Why is my Yorkie so hungry? (5+ possible reasons)

In this article, we will answer the following question: Why is my Yorkie so hungry? We will talk about the possible reasons why your dog is hungry all the time; how to help a dog that is obsessed with food and what type of diet to choose for a Yorkshire terrier. 

Why is my Yorkie so hungry?

Your Yorkie is hungry all the time because you don’t feed him properly; the food quality is poor; he is anxious or has a health problem. 

One of the problems that people who live with dogs often ask their veterinarians about is why their dog has an insatiable appetite. It is usually a bit overwhelming for the person to see their dog eat with anxiety and without enjoying food.

Do you have the feeling that your dog is always hungry and never has enough? He eats his bowl of food as if he has not eaten in a week, he sucks as much as he can from the ground, if he sees us eating he launches to beg us to give him food… A horror! Why and how can you control this behavior?

The fact that a dog is always hungry and it seems that it will never be satiated is due to different factors:

  1. You don’t give him enough food. If your Yorkie is not getting enough recommended calories per day, it is clear that he will be hungry. To do this, you must pay attention to the recommended amounts in the different food packages. 

We should not go too far, to avoid obesity, but neither should we fall short. The scales on the amount of food recommended per day are measured according to the level of energy exhausted by the dog.

  1. Poor quality of food. This is essential and one of the main reasons why a dog is left hungry. The dog can eat the recommended daily amount in grams of food, but if the food has hardly any nutrients, hunger will appear in a matter of no time. To regulate this, bet on natural food, free of preservatives, colorants, and additives, which all they do is reduce the health of our dog.
  1. You don’t follow a meal schedule. Always at the same times, leaving the food bowl on the floor for only 15 minutes (whether or not there is food), and avoiding snacking between meals. Use dog treats rarely and in very small portions. And to reinforce behaviors, do not close in on always using food, remember that praise and caresses also work and do not make you fat.
  1. You make mistakes when feeding your Yorkie. Avoid giving her your food when she asks for you at the table. There is a lot of custom to give her a little of this and a little of that when we are eating. The only thing we get is that our dog is obsessively bothering us when we eat, developing anxiety to eat, and feeding her little by little.
  1. Your Yorkie has anxiety. The most anxious dogs get to do damage at home, bark excessively, urinate, and defecate at home continuously, eat compulsively, and so on. 

Why would your dog be anxious? Due to a lack of physical exercise. The more physical exercise our dog does, the more physically and emotionally balanced he will be. Do not forget that the first walk in the morning, the one we must do before leaving home to work, should be long and intense so that the dog stays at home calm and relaxed.

  1. Your Yorkie has health problems. There are some physical problems that lead the dog to eat insatiably. If the above reasons do not match your dog’s problem, ask your veterinarian to do a good check-up to rule out diseases.

How do I know if my Yorkie ​​is really hungry?

The first reason that makes us think that our dog is starving is that he begins to overeat or that he is always asking for more food, continually visiting his bowl and licking it even if there is nothing.

The irrefutable evidence that our dog is starving is weight loss. In an obese dog, this loss is normal, intentional, and necessary, but it should always be done under strict veterinary supervision. If your dog doesn’t need to lose weight and is still losing weight, it’s time to visit the vet for a full checkup, including blood, urine, and perhaps some hormonal tests.

How to help a dog that is obsessed with food?

Once a veterinarian has determined the cause of polyphagia, if the reason for it is due to a gastrointestinal problem, it may be due to a change in diet or the consumption of some medication. If it is due to diabetes, it will be necessary to medicate it.

If the problem stems from behavioral reasons, steps should be taken to help the dog change its behavior. Gradually changing the feed to one with a higher fiber content may be an option or a change to a more satiating diet such as the ACBA diet for dogs, always under veterinary supervision.

We can also ration food in smaller amounts several times a day and not large amounts once or twice. It is very important to have a daily eating routine. Many studies have revealed that if an animal knows when it is going to eat and its expectations are met, stress levels drop dramatically.

What about small breed dogs? Small dogs are also not free from gluttony. Maybe with them, you don’t have to worry so much about the quantity, if not more about the type of food we give them, because who can resist the temptation? When he tries the delicatessen that is served in your house he will probably not stop begging for you to give him more. They sharpen their senses and intelligence to get from us what they want.

These customs will cause your partner to have bad habits. What starts out as a game of ordering food will become a demand if you give in. Usually, he will end up not only asking you, he will also ask visitors, try to steal food scraps, or search the garbage can.

It is not advisable to give food to humans, not only because of the bad behavior that it develops but also because in the long run your dog will have poor dental hygiene and can harm his health, even developing diseases by not receiving a balanced diet for him.

This does not mean that you can not give him a treat from time to time, but always doing it in a way that does not connect our mealtime with his. Some tips to avoid bad habits in our pet are:

  1. Feed him a feed suitable for his breed and age.
  2. Treat your Yorkie in an exceptional way, not as usual.
  3. Avoid feeding him when you are at the table to prevent meals from becoming a continuous plea.
  4. Correct it whenever you catch him “red-handed” stealing.
  5. Set him a routine with food, giving him his ration always at the same time. You can even teach him to eat after an order!

How long can a Yorkie go without eating?

Yorkies cannot and should not go more than 2-3 days without eating, even though small dogs such as Yorkshires do not eat much. They do need a balanced diet with all the nutrients they need to thrive. Mainly they need carbohydrate fat and protein.

With their tiny mouths and tiny teeth, Yorkies cannot swallow large pieces. It is therefore advisable to give them small pieces of food. Small dry kibble, as well as wet preserves, do well. If you want to give your Yorkie standard-sized kibble, it is a good idea to soften them in water before feeding them so that they can swallow and digest them easily.

Very playful, Yorkshires can run all day. Typically they need 150 to 200 kilocalories per day. A diet that can provide them with this amount of energy is therefore essential. On the other hand, Yorkies also need a diet rich in protein and fatty acids. These promote the development of their muscles.

What should you avoid when feeding a Yorkshire terrier?

As with almost all dog breeds, it is strongly recommended that you do not feed Yorkshire Terrier foods containing artificial colors or flavors. It is also not recommended to feed them with protein byproducts and bone meal. These are known to be carcinogenic to dogs.

Since Yorkshire Terriers have small teeth, it’s best to avoid feeding them hard grains, such as wheat, soybeans, or corn. They will have a hard time digesting them.

Besides, products containing Ethoxyquin should be banned from the diet of Yorkshires. This preservative can be very harmful to dogs. It is therefore strongly recommended to read the labels on dog food products carefully before purchasing them.

What to buy as food for a Yorkshire terrier?

As with all dog breeds, Yorkies need a good, healthy diet to thrive. It is therefore essential to choose a diet rich in high-quality protein and to avoid by-products. If you have a Yorkie puppy, know that he needs lots of healthy protein to grow well. As your Yorkie grows, their need for protein decreases.

To meet your Yorkie’s carbohydrate needs, you can feed him brown rice, sweet potato, or barley. It is also advisable not to give cereals and gluten to a Yorkie. These elements are difficult for the small stomach of this little dog to digest.

Finally, you can feed your Yorkie with fish oil and flaxseed to provide healthy fats like omega 3. The fats keep your dog’s coat shiny.


Typically, Yorkies need 150 to 200 kilocalories per day. A diet that can provide them with this amount of energy is therefore essential. On the other hand, Yorkies also need a diet rich in protein and fatty acids. These promote the development of their muscles.

Yorkies cannot and should not go long without eating, even though small dogs such as Yorkshires do not eat much. They do need a balanced diet with all the nutrients they need to thrive. Mainly they need carbohydrate fat and protein.

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FAQ on Why is my Yorkie so hungry?

How long can Yorkies go without eating?

Yorkies can go two to three days without eating, however, this is not normal behavior and you should consult a veterinarian if your dog stopped eating. Yorkies need a balanced diet with all the nutrients they need to thrive. Mainly they need carbohydrate fat and protein.

Will a dog starve itself to death?

A dog will not starve itself to death, however, they are very good at manipulating you. If your dog stopped eating, you need to understand what’s bothering him. You can always ask for help from a vet.

Can you feed a Yorkie once a day?

It is not advisable to feel a Yorkie once a day. They should eat three to four meals per day. Feed your Yorkie in several batches (ideally 3 to 4 meals) in a quiet place and at a fixed time. This will limit the risk of poor digestion and improve your dog’s food balance. This also helps to reduce the feeling of hunger because the daily ration is spread over the whole day.

Are Yorkies good pets to have?

Yorkies are considered good pets to have and they are very popular dogs. They are great family pets, are hypoallergenic, and believed to be very sociable and affectionate.






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