Why is my Yorkie so big? (5 reasons)

In this article, we will answer the following question: Why is my Yorkie so big? We will talk about the differences between male and female Yorkies; between Yorkshire terriers and Silky terriers. We will also teach you how to identify a purebred Yorkie. 

Why is my Yorkie so big?

Your Yorkie may be bigger than other Yorkshire terriers because this breed is quite inconsistent in size. Typically, a Yorkie shouldn’t measure more than 8 to 9 inches at the shoulder and weigh no more than seven pounds, with four to six pounds being preferred. 

Many breeds of dogs have the perfect characteristics to live indoors, but if there is one, in particular, it is the Yorkshire Terrier. Being small dogs and very dependent on human beings, they easily adapt to any home and type of person. The physical characteristics of the Yorkshire terrier are very distinguishable from other types of terrier, but they are easy to confuse with other breeds very close to the Yorkies.

Yorkies are often confused with a very similar breed: silky terriers, their relatives of Australian origin. Their coat and texture are similar, but there are certain characteristics that you can take into account to differentiate them:

  • Yorkshire terriers weigh no more than 3 kilos, unlike silky ones that can weigh up to 5 or 6 kilos.
  • Silky terriers have a much more elongated snout and skull than that of Yorkshire, which is characterized by flat, round snouts.
  • Silky’s undercoat is thicker than Yorkies, who tend to have fine, silky hair.

Additionally, if your Yorkie is bigger than the average Yorkie, it is possible that you do not own a purebred Yorkshire Terrier.

Is it important that a Yorkshire is purebred?

Adopting a dog is a decision that you should think about very well before making it. Once you are sure, it is important that you look at the different breeds to know which one can best adapt to your lifestyle and home, but that it is purebred is secondary.

A Yorkshire Terrier will give you the same affection, be it purebred or mongrel. It will continue to be a dog that you must take care of the best you can, as it will give you all its love and fidelity. We recommend that you do not take this into account when deciding whether it should be another member of the family because, in some way, you would fall into the trap of discrimination.

However, it is important that you know the physical characteristics and character of the Yorkshire terrier in order to fully understand its needs when caring for it. Its size and some aspects of its personality make it a very unique breed, so it is necessary that you have all the information to know if you can assume the responsibility of adopting it.

Yorkshire terrier breed – physical characteristics

If you wonder how to know if your Yorkshire is pure, you can find out by its physical appearance. It is a breed whose main characteristic is size: its weight is between 2 and 5 kilos and it measures between 15 and 18 centimeters in height. Males tend to be slightly larger than females. The skull of the Yorkshire, compared to the rest of its body, is smaller compared to other breeds. Its snout is flat and the color of its eyes is dark.

Other aspects to highlight a Yorkie’s physique are the following:

  • Coat: it has very fine and long hair. It usually changes over the years: it is very dark in color when they are puppies and, when they reach adulthood, they reach a much lighter color, with shades of gold and silver. In addition, its coat is hypoallergenic.
  • Ears upright: They have V-shaped ears with a lot of short hair. Yorkies’ ears begin to erect from three months of age, but there are cases in which they remain drooping. If your Yorkshire Terrier’s ears haven’t stood still, check out the expert advice in our article How to stand up a Yorkshire terrier’s ears.
  • The fur on the tail: they have a medium-sized, hairy tail.
  • Limbs: their nails are black and the shape of their legs is round.

Yorkshire terrier breed – character

Yorkshire requires a lot of attention. It is a breed that, thanks to its personality and character, constantly seek the affection of its owners, so, just by playing with it, it will show you its happiness by wagging its tail. It is very playful and active, but it also runs out in a short space of time due to its small size.

However, that doesn’t stop him from being curious about everything: from what you eat to every place he passes. A walk down the street with your pet will be an adventure for him as he loves to smell and observe everything around him.

That intrinsic curiosity leads him to commit certain mischief: he will bark at you for you to give him a piece of what you are eating: until he tastes it, he does not remain calm! But if you educate him, he will learn to control his impulses. In addition, you will always find a moment of calm and tranquility with him so that you pamper him while he offers you his company.

Finally, it is important that you take into account his social character: in his youth, he loves to interact with other dogs, but as the years go by his temperament is more calm and calm.

Meet the Teacup Yorkie

The mini Yorkshire Terrier belongs to the miniature dog family and originated in the mid-18th century in England. It arises as a result of the immigration of Scottish workers to the mills and cotton factories of the county of Yorkshire. With them came different types of Terriers that gave rise to the Yorkshire Terrier that we know today.

According to the FCI standard, the smallest of the British Terriers is a dog with almost square proportions and of great elegance due to its posture and gait.

Its head is small and has a flat skull, with a rounded and slightly marked shape. Its nose is black and has a scissor bite, like most small dogs. Also, his upper teeth must be more advanced than the lower ones. Their ears are erect and straight, in the shape of a triangle, with a short coat of hair, unlike the rest of the body.

As for its tail, it must be straight and stretched with a lot of hair and blue tones at the end of it. In the past, it was common to amputate it, although it is not recommended nowadays.

The Miniature Yorkshire Terrier is one of the most beloved dogs due to its gentle nature.

The first thing that will catch your attention is the sociability of our friend in the presence of people he does not know. Although it is common for other dogs to become over-excited to unfamiliar faces, to be aggressive or too shy, the teacup Yorkshire Terrier has a friendly character in the presence of any human.

Compared to other dogs, the teacup Yorkshire Terrier is also a pleasant animal. However, it is convenient to keep an eye on it when larger dogs are nearby. Although the teacup Yorkshire Terrier is a prudent dog, the large dog may not be aware of their strength and can harm our little pet.

This breed is a companion dog, although it is also considered a great guard dog that will always be ready to protect its home and its owner. His genius on the occasions he requires it is added to his great ability to retain information, so you can be sure that he will never forget an enemy’s face.

In turn, the mini Yorkshire Terrier loves to play with its owner. He loves simple games, such as playing ball. His affectionate character will make the owner, at times, tend to pamper him too much. You should not do this under any circumstances, as he will soon get used to bad habits.

Are male Yorkies bigger than females?

There is no rule or certainty that male Yorkies are bigger than females. On the contrary, in some Yorkie females, we can notice that they are a little bigger than the males. But again, it’s not a rule, and the dimensions between female and male Yorkies are rarely visible.

You often hear about differences in the character of males and females Yorkies. Males have a reputation for being more daring and independent and better suited for guard and protection duties.

Besides, the females have a reputation for being more affectionate and for being more attached to the house and their owners.

However, there is no scientific data to support these views. Furthermore, the great variability in behavior between individuals of the same sex makes the task of identifying possible differences between males and females even more complicated, beyond the behaviors related to sex.

Male Yorkies

  • As affectionate and affable as the females.
  • As intelligent and protective as the females.
  • They tend to be more territorial than females.
  • They are usually more dominant than females.
  • They mark their territory, especially if they live with more dogs.
  • Physically they can be larger than females.

Female Yorkies

  • As affectionate and affable as males.
  • As smart and protective as males.
  • Less territorial and dominant than males.
  • Physically they can be less corpulent than males.

Final thoughts

Yorkshire terriers are a breed that in recent years has become popular around the world, due to their great personality and their almost compact size that allows them to be anywhere. But despite being adorable and super cute, you shouldn’t even think about owning one of these dogs and these are the reasons.

Except for some details of weight, volume, and the sexual factors that affect them, adopting a male or female dog is not very different. Both genders can develop sociable, shy, or distrustful characters, it will depend on the education we provide. Nor can we blindly be guided by the breed of the dog, it is not a reliable indicator of personality. 

It is important that you know the physical characteristics and character of the Yorkshire terrier in order to fully understand its needs when caring for it. Its size and some aspects of its personality make it a very unique breed, so it is necessary that you have all the information to know if you can assume the responsibility of adopting it.

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FAQ on Why is my Yorkie so big?

How big do male Yorkies get?

On average, male Yorkies are  8 to 9 inches and do not weigh more than 7 pounds. They are small dogs and their size may vary between these measures.

Are female dogs bigger than males?

There is no rule that female dogs are bigger than males, nor vice versa is true. A dog can add more weight if he is overfed or he doesn’t exercise as much as other dogs – thus, in this case, we can notice an in-breed difference. Otherwise, this is not true. 

Are Yorkies low maintenance?

Yorkies are not low maintenance, on the contrary. This breed is a barker, it can be difficult to train and needs regular exercise. Besides, a Yorkie’s hair needs to be groomed very often, combed every day. 

Are Yorkies expensive to take care of?

Yorkies are not more expensive to take care of than most of the dogs. Food for a Yorkie may cost you around $300/year. But you should add to the bill veterinarian care, toys, tickets (if you want to travel with your dog).





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