Why do Yorkies dig in bed? (7 reasons)

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Why do Yorkies dig in bed? We will give you 7 reasons why dogs dig in bed to help you understand whether this is just their primal instinct or there is an issue that you need to address. 

Why do Yorkies dig in bed?

Although the main reason for why Yorkies dig in bed is due to their primal instincts, which we will explain throughout this article, it can also be a sign of anxiety or other problems.

These are the causes that can cause dogs to scratch the bed before going to bed. Take note, we give you the keys to better understand your furry friend.

  • The instinct to mark their territory- The instinctive habit for which dogs scratch their bed comes from the wolf, their distant cousin. Dogs like to mark their territory with their urine, but they also like to do it with their paws on their bed.

The reason is that on the pads of their feet they have glands that emit a special and unique smell for each animal. In this way, when they scratch the bed they spread their scent so that others can recognize whose place it is.

  • Damaged nails – Another reason why dogs scratch their bed before bed maybe because their nails are too long. You Yorkie wants you to know that something is bothering him.

If this is the case, it is enough that you keep ITS nails cared for, because you can cut them yourself at home. However, in case you don’t know how to do it, you can take him to a vet or a specific pet care centre.

  • Too much energy –It is normal that dogs who do not get enough exercise need to release stored energy. That’s why sometimes Yorkies dig in bed, but they don’t do it as a sign of anxiety, but rather because they need to run and vent.

Be careful to provide your dog with enough exercise or else it could cause physical and psychological problems for your pet.

  • Regulate the temperature – Another instinctive habit in dogs is to scratch the ground when they are in the field, then lying down in the hole. Why do they do it? It is usually a way to keep cool in areas where it is hotter and hot in areas where it is very cold.

This custom is also applicable to their bed, as they scratch it before going to sleep to regulate their body temperature.

  • Comfort  –Perhaps this is the most obvious answer to why dogs scratch the bed before going to bed. Like people, they seek to hollow out their bed to make it more comfortable. It is like a way of reorganizing the place where they sleep with the intention of being as comfortable as possible.
  • Ancestors – Before we have referred to wolves, the ancestors of dogs, to talk about marking the territory. The truth is that they did not sleep on any bed or smooth surface, so with this action, they wanted two things: to accommodate the floor, eliminate any possible bug, mark their territory and regulate the temperature, everything that we have told you at the same time.

It’s obvious that our little furry friends don’t need to mark the house where they are king, but their wild instincts are still there and they surface in some everyday situations like this before going to sleep.

  • They go around to protect themselves – The funniest image of a dog may be the one it offers us when it starts to walk around before lying down. This they do when they scratch the bed before going to sleep and it also has to do with settling in for a good night’s sleep.

Their ancestors the wolves did it to lie down, so they looked for the perfect position to sleep peacefully while keeping their body heat. Besides, they also did it and did it to protect their weakest areas, that is, where their organs are, from possible attacks.

What precautions to take if your dog scratches the bed

Some dogs scratch the floor, the bed or whatever they find and it may be for the simple reason that they have very long nails. It is best to cut them, as we have explained above because otherwise, you will not only scratch your bed, but also the floor, rugs, blankets …

It is always advisable that your dog should have its bed. However, if after having it the Yorkie continues with this behaviour, you should give her a couple of extra blankets so that she stops doing it.

 Keep in mind that even if your dog has the most comfortable bed and the best food on the market, his instincts will remain latent and that is that dogs already lived in harmony with other different animals before being domesticated.

Dogs also scratch the floor or bed before sleeping out of the need to ward off unwanted visitors. Also, if he lives in the garden and does not have a bed, he will dig or scratch the area that he will occupy to sleep. In that case, if even having a bed he continues with this custom, it is best to get him a house.

And remember that if you want your pet furry and you live in an area where the weather is extreme, it is best if he sleeps indoors. This way you can keep him from getting sick as well as keep him from feeling so lonely.

Why do dogs scratch the ground?

A dog can scratch the ground for two very simple reasons, the first is because it wants to sleep in that place. What it does is scratch a little to spread its scent or simply to try to soften the area where it is going to lie.

Although the main reason a dog normally scratches the ground is that he is filing his nails. It may be an indication that he may need to have his nails trimmed or he just wants to file some more.

Why do dogs dig in the dirt?

It is something very common in dogs since their instinct tells them to do it. It is a very natural way to file your nails and even to exercise and expend energy.

Another reason why a dog scratches on the ground is to dig up something. Let’s not forget that the dog’s nose is much more developed than ours and they are capable of perceiving smells that we do not perceive.

Finding a piece of bone, a ball or any buried object that catches his attention is a game for him. He will scratch the ground until he digs it up and plays with it.

Dogs also scratch the ground when they do their business (poop) to cover them with dirt, it is an instinct.

Why do dogs scratch the wall and/or the door?

These are behaviours that occur when the dog has an excess of energy or when the dog suffers from separation anxiety from the owner. They are different cases but they are very close.

Excess energy manifests itself with bad behaviour, scratching the walls, floor of the house, etc…. The dog looks for a way to play and expend all its energy.

When the dog scratches the door it does so because it simply wants to open it. Usually to go out to find its owner, so clearly it is a big anxiety problem. There are techniques to eliminate separation stress in dogs that can help you if this is your problem.

Scratching doors, walls, parquet, biting furniture, slippers, etc…. it is within the normal behaviour of a dog that needs to expend its energy. The best way to solve this problem is by doing more exercise with your dog.


In this blog post, we answered the following question: Why do Yorkies dig in bed? We gave 7 reasons why dogs dig in bed to help you understand whether this is just their primal instinct or there is an issue that you need to address. 

Some of the reasons why your Yorkie digs in its bed is to mark its territory, to sharpen his nails, because he is getting ready to sleep or because he is too cold. Do not forget that a Yorkie has primal instincts that will show up to surface no matter how well trained it is.

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FAQ Why do Yorkies dig in bed?

Why does my dog dig in her bed?

Your dog is digging in her bed because it is an instinct. It can also be a sign of anxiety or other problems, such as her nails need to be filled; she doesn’t feel safe; she is too warm. 

Why do Yorkies like to burrow?

Yorkies like to burrow because it is part of its instinct. It is something very common in dogs since their instinct tells them to do it. It is a very natural way to file your nails and even to exercise and expend energy.

How do Yorkies show affection?

Yorkies show their affection by playing with you and cuddling. They are very sociable and playful dogs and like to spend a lot of time with their owner. 

Are Yorkies good pets to have?

Yorkies are considered good pets to have and they are very popular dogs. They are great family pets, are hypoallergenic and believed to be very sociable and affectionate.

Why are Yorkies so bad?

Some consider Yorkies bad as pets because, being a small breed, it is prone to develop small size dogs behaviour issues. Owners need to be aware of this and train their dog. They can still bite and do a lot of damage. 

Are Yorkies low maintenance?

Yorkies are not low maintenance, on the contrary. This breed is a barker, it can be difficult to train and needs regular exercise. Besides, a Yorkie’s hair needs to be groomed very often, combed every day. 





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