Why is my Yorkie sticking his tongue out? (5 possible causes)

In this article, we will answer the following question: Why is my Yorkie sticking his tongue out? It is normal for you to be concerned if you observe your dog behaving strangely. You should be aware that there are behaviors that are a symptom of a health problem. Keep reading to find more about the signs that your dog has a health issue. 

Why is my Yorkie sticking his tongue out?

There are several reasons why your Yorkie is sticking his tongue out. For example, if your Yorkshire Terrier sticks his tongue out a lot it could be due to polydipsia in dogs. Know what it is?

Polydipsia in dogs is nothing more than an increase in thirst. Therefore, your dog can stick out his tongue a lot. This excess thirst can be due to multiple causes. The objective of this article is to know them, as well as the treatments that the veterinarian could undergo your dog to solve the problem.

What is canine polydipsia?

Polydipsia in dogs is the veterinary term to designate increased thirst in the dog. It is normal that this increased thirst is also manifested with an excess of urine production. This phenomenon is known as polyuria.

 To determine polydipsia in dogs, your dog should consume more than 80-100 ml of water per kilo of weight per day. Similarly, to determine that there is polyuria, urine production must be greater than 40-50 ml per kilo of weight per day.

There are two forms of presentation of polydipsia in dogs:

  1.  Primary polydipsia: This excess water intake could be due to a disease such as liver failure. However, the most common is that it is due to excess stress in your dog. It is therefore polydipsia that has a psychological origin.
  1.  Secondary polydipsia: In this case, excess water consumption manifests itself as a symptom of a health problem. The diseases that cause polydipsia in dogs are several:

Mellitus diabetes in dogs

It is a very common endocrine disease. It is characterized by an increase in blood glucose levels. The most common symptoms of this disease are an increase in appetite, fluid intake, and urine production.

 If your Yorkie has diabetes, it is essential that he follow a treatment for life. However, you should know that the evolution of this disease will largely depend on the diet of your dog. It is best to offer him specific nutrition that helps you maintain his level of well-being. 

Hyperthyroidism in dogs

This condition has to do with the thyroid. When this gland is disturbed, a hormonal increase occurs. If it’s T4 that’s altered, your dog has hyperthyroidism. This condition is characterized by weight loss, despite no changes in diet. Skin conditions may also appear, such as wounds and rough, dull hair, or nervousness for no apparent reason.

Kidney failure in dogs

In addition to these symptoms, as kidney failure can manifest, polyuria and polydipsia will appear in your dog. In this case, we recommend you go to the vet so that he can perform specific tests that help diagnose the disease. Your vet will advise you on the best treatment for your dog. We anticipate that generally, your veterinarian will proceed to remove the thyroid through a surgical procedure.

Pyometra in dogs

It is a disease that adult dogs can suffer after heat. It is triggered by an excess of progesterone and can manifest itself in two ways:

Open. If the pyometra is open, a purulent or bloody vaginal discharge may be observed.

Closed. In this case, there is no vaginal discharge. This is more dangerous because it indicates that the secretion is retained in the uterus and ovaries.

Your Yorkie may manifest various symptoms, such as poor appetite, fatigue, fever, polyuria, and polydipsia in dogs. If you observe any of these symptoms, go to your veterinarian, after studying the case she will tell you what is the best treatment in the case of your dog.

Other reasons why your Yorkie is sticking his tongue out

Your Yorkie is sticking his tongue out to cool down

Dogs do not sweat as we do. They do not have sweat glands all over their skin. On the contrary, they only have a small number located on the pads. But they still need to lower their temperature when they are hot. To achieve this they have resorted to another mechanism: the tongue. When a dog is hot, it sticks its tongue out.

In this way, the evaporation that occurs on its surface lowers its temperature. Therefore, it is completely normal that, after practicing intense exercise or on the hottest days, our dog sticks its tongue out and in, although it is more normal for it to keep its mouth open for the necessary time. It is panting, not always effective.

Keep in mind that if the ambient temperature is very high, panting will be insufficient to lower the dog’s body temperature. In those cases, if you don’t get a cooler environment quickly, you risk a dangerous heat stroke. This is a veterinary emergency for which you should receive immediate attention.

Your Yorkie is sticking his tongue out because of the nose and/or mouth injuries

A continuous sticking out of the tongue may have its origin in some discomfort in the area. A small wound on the nose or lips or even a stuck lump or foreign body makes the dog want to lick itself repeatedly. The first thing will be to examine the area, inside the mouth included, in case we detect the problem.

Minor injuries will heal on their own in no time. As for foreign bodies, if they are clearly visible we can try to remove them with the help of tweezers. But if they are not very close at hand or the dog does not allow handling, it is better to go to the vet and not force it. And as soon as possible, so that the object does not remain embedded for long.

This would increase the chances of it becoming complicated, developing inflammation or infection. In the same way, a lump always has to be seen by the vet. Remember that not all of them have to be tumors and even then they can be benign. But keep in mind that early treatment offers the dog a better prognosis.

Your Yorkie is sticking his tongue because it is injured

When a dog sticks its tongue out and in it can be a sign that it is swallowing repeatedly. This sometimes corresponds to a foreign body that has become lodged in the throat area, such as a toy or a bone. Another worrying sign is that it touches its mouth with its paws as if trying to remove something.

An infection can also lead the dog to swallow, again and again, sticking his tongue out and in. Fever, cough, nausea, or loss of appetite are other symptoms of throat infections. Furthermore, this gesture is also a sign of retching. That is, the dog feels like vomiting and we can see that it sticks out its tongue, drools, or shakes its abdomen.

It may or may not end in vomit. It is very easy for dogs to vomit and occasional vomiting is not a concern. But if the retching recurs or other symptoms appear, we will have to contact the vet. Suspicion of a foreign body or respiratory infection also requires a review by this professional.

Your Yorkie is sticking his tongue out to communicate

Finally, sticking its tongue out and it can simply be an informative sign. Specifically, it would be one of the so-called signs of submission or calm. Dogs do not speak but they are very capable of communicating with us and with their fellow human beings through their different senses.

Thus, one can speak of body, visual, olfactory, and auditory communication. The signal of appeasement is part of bodily communication. The dog emits it when it is in a situation that begins to seem uncomfortable. It would be a “please leave me alone.” Twisting the head, yawning, or blinking all have the same meaning.

If this is the case with your Yorkie, it is best to check what is happening, that is, what may be causing tension, to immediately end the stressful situation. On the other hand, the repeated movement of sticking the tongue in and out can also indicate anxiety and nervousness. An ethologist or behavior expert can help you in these cases.

The bottom line

There are many reasons why your Yorkie is sticking his tongue out. If you have eliminated mouth, throat, or tongue injuries, then you should consider if you are giving your dog enough water to drink. If this issue is solved, and your dog is still sticking his tongue out repeatedly, it may be that he is trying to communicate with you!

In any case, if you are concerned, you can always speak with a behavior specialist that will teach you more about canine etiquette. 

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FAQ on Why is my Yorkie sticking his tongue out?

Why is my dog’s tongue sticking out?

Most of the time your dog sticks his tongue out to cool down, or because he is calm and submissive to his owner. If your dog sticks his tongue out excessively and shows other symptoms of pain or discomfort, you should consult a vet as he may have a mouth or throat injury. 

What does it mean when a dog licks you?

When a dog licks you, he likes you, it is a sign of affection. Licking releases endorphins and makes the dog feel comfortable and calm. It also relieves the stress of the dog. 

Do dogs understand when you kiss them?

Dogs do not understand what a kiss is, but they can interpret it as a sign of affection. Most dogs enjoy being kissed, hugged, and petted.

How do you know if a dog loves you?

You know that a dog loves you if he is curling up in your lap, rests his nose or paw on you, or if he is wagging his tail every time he sees you. It means that he is happy, wants to play, and trusts you. 

Why does my dog lick me all the time?

If your dog licks you all the time it means that he is being submissive. In dog language, it means that you are the “leader of the pack” and this is just typical canine behavior. 




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