Why does my Yorkie poop in the house? (5 reasons)

In this article, we will answer the following question: Why does my Yorkie poop in the house? We will discuss the reasons behind this behavior and also how to potty train a Yorkie.

Why does my Yorkie poop in the house?

While there may be different reasons why your Yorkie poops in the house, the answer will depend on your dog’s age and whether this is a singular case or not. 

It is very easy to ask this question, however, it is not so easy to answer it, and the solution is not easy either. It must be understood from the first moment that the puppy that is not taught correctly, is quite likely to continue urinating and pooping in the house. And that is the reason that many times, that animal ends up on the street. 

Dogs learn in a very basic way, and their learning is based just like ours, on an emotional terrain, valuing any new experience as “pleasant” or “unpleasant” and associating emotion with it.

When the result of the assessment is “unpleasant” for them, they usually associate three types of basic emotions such as fear, anger, or frustration. These emotions usually bring as a consequence an activation of their stress mechanisms, activating their sympathetic nervous system, which will make our little friend activate their needs and amplify any behavior, which is not very healthy as anyone can imagine.

That is why we must realize that by rubbing a 4-month-old puppy’s face with a pool of urine, to hit him and then punish him, he will value it as something very unpleasant and as a result, far from having an educated dog We will have a dog that begins to experience stress from a very young age and that we are the focus. 

This is not very healthy in terms of the emotional bond between owner and dog, nor does it have any didactic value. It’s savage and you have to end it.

We can NEVER teach the dog by saying only what we do not like It to do, and less by physically repressing her for doing her natural needs or instincts. We will only manage to cause stress and end up developing a much bigger problem.

The problem with relying on physical punishment for education is that really the only thing that the student ends up being taught is to resolve conflicts through violence. And that is not suitable neither in children nor in dogs.

This is the first step that must be changed if we want to be able to teach our dog to relieve himself on the street. It is not about punishing when you do it, as much as rewarding when you don’t.

If your Yorkie is stressed 

You have to understand what is the process that many dogs go through when not being able to contain their needs, being in itself a reason why they do not stop peeing or pooping in the house.

Normally, a young puppy that is separated from its mother is already experiencing stress. This stress is usually quite traumatic and many times humans are not as empathetic as the situation demands, and we can make serious mistakes, such as trying to teach from punishment and reproach, which lead us to put it in a situation where it does not be able to manage well, which will be a sure source of stress.

When a dog is stressed, he urinates more, since the urine removes some of the excess stress hormones that are in his body during stress. When you urinate more, you need more water, and the more you drink, the more you urinate. This is necessary to be able to balance and get to be able to enter a state of rest correctly.

If, in addition to the stress processes that he is suffering, we add more stress to him, scolding him, yelling at him, and separating him from the group, without him really knowing why, we will only be able to add more fuel to the fire, or more liquid to his bladder, as you want to look at it.

There are many people who restrict access to drinking water or directly take it away. Big mistake. This will only increase the problem since not having permanent access to a resource as necessary for them as the water at their fingertips will only cause more stress.

Therefore they will need more water to be able to eliminate the excess stress hormones in their blood, and by not having that water, stress will increase, even more, thus initiating a loop from which it will be impossible for them to get out by themselves and in which their body biochemistry has a lot to say.

Apart from everything mentioned, it is very very unfair to only tell you when you have done it wrong and not when you do it right. And it is something very human.

Anyone who has a dog, and is very quick and forceful to scold him by giving him a physical blow, should be even more so to reward his dog when he does something with which he agrees and makes him happy.

To believe that an animal must take for granted that we are its master and that it has to be all the time seeking to please us is to suffer from a desire for greatness that is closer to being a sociopath with messianic complexes than to be the best friend and companion of an animal as faithful as dogs are.

Why do Yorkies pee everywhere?

Yorkies are animals that are guided by their primary instincts and one of them is to mark their territory with urine to leave their smell, indicating that this terrain is theirs.

Its spectacular sense of smell is capable of knowing just by smelling a place where another dog has urinated if it is a known dog, its age, its sex, and even if it is healthy or sick. The conduct of urinating everywhere is in most cases a simple custom to indicate to other animals that this is their territory or to dominate other animals that have urinated there.

It is mainly male dogs that mark their territory the most, females, on the other hand, usually only do so during the heat cycle.

Potty training a Yorkie

The myth that Yorkies are impossible to train is certainly just a myth. Your little puppy may not learn it in a week, but with consistency, patience, and lots of positive reinforcement, you will be able to potty train your Yorkie.

Some can be stubborn when it comes to toilet training. They can also be trained to relieve themselves on paper, making them great floor dogs, although they also enjoy walking outside.

There are more reasons why a dog does a lot of transparent or dark-colored pee, whether at home or on the street. Urine infection, for example, is one of the most common reasons, since it causes the urge to urinate constantly.  Other related diseases that have excessive water intake as symptoms can also cause our dog to urinate much more than usual, even losing control and unable to retain urine.

That is why when we see that our dog urinates excessively, before considering taking measures on our own, such as castrating him, we should always go to a veterinarian to check him and rule out these possible diseases.

Once you have identified the reason or reasons, you can act to end the problem.

Education or veterinarian, on both sides you can resort to the pee solution at home and remember, you should never use screaming, much less violence because you will only make things worse: your dog does not learn when he is afraid of you.

A dog will learn more and better in a climate of trust and fun than insecurity. The solution to the problem depends on its cause. Therefore, we must choose one measure or another.

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At what age should a Yorkie be housebroken?

A Yorkie should be housebroken as soon as 3 months old, however, you should not have high expectations at this age. Puppies have different bodies from adult dogs. Not all of their muscles and organs turn out to be fully formed and offer them the ability to hold back their urge like adult doggies. A Yorkshire puppy will not be able to contain itself until around 3 months old. 

Besides, the average duration of the detention will be less than 2 hours. This is the reason why the vast majority of people start potty training as early as 3 months in their Yorkshire. 

However, even if your Yorkshire is only 2 months old when you adopt him in your home, I would advise you to start introducing your puppy to this training without obviously teaching him how to restrain himself as it would be ineffective! 

This will give you a head start on the correct reflexes your Yorkie should display. As your Yorkie’s ability to hold back muscles will build up over time, you will need to be patient and consistent with your dog’s physical development. It should not be required that it gets to be clean in two weeks.

It will be necessary to expect that your Yorkshire will get clean between five and six months on average, it all depends on the environment and of course how much time you can devote to it.


Here’s what you have to do to understand why your Yorkie pees and poops in the house, and how to address the situation:

Education. Many times this behavior is given by an incorrect education. It is not easy to get our dog to learn to relieve himself in the street, but we can do it with time and patience. The key is long walks and positive reinforcement; every time the animal acts properly, we have to reward them with caresses, kind words, and treats.

Exercise. For a dog to learn these commands, it must have a balanced body and mind. This requires daily exercise. Two or three walks a day will be enough.

Attention. If the little one does not feel loved, he may adopt this behavior to get our attention. In this sense, we must offer you the care and affection you need. That way you don’t feel “forced” to use this technique.

Veterinary care. As we have seen, excess urine can be caused by a health problem. It is essential, therefore, to go to the vet as soon as possible if we notice any anomaly in this regard.

Repellent products. On the market, there are special products to repel dogs. They can be sprayed on sofas, furniture, walls, etc. In theory, these products prevent the animal from urinating in these areas, but we must be careful since if they are not manufactured correctly they can be toxic. It is best to consult it previously with the veterinarian.

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FAQ on Why does my Yorkie poop in the house?

How do I stop my Yorkie from peeing in the house?

To stop your Yorkie from peeing in the house you have to educate it. Reinforce good behavior and ignore bad behavior. It may take a while, but it is a method that works in most cases.

Why does my Yorkie keep peeing everywhere?

Your Yorkie keeps peeing everywhere either because he suffers from separation anxiety or he wants to mark his territory. There are some things that you need to take into consideration. Are you bringing many strangers home or a new pet? Are you leaving him alone for long periods? have you not paid so much attention to him lately?

How often does a Yorkie need to pee?

An adult Yorkie needs to pee up t0 4 times a day, while a baby Yorkie needs to urinate about 10-12 times a day. It may seem a lot to you, but they are small dogs with big needs, and they cannot just hold it in. 

Why is my Yorkie peeing on my bed?

Your Yorkie may be peeing on your bed for several reasons. He may be anxious or overexcited and cannot hold it in. Also, he may just be incorrectly trained or he just wants to leave his mark on your bed.






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