Will Chihuahua attack chickens? (5+ tips)

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Will Chihuahua attack chickens? We will teach you how to train your dog step-by-step to live in peace and quiet with chickens or any other birds that you are concerned about. 

Will a Chihuahua attack chickens or kill them?

A Chihuahua can attack chickens, as dogs hunt hens by predatory instinct. Fortunately, with a good education, it is possible to minimize this instinct and train it so that it does not or does not happen. 

The fact that a Chihuahua attacks chickens have nothing to do with its appetite: choosing the right dog food will therefore allow him to be in good health but not to hunt the chickens nearby.

The first thing to do to prevent the dog from attacking is to prevent it from coming into contact with the hens. So, don’t let your pooch approach them unattended and bring him in at night first. If the fence that separates the hens from your yard is low, also consider setting up a fence higher, at least two meters.

Also, be sure to always keep your dog indoors when closing your coop. In fact, at the sight of the predator, the latter may panic and may therefore start running or flying in all directions. However, if your dog sees this scene, he will want to chase after them and catch them, because this is what his hunting and playing instinct dictates to him.

Finally, it is recommended that you give your dog a long, brisk walk before you put him in front of your hens. Indeed, if it is tired and has spent a good amount of time, your animal will face them more calmly and may not want to chase them.

Teach the Chihuahua to accept chickens

To prevent your dog from making a killing in the hen house, you can teach him to be quiet in their presence. To do this, start by taking a long walk to tire him out and then slowly approach the henhouse.

Watch your dog’s reactions when he detects the presence of chickens. You should keep him by your side by pulling on his leash when needed. If he gets agitated at the sight of the chickens, order him to sit down so that he remains still next to you. If your dog is fairly calm, walk him past you and watch him. If he doesn’t show any signs of predation and turns to seek your approval, give him a reward.

Then start to move slowly around the chicken pen. If your dog starts to fidget again, give him the command to “stay put” every time you back up and stop. You can also order him to lie down and stay with him for a good hour calmly watching the chickens. The goal here is to teach him to behave well in the presence of hens. If he’s behaving well, give your dog a reward.

This process should be repeated several times to get your animal used to leave the hens alone. Once this is acquired, you can then take your poultry out of the henhouse without fear of attacks from your Chihuahua.

If despite these tips your dog continues to chase chickens, contact a dog trainer who can help you permanently correct this problem.

Tips to maintain a good relationship between a Chihuahua and your chickens 

  1. Take the dog out for a walk: The first thing you have to do is teach the dog that chickens are not prey, but before that, it is better to take him for a long walk in order to burn off a good part of the energy. In this way, once you are at home, the furry will be tired and will not want so much to go hunting the birds.
  1. Put the chickens in the chicken coop: For safety, before starting to work with the dog it is very important that the chickens are safe inside the hen house. Make sure the dog is indoors when the birds are on their way home. This will prevent them from getting nervous and running away, which would awaken the dog’s instinct.
  1. Bring the dog closer to the chickens: Now that the birds are safe, but the harness and leash on the dog, grab some treats and slowly bring him closer to the hen house. If you see him getting nervous, take a few steps back and ask him to sit down. Wait for ten seconds, give him a reward for good behavior, and keep moving forward.
  1. When you are face to face with the birds, ask him again for a »Sit» or »Stay» (you always have to use the same word), and see how he reacts. If he doesn’t lick his lips or you see on his face that he intends to attack, give him a treat; otherwise, that is, if it barks and/or wants to enter the chicken coop, it goes back a few meters and waits for it to calm down before moving forward again.

Repeat several times a day until the dog accepts the presence of the chickens.

Instructions to prevent a dog from attacking chickens – Step by step

To prevent a dog from attacking chickens, train your dog properly. It is important that your dog receives professional training from birth and that the trainer also teaches you how to behave to reinforce this work and help ensure that all the effort that has been made to educate your dog is not lost. once I come home. 

If he receives a good education from puppyhood, it will be easier, among other things, to ensure that your pet does not consider chickens as desirable prey that must be hunted before they escape.

The problem can be quite serious if it attacks a neighbor’s chickens instead of yours. We have to prevent this from happening and that we have to be forced to collect dead chickens from the farm because of the fierceness of our dog. 

We can reinforce the training received by a professional from our own homes. It is important that we do so to avoid facing any type of bird, and not just chickens.

The way to achieve this is to reduce his hunting instinct as much as possible or at least teach him that birds are not part of the hunt, but animals with which he has to learn to live. In addition, we can help relax your natural instincts with long walks. Dogs should be well exercised and need no activity when they get home.

For this reason, if you want your dog not to eat the chickens or to simply not attack them, good advice is to walk it correctly and “tire” it throughout the day. The more energy you have, the longer the walks should be. Take it out with a leash and collar and release it through the bonnet to run and vent. This way you will come home more relaxed and will not feel like attacking the chickens.

We must not only take care of the education of our dog but also ensure the tranquility of our chickens. For example, when you go to put them in the corral it is recommended that your dog has already walked and has released all the energy possible and that she is also inside the house during the process. In this way, the chickens will not run scared to see it lose and your dog will not think that it is a hunting game with only one possible end: to hunt the clumsiest chickens.

Once the hens are inside the hen house and already relaxed, it is time to take the dog out of the house with the run and get into the hen house with him. Remember that the dog must have released all of his adrenaline for this part of the process.

Keep him close to you on the leash for a long time and check that he looks around calmly and that he has no interest in starting to hunt chickens. Order him to sit next to you in a firm voice and make sure he’s still calm. If he reacts positively, rewards him with a canine treat.

Make sure your dog remains completely relaxed and seated even when the chickens move around him. That will be the moment when you can walk away and give him some space.

Do not stop watching your dog as he watches the chickens and interacts with them. If you see that he is beginning to freak out, get closer to him, and pull the leash to get him out of the hunter position. Every time he relaxes, rewards him.

This activity can take many days until your dog fully understands that he should not hunt chickens. Please be patient during the process. The result is worth it.

Final tips

Although these tricks can help you to make the coexistence between your dog and the chickens more appropriate, the best thing, ALWAYS, is to turn to a dog trainer or trainer to advise you and help well. Soon your dog will be able to interact with all kinds of birds.

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FAQ on Will a Chihuahua attack chickens?

Do Chihuahuas kill chickens?

Chihuahuas can kill chickens, or at least hurt it pretty bad. Chihuahuas are not aware that they are small dogs, and they want to chase and hunt just like any other dog.

Will dogs attack chickens?

Dogs can attack chickens because hunting is an instinct for them. Even a small dog can attack, hurt, or kill a chicken. 

What to do with a dog that kills chickens?

If a dog kills chickens, you have to immediately scold him. If you are unsuccessful in training, do not hesitate to ask for help from a professional dog trainer or a vet. 

Are chickens afraid of dogs?

Yes, chickens are afraid of dogs, no matter their size, as they are often chased around by dogs. However, if your dog is trained properly, dogs and chickens can learn to get along. 





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