Why does my betta fish sleep so much?

In this blog we will discuss what makes betta fish sleep so much.We will discuss everything in detail in this blog.


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Why does my betta fish sleep so much?

If you notice that your betta fish is sleeping all the time, it’s worth checking to make sure everything is okay with him. Remember, daytime naps are okay, but if it’s all the time, then look for reasons behind this behavior.

Bettas long and heavy fins

Among fish species, bettas belong to the lazier range and require longer rest periods than many other pet fish. Their long, gorgeous fins require a lot of energy to pull or drag through the water.To survive, they take extended sleeping breaks between meals.

Bettas aquarium temperature is too cold

Temperature is essential for proper fish activity, including metabolism, growth, and immune function. Fish of all kinds have a certain ideal temperature at which they work best.

The ideal temperature for betta is between 78-82F (25-28C). Your betta tank will need a heater to keep the water at the optimum temperature for their activities. If your water is too cold, your betta will rest more than usual because their metabolism will slow down.

Betta owners leaving their aquarium lights off for too long

Bettas like light so they know when to wake up and prefer to sleep in a darker environment.

In order to regulate their sleep cycles, betta fish need a consistent schedule of light and dark.

Depending on the amount of light in the tank, your betta will determine when to sleep and when to stay awake. 

If you leave the lights off for many hours, he will think that he should sleep more.In addition,if you use lights that are not bright enough,he may also think that it is time to sleep.

Your bettas fish is bored

Everyone has this misconception that fish aren’t that smart, but in fact bettas can get bored if there isn’t enough stimulation in their aquarium. 

There can be any number of reasons why your betta is bored like when his aquarium isn’t big enough, when there aren’t enough decorations, when you feed him the same food every day.

You need to make sure your betta gets enough stimulation every day. One way to do this is to use a mirror to make it flare, a few floating toys, and few peaceful aquarium companions in their aquarium.

Your bettas fish is not keeping well

If your betta shows other symptoms as well as sleeping a lot, he may be ill. It’s a good idea to look for any differences such as white spots, swelling, sores, and ulcers.If you notice this, find out why and treat your betta fish accordingly.

Your betta fish is aging

If you have a betta for several years, it is normal for him to sleep more. As he gets older, he will need a lot more sleep than when he was healthy. If you think so, don’t wake him up. Just let him sleep and recuperate.

Older bettas usually spend most of their time lying in plants or at the bottom of the tank.There is nothing to worry about if old bettas sleep more.

Your betta fish is lazy

Some bettas are just lazy. If all is well with your betta or tank, it may just be lazy. While you should let him sleep in longer, make sure he still gets enough exercise.

What are the signs of increased sleep in betta fish?

Bettas activity levels can fluctuate significantly, even within normal limits. It is important not to compare bettas with previously owned or any online fish. 

Your betta may be active only during meal times, or it may constantly swim around their tanks. There is no normal swimming-sleeping ratio for all bettas.

It is important to assess changes in bettas swimming and sleep over time.All new fish will hide and rest more often than fish in the aquarium for some time.The normal activity adjustment period can take days or weeks for new fish to settle.

If you’re worried that your fish are sleeping more than usual, keep a journal and make comparison videos over different time periods. Pay special attention to meal times and how your betta responds to the addition of food to his tank.

These observations will be very helpful in determining the cause of the betta fish’s increased sleep. Monitor the state of the fish’s body to see if it is gaining weight or not, which may be making it less active.

How to stop betta fish from sleeping too much?

If you’ve noticed an increase in your betta’s sleeping time, the first thing to do is check your aquarium water temperature. 

Remember, bettas need warm water and their aquarium needs a heater too to maintain warm water condition.

Use the thermometer in the tank instead of sticking to the thermometer outside.This will give you the most reliable temperature. 

Digital thermometers may be more convenient, but they don’t have the lifespan of standard glass thermometers.

If your betta has the right water temperature and all other water parameters are within normal limits, it’s time to evaluate their diet.

If their food container is more than 6 months old, it has a significantly reduced vitamin C content and needs to be replaced. 

It is necessary to feed the bettas 2-3 times a day, theoretically enough pellets to fit in one of the eyeballs.

Why does a betta fish oversleep even if all the conditions are met?

If your betta is getting enough of a quality diet and has a warm aquarium with good water quality, but is still oversleeping, it’s time to call your vet.

A common betta disease known as fish tuberculosis can make your fish more lethargic and sleep more. The sooner your fish is taken care of by a veterinarian, the faster it will recover.

How long do betta or fighting fish sleep?

It can be difficult to accurately recommend how long your bettas should sleep. 

All bettas are different and have different personalities. As a rule, if a betta is sleeping at night and remains active during the day (apart from a small nap), it’s a good deal of time.

If you find the fish stuck, don’t panic. If a betta sleeps 12-14 hours daily, including a daily nap, it is normal and sufficient to stay healthy.

However, it can be a bad sign, especially if you notice a lot of inactivity from your betta fish during the day time.


One of the common reasons a betta fish appears to be sleeping is that its aquarium is too cold. 

When it goes into temperature shock or the metabolism slows down, it becomes less active. Since his metabolism slows down a lot, he will not get the same amount of energy and he will sleep more.

If you notice this, check the water temperature. Bettas are warm-water fish that require the water to be at a specific temperature.

Make sure your aquarium lights are bright enough and lit long enough every day. Betta may be sleeping a lot just because you have left the lights off for too long. Make sure the tank also has a fairly bright light.

Bettas are curious creatures and also need mental stimulation. If your little buddy rests all day and doesn’t do much, it might just be boring. Place a few toys in the aquarium, such as a ping pong ball or any other floating toys, and see what happens.

If you observe that the bettas in your aquarium are sleeping more than usual, keep an eye out for signs of illness. Be sure to pay attention to its age, as bettas sleep more and more with age.

Caring for betta fish can be difficult, but not impossible.

Frequently asked questions

Is it normal for betta fish or siamese fighting fish to sleep a lot?

Sleeping time is normal for all bettas.It is important to assess changes in bettas swimming pattern and sleep over time. All new fish will hide and rest more often in their hiding spots than fish in the aquarium for some time.

What is the ideal temperature for a betta fish?

Betta fish have very strict requirements on the ideal temperature. The temperature should be maintained at 78-82F. Colder water can kill bettas because their immune systems slow down and make them susceptible to illness.

Is it normal for older bettas to sleep more?

Aged bettas will spend more time wandering around plants at the bottom of the tank. They also seem to be sleeping more than they used to.