When should I clean my betta fish tank?

In this blog we will discuss when to clean vettas tank.This blog will give new betta keepers the idea regarding bettas tank cleaning,as bettas are sensitive to ammonia spikes.


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  • How often do you clean a bettas tank with plants and other decorations?
  • What will happen if you don’t clean your betta tank?
  • Why are good filters important in a bettas tank?
  • Disease bettas get due to unclean and dirty tanks
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When should I clean my betta fish tank?

Cleaning your betta tank and changing the water is important as it will clean anything you can’t see that can harm your fish.It is advisable to make a regular cleaning plan for the betta tank.

Sometimes waste can accumulate in aquarium gravel.A complete cleanup reduces the chances of water quality deterioration and the chances of betta illness.

  • Depending on the number of fish and the messiness,most aquariums need to be cleaned about once every two weeks.
  • Cleaning requires sucking up gravel to remove debris and leftover food. 
  • Replace about 10-15% of water. 
  • Make sure the filter is working properly.
  • Cleaning the aquarium is essential for the long and healthy life of your betta fish and how you do that also plays an important role.Regular cleaning can extend the life of the betta fish.

When should you clean a five gallon betta tank?

You need to clean a 5-gallon tank weekly.Smallest tanks like five gallons need more cleaning.Small aquariums may require more regular maintenance to keep the water quality safe for fish.

It is important that the water in your aquarium has the right levels of minerals to keep your fish healthy, cleaning your aquarium regularly and changing the water in your aquarium properly can help ensure this.

Small tanks are more difficult to maintain than larger ones and not suitable for beginners.Conditions tend to be more stable in larger tanks and if something goes wrong you will have more time to fix it.

When should you clean a ten gallon betta tank?

In a 10 gallon tank, you need to remove 10-20% of the water each week, but you rarely need to remove and clean the decorations.

In a 10 gallon home aquarium, do not change more than a quarter of the water at a time.

This should happen once a week, which means that the entire tank is replaced with fresh water once a month.

Most of the small aquariums are overfilled and overfed. This leads to the rapid accumulation of residues, which in turn requires your time and attention.

When should you clean a 15 gallon betta tank?

For a 15 liter betta fish tank with only betta fish and filters, you only need to clean it thoroughly every 6-8 months.

Several planted tanks with a well-balanced ecosystem of excellent filters and cleanup tank companions can go for years without cleanup.

When should you clean a 20 gallon betta tank?

Large aquariums like 20 gallons and beyond are actually much easier to maintain than smaller aquariums.

The large amount of water means that the chemistry and temperature of the water are kept more stable, and the aquariums function more easily as a mini-ecosystem with some self-cleaning ability.

Large aquariums are better than small tanks in that they are more stable,temperatures fluctuate less,your betta is less prone to aggression, and you can keep more fish.

If you place a betta in an aquarium that is too small, it will not grow to its full size and you need frequent cleaning too.

How often do you clean a bettas tank with plants and other decorations?

For common aquariums with plants, rocks, or other decorations, the aquariums should be cleaned once a week.

Tanks with betta fish but no extra vegetation require only one or two objects to be cleaned once every two weeks.

If you have a lot of items in there to give your betta a bit of variety, cleaning should be done once a week, that means a thorough cleaning.

The more stuff you have in it, especially extra plants and decorations, the dirtier the aquarium will be.

What will happen if you don’t clean your betta tank?

If the betta tank is not cleaned regularly, two things will happen.The accumulation of algae and the amount of waste and by-products from betta fish increase above and below the gravel layer of the tank.

If you don’t clean your aquarium regularly, the accumulated waste will eventually cause disease in the bettas, and if the betta is already injured, dirty water can aggravate the damage due to infection.

High pH can allow algae to grow in the aquarium. Since betta is a soft water fish, a pH of water close to neutral is desirable.Aquariums are susceptible to algae growth if your pH is towards the upper end of the spectrum.

To avoid the growth of algae, you should reduce the amount of light in the tank, add more live plants, and keep algae eaters,if the tank is big enough, change the water frequently, and clean their tanks as well.

If you are not scraping the algae everyday then it will affect your bettas health.

Why are good filters important in a bettas tank?

The most important reason you need a filter in your betta tank is to stop the buildup of ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate.When any of these things build up a lot in your tank, it will be bad news for your betta.

Ammonia in particular stresses betta fish and weakens the immune system.A really good filter minimizes the cleaning effort, but you should still clean it once a week if possible.

You should also create a routine of vacuuming the gravel, scraping the algae, and changing your filter once a week.

Betta tanks are not that hard to clean.If you have a filter, there are a few additional steps you need to take, such as replacing the filter cartridges.

The more tools you have, the better and easier it is to get the job done, especially if you have a sieve, a gravel vacuum and a few algae cleaning pads.

How long can your betta fish go without aquarium cleaning?

A fighting fish that lives in large tanks can go two to three weeks without a water change, but only if you have a good filtration system.

If your fighting fish lives in an unfiltered tank, you will need to change 30% to 50% of the water in the tank every week.

An efficient filtration system is very important to keep your bettas tank clean.

Disease bettas get due to unclean and dirty tanks

Health Concerns in bettas from poor water quality and unclean tanks:

  • Fin rot:The fins or tail appear shredded.The most common causes of fin rot are poor water quality, so be sure to clean the tank regularly, if your tank is over 5 gallons, change the water 25% or more every week.
  • Ich: White spots on the fish’s body, so make sure to clean the tanks to avoid white spots disease in bettas.
  • Velvet:Bettas don’t eat well or they  scratch themselves on objects in its tank.

Do betta bowls need cleaning?

Betta fish get oxygen from the air, so they can survive in a bowl without an aquarium filter.

However,bowls can stress betta fish and shorten their lifespan.In addition, the bowl should always be cleaned to keep in top condition and low ammonia levels.


  • Feeding your bettas too much can deteriorate the water chemistry and make the tank dirty faster.So tank cleaning is a must to avoid such situations.It is also important to not overfeed your bettas.
  • A 5 gallon tank needs to be cleaned weekly, while a 15 or 20 gallon tank only needs to be cleaned once or twice a month.
  • You should clean your betta tank at least once a week to maintain good water quality. If you don’t have live plants,and you have a regular or large container,you will only need to clean the tank every two weeks.
  • Smaller bettas tanks require more maintenance and cleaning than larger ones, due to overaccumulation of byproducts in the tank.
  • The main advantage of a larger aquarium is that it provides a richer environment for your betta fish, but it comes with the added benefit of less regular cleaning.
  • Dirty and unclean tanks will cause many infections in bettas, which could kill them.
  • It is very important to monitor bettas aquarium water everyday with the water testing kits to check the levels of organic pollutants like ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and other heavy metals.
  • If it is not monitored on a daily basis and left unattended without cleaning their tanks, it will be a health hazard and shorten your bettas lifespan too.

Frequently asked questions

When should you clean a one gallon betta aquarium with a filter?

Toxins accumulate rapidly in small tanks of one gallons and reach dangerous levels long before signs of dirty water are seen.Most bettas quickly suffer from this result and can get sick or even die.Cleaning one gallon betta bowl -100% water change once a week.

When should you clean a 2-3 gallon betta aquarium with a filter?

Cleaning small betta aquarium: 2-3 gallons: 50% water change once a week.

Do bettas get stressed due to unclean water?

Poor water quality makes betta fish more susceptible to illness as they swim in polluted water.Stress, like any other animal,occurs in fish through the production of the stress hormone cortisol.