impulse and acquire an animal for the sake of having company and someone who welcomes them happily when they come home from work. Nor should we think that the needs of the animal will be satisfied simply by buying the most expensive products. They need attention and, very importantly, an education that requires time and patience.

Today we are going to delve into the details of having and not having a dog, with which we intend to help you decide and show you points that you may not be taking into account.

Reasons not to have a dog

Until now, everyone has told you how good and healthy it is to have a dog: The company, the love it gives…. But hardly anyone tells you everything that, in reality, involves. Therefore, this article is designed precisely for reflection. 

I could count the countless hours of joy that a dog will bring into your life, but as I know firsthand that many end up abandoned in kennels or on the streets, it is preferable to take some time and carefully weigh the pros and cons, before deciding.

Of course, the goal is not to discourage anyone from getting a dog; On the contrary, I would love for each dog to find a home for life. The pending issue of our society is precisely to tackle abandonment, despite the titanic effort of the animal protection entities, which launch periodic awareness campaigns.

Here are the reasons that you should consider very seriously, before thinking about having a dog.

A dog brings many changes in your life

Suddenly, you are in charge of a living being and your whole life is turned upside down in new schedules and routines. You have to get up earlier to take him out for a walk or clean up what he has made dirty; 

You go to bed later because you have to make up for the time you invest in their education or on walks; If you go out to dinner with friends, when you return and no matter how tired you are, take it out for a while; You cannot be absent from home for many hours at a time, since it is waiting for you;  You have limited places where you can go with him;

Your literary tastes change and, suddenly, you find yourself reading books about dogs in the hope of finding the key to educate him, so that he stops pulling, barking or both; You do not have a minute of privacy because, if you are careless, it accompanies you to the toilet…. 

Like in any relationship, it needs a period of adjustment and adaptation for it to work.

A dog is quite an investment

A dog does not come cheap. Even if you adopt it, you will have to face the expenses of chips, vaccines and deworming. Also, you have to re-deworm periodically and once a year, at a minimum, you will need to visit the vet for a routine check-up and update the vaccinations. This means a good amount of money, which you must take into account.

As it happens to us, a dog can also get sick: It eats something it should not, feels pain or discomfort and, like any other living being, requires veterinary attention. In the face of serious health problems, very serious figures can be reached.

In addition to the important items, there is also that of collars, leashes, harnesses, toys and other items you need (feeders, drinkers, …).

A puppy grows up and is not as cute (or as small) as you expected

It happens a lot in adoptions. Puppies from unknown parents are usually a lottery. Maybe it was adorable at first, but when it reached adulthood… there is nowhere to take it. However, it is your dog and, as it happens to us, we are not perfect and we must accept and love them as they are.

At other times, the animal grows much more than we expected. In almost all cases, the ball of hair that dazzles everyone will in a few months become a “full-fledged” dog, perhaps taller than you expected and many kilos of weight.

You have to go out with your dog every day

Your dog should go out every day of the week, at least three times and long enough for him to exercise. And going out means going out. It is not worth taking him down to the nearby park and sitting on the bench to play on the phone while he remains tied to your side, within a radius of two meters. 

Of course, it is also not worth using it as an excuse to go down to the cafeteria and leave it tied to the streetlight in front, while we are having a coffee.

Going out for a walk with him means that you both enjoy the walk. I have nothing against playing sports with the dog as long as the animal has enough time to relieve itself and exercise as a dog, sniffing and checking the terrain. 

It smells like a dog, no matter how hard you try

Dogs have their special smell and it doesn’t go away no matter how much you bathe it. Besides, it is not advisable to abuse bath time since they lose their natural protective layer.

When you bathe the dog it smells like that, like a wet dog, and if you insist on disguising the natural smell with strong perfumes, the dog will find a way to regain a certain “normal” smell in the first mud puddle it finds.

 A dog will bite and chew on everything in the house

If you live with a dog, it is part of their being. When it is small, it takes time to learn to relieve itself outside (although in most cases it is short-lived). Meanwhile, accidents happen and, often, he will leave small or big gifts, depending on how generous he is and, although it bothers us, we must remember that we are dealing with a baby.

When he grows up, he doesn’t get any cleaner… Okay, now he does his things outside but, if it rains, he comes wet, full of mud and, besides, he doesn’t know how to use the mat.

If you are one of those who likes that everything is always in its place, you have it clear. Dogs don’t have hands, so they use their mouths to pick up and play so don’t be surprised to see him enjoying himself with your socks or slippers if they have been unlucky enough to be in sight. 

Also, when their teeth are changing, they need to bite even more and, if we are forward-thinking, they attack more “hard” things such as table legs, baseboards, door frames …

A dog is like a hair making machine

They all shed hair, even short-haired ones, which also have a bad habit of digging into the upholstery of the sofa. If you are allergic to dog hair, do not “try” with a certain breed, no matter how much they recommend it, if you are not clear about it. The dog is not at fault for provoking a reaction and does not deserve to end up in a kennel.

If you do not suffer from allergies and you like long-haired dogs, keep in mind that they need daily brushing and, from time to time, a visit to the dog groomer to clean up. That or get ready to have hairballs through the salon.

Not all dogs are as smart as we would like

In addition to physical exercise, dogs need to activate their minds and learn the principles of basic canine education as a way of learning to behave in society. And that requires time and dedication, in some cases a lot of time, in addition to a minimum of knowledge on your part, to understand their behaviour.

Dogs are generally very intelligent, but some can be slower at learning. Although it is difficult, it will never be impossible but it will take more time and patience to teach certain basic signs or alternative behaviours to others that we are interested in working with.

Your dog will always depend on you

A dog is always going to depend on you and there are things it cannot do on its own. He will eat, drink and go out, only when you decide, so you must bear in mind that it is a commitment that you acquire by incorporating it into your life. If it gets dirty you will have to clean it. 

You will have to take care of his grooming, you will have to brush and cut his nails. The time you spend with him will make you miss other activities but, in return, it will reinforce the human-canine bond.

In addition to teaching him to relieve himself outside the home, you must collect the waste. Even if your dog knows where to go, you will never be free from having to bend over and clean up the stool. It is part of the commitment.

 You will survive your dog

If after evaluating all of the above, you are about to decide, think of something else. As a general rule, your dog has a life expectancy of 10-15 years which means that he will need your help and attention when he becomes a senior dog. You must accompany him until the end and use all the means at your hands, to avoid any suffering.

Other things to keep in mind on getting a dog

In addition to all of the above reasons, there are a few other considerations that I would like you as a future owner to consider before going looking for a dog.

Dogs need our company and supervision. They are social animals and one of the main characteristics of dogs is their loving and affectionate nature towards people, so they can suffer a lot when they are not allowed to enjoy the continued relationship with their human family. 

A guard dog that only always has access to the same terrace or garden, without any more mental stimulation than what happens on the other side of the fence, can become a destructive and noisy dog.

Dogs are not babysitters. Growing up with an animal contributes to being educated in respect and values, but your dog cannot do it alone. The ultimate responsibility for education should always rest with an adult. Children can be wonderful friends and companions, but in their relationship with dogs, they need direct supervision from their parents.

If you are not a social person and you don’t like meeting people… Almost all dogs attract other dogs and owners and more so when they are puppies or small dogs that act like magnets. A park is a meeting place so, if you are not interested in expanding your circle of friends, a dog will not exactly help you in your mission to go unnoticed.


In this article, we answered the following question: “Will I regret getting a dog?” by bringing to your attention 10 reasons why not to get a dog.

If you doubt or fail in just one of the above-mentioned reasons, don’t make the mistake of bringing a dog into your life. It will surely not work, you will both be unhappy, and the animal, who never chose, will be the biggest loser.

If, on the other hand, you have come to the end and have not found any reason to stop you, after careful thought, congratulations. You are ready to enjoy the company of a dog. 

And I assure you it is worth it. Your dog will never cease to surprise you at the displays of affection that he will offer you every day; You can learn with him; Enjoy the company of other dogs and people; Be amazed at the number of different expressions that it can adopt and the sounds that it is capable of emitting to get your attention.

And above all, you will receive a lot from him, because I assure you, that your dog changes your life completely, although, for this, you must be willing to take on the challenge and abandon certain comforts and routines of your previous lifestyle, to win many other experiences in return.

If you have any questions or comments on the content, please let us know!

FAQ on Will I regret getting a dog?

Is it normal to regret getting a dog?

It is normal to regret getting a dog, especially if you were not completely aware of what taking care of a dog involves. Our expectations often do not come true, but in this case, it takes a lot of patience for you and the dog – you both have to adapt.

What to do if you regret buying a puppy?

If you regret buying a puppy you should contact a shelter or a rescue group to know what your options are. It is your responsibility to find a new and safe home for your puppy!

How long does it take for a dog to adjust to a new owner?

It can take a dog up to three months to adjust to a new owner. Don’t worry, however, because your dog will start to show its personality sooner than that!

Is it worth it to have a dog?

It is worth it to have a dog, but only if you are ready to make a commitment. Once you know what you have to sacrifice and you are okay with that, then a dog is going to bring so much joy in your life!






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