Why does my Yorkie pee in her bed? (5 common causes)

In this article, we will answer the following question: Why does my Yorkie pee in her bed? We will give you five common causes of why dogs pee in their bed, on your bed, or in other “inappropriate” places. We will also give you advice on how to potty train a Yorkie.

Why does my Yorkie pee in her bed?

Your Yorkie pees in her bed because dogs use urine as a territory mark. They want to show what is theirs and what is forbidden to touch for other dogs. However, as they grow from puppies to adults, they may be able to make the wrong “territories” and urinate where they should not, forming a habit that will remain with them for life if we do not uproot it.

The reasons why a dog wet the bed are several. It not only consists of marking territory but there may be other behaviors involved that you may not have noticed.

  1. Your Yorkie is anxious. Anxiety in an animal can be generated by separation. If you spend a lot of time away from home, your dog may have a feeling of abandonment that leads him to urinate anywhere. 
  1. She is overexcited. Especially when they are puppies, tend to get overexcited to the limit of urinating on themselves. It’s like when we get a fit of laughter that we can’t stop. When you play with him, take him out for a walk or when you get home, try to calm him down and help him control his emotions.
  1. She was not properly trained. If you let your dog urinate at home, he will believe that the whole house is his territory and will do it where and when he wants. You must teach your dog that nowhere in the house is his territory but yours. Never scold him when he’s been wetting for a long time because he won’t know what you’re talking about
  1. Medical issues. This is an option that we cannot rule out because your dog may have a urinary or renal tract problem that causes him to have incontinence and urinate where he is caught without thinking about whether it is the bed or the floor of the terrace. If, after educating him, he continues to do so, go to the vet.

Now, how do you prevent your Yorkie from urinating on the bed?

One of the main problems that cause this action is allowing the dog to sleep with us in bed.

By nature, dogs need a pack leader, and if since he entered the house he knows that it is you, he has surely respected you. He has done it up to the moment when you have made him feel like an equal: allowing him to sleep in your bed.

While perhaps he thought that this was your special place to which he did not have access, now you allow it and it becomes another commonplace in the house, a place that also belongs to him. What will he do? Mark territory.

Our advice, therefore, is that you avoid your dog sleeping in bed and getting on sofas and chairs, at least until he learns to urinate in the street and only in the street.

However, if your dog urinates on the bed, you can help him stop. Follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Don’t scold the dog. If he hears you yelling at him, he will feel afraid and he will not understand what you are talking about so it will be easy for him to continue doing it.
  1. Be very patient. As long as you learn or not, you’d better close your bedroom door. He must learn not to urinate on the bed even when the door is open, but closing it early in training can be a great help for your pet.
  1. Establish meal times. Give your friend food at the same time every day and do not leave it once he has eaten. Watch that it does not go to your bed after eating or drinking, you could find another surprise besides urine.
  1. Positive reinforcement. Instead of scolding him for what he does wrong, watch him obey you and pee where you want, and reward him. If the animal begins to relate that peeing in the right place leads to a treat, it is likely that it will continue to do so.

If your Yorkie urinates on the bed, DO NOT PUNISH HER

I understand how frustrating it can be to watch your dog wet your bed but you cannot punish your dog in any way. It is possible that it is an involuntary act and punishing it would only lead to a state of confusion, frustration, and even fear, which can further aggravate the problem. Contrary to what many people may think, it is not an act of revenge either.

Why would a dog urinate on the bed?

If he urinates just as we arrive, it is most likely due to overexcitement (your dog cannot control the emotion when you see you) submission (very common in puppies or small breed dogs).

  • If the urine takes longer, it may be because you do not know where you can urinate (or you do not have an adequate walking routine), health problems (diseases, infections, anxiety … etc.) or you are marking territory (very frequent in these cases)
  • Make a visit to the vet to rule out possible infections, illnesses, problems with medication … etc.
  • When possible, limit access to the rooms in your house and do not allow the dog to sleep with you (dogs should have their own place to sleep, a dog bed that adapts to their size and the way they sleep. In this way, we will reduce your interest in using our bed, and in the event of an accident, the dog beds are much easier to clean.
  • If your dog urinates on your bed, wash the sheets well and use an enzymatic detergent to remove any residual odor that invites him to urinate in the same place. Use a mattress protector to prevent it from leaving, this way it will be easier for you to keep your bed clean and free of bad odors.
  • Follow a good routine of walks and do them always at the same times of the day, without long periods of time between them. Very important: reinforce with awards and congratulations every time you urinate outside the home.
  • If your dog is a puppy when you arrive, greet him calmly and be patient, time can help to solve the problem
  • Take care of your dog with a good lifestyle, offer him a good diet in adequate quantities, and make him exercise regularly (walk, play ball, run … etc). In addition to physical activity, it is very important to provide correct mental stimulation, as this will also help reduce your levels of stress and anxiety.
  •  Finally, use toys like Kong, highly recommended by veterinarians to reduce boredom and combat anxiety.

Essential tips for potty training a Yorkie

The myth that Yorkies are impossible to train is certainly just a myth. Your little puppy may not learn it in a week, but with consistency, patience, and lots of positive reinforcement, you will be able to potty train your Yorkie.

Some can be stubborn when it comes to toilet training. They can also be trained to relieve themselves on paper, making them great floor dogs, although they also enjoy walking outside.

There are more reasons why a dog does a lot of transparent or dark-colored pee, whether at home or on the street. Urine infection, for example, is one of the most common reasons, since it causes the urge to urinate constantly.

Other related diseases that have excessive water intake as symptoms can also cause our dog to urinate much more than usual, even losing control and unable to retain urine.

That is why when we see that our dog urinates excessively, before considering taking measures on our own, such as castrating him, we should always go to a veterinarian to check him and rule out these possible diseases.

Once you have identified the reason or reasons, you can act to end the problem.

Education or veterinarian, on both sides you can resort to the pee solution at home and remember, you should never use screaming, much less violence because you will only make things worse: your dog does not learn when he is afraid of you.

A dog will learn more and better in a climate of trust and fun than insecurity. The solution to the problem depends on its cause. Therefore, we must choose one measure or another.

Final thoughts

Most of the time a Yorkie pees in her bed because she wants to mark its territory.  It occurs in dogs that have a very marked instinct for territory and mostly in males. When other animals or people outside of the household come into their house, the dog feels the need to mark certain places to remind visitors that they are in its territory.

If this becomes a pattern of behavior, it will be difficult to eliminate, but not impossible. In this sense, being strict in education is essential and, in more serious cases, it is best to resort to castration to eliminate the hormones that induce the dog to mark with its urine.

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FAQ on Why does my Yorkie pee in her bed?

How do I stop my Yorkie from peeing in the house?

To stop your Yorkie from peeing in the house you have to educate it. Reinforce good behavior and ignore bad behavior. It may take a while, but it is a method that works in most cases.

Why does my Yorkie keep peeing everywhere?

Your Yorkie keeps peeing everywhere either because he suffers from separation anxiety or he wants to mark his territory. There are some things that you need to take into consideration. Are you bringing many strangers home or a new pet? Are you leaving him alone for long periods? have you not paid so much attention to him lately?

How often does a Yorkie need to pee?

An adult Yorkie needs to pee up t0 4 times a day, while a baby Yorkie needs to urinate about 10-12 times a day. It may seem a lot to you, but they are small dogs with big needs, and they cannot just hold it in. 

Why is my Yorkie peeing on my bed?

Your Yorkie may be peeing on your bed for several reasons. He may be anxious or overexcited and cannot hold it in. Also, he may just be incorrectly trained or he just wants to leave his mark on your bed. 





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