When do Akitas stop shedding? (5+ tips)

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: When do Akitas stop shedding?  We will give you the best tips to help you and your pet to go through the shedding phase as easily as possible.

When do Akitas stop shedding? 

The shedding cycle of an Akita can take two to four weeks, so in the worst case, you will have two months of hard work picking up your dog’s hair. You’re going to have big strands of hair all over the place. Regular brushing will help reduce hair volume around the house, but it certainly won’t eliminate it completely.

Akitas don’t actually shed hair all year long, even if it seems like it. It is a breed that has a double coat of hair that completely sheds twice in this period, which occurs at six-month intervals, usually in winter and summer. 

The Akita’s double coat is thick, coarse, and short, with the undercoat being thicker and softer. On the shoulders and rear end, the hair is about 2 inches long, slightly longer than the rest of the body, except for the tail, which is where it is longest. 

If you have to take your dog to a professional for grooming, he will give him a bath and brush but will not do any haircuts to follow breed standards. If you are ever frustrated by your hair shedding, you should resist the urge to cut it, as it may never grow back. 

Brush your dog several times a week with a metal brush on his outer layer and with a “rake” tool on the inner layer.

The amount of hair that you will have to deal with will depend on where you live. If you live in a climate where the changing of the seasons is not as dramatic, your Akita’s level of shedding may be milder. 

If, on the other hand, there are sudden changes in temperature from winter to summer, as in New England, you must be prepared so that it has a large shedding of a hair and it lasts longer. If you live in the south, the shedding will be a little less.

Although you cannot escape the semi-annual hair shedding, there are positive elements in the Akitas coat. Besides the tendency to self-groom, Akitas do not smell like a dog. 

You may have hair in the house but without the characteristic smell. When they get dirty, the dirt tends to dry out and fall out of the hair. Some dogs do not shed but shed all year round, but usually aside from seasonal shedding, you won’t have much more dog hair in the house.

How many times does a dog shed its hair?

At general levels, dogs make two notorious molts throughout the year, these molts usually coincide with the change of weather. So with few exceptions, the most notable changes are made in spring and autumn.

Dogs shed their hair in the spring to shed excess hair and prepare for the summer heat. In this way, they can better withstand the high summer temperatures while being cooler. Some breeds need to go to a dog groomer in spring and summer, don’t forget that.

In autumn, the opposite occurs, the dogs let go/pull the fine hair that they took out in spring to replace it with a more compact and cold-resistant coat. In this way, they can better withstand the cold ideal temperatures.

Those are the two most powerful molts a dog makes throughout the year, but that doesn’t mean they are the only ones. The shedding of hair in dogs can occur throughout the year, they regenerate their fur little by little, with less intensity than in the aforementioned seasons, but continuously.

In addition, the dogs that live inside the houses, with their humans, tend to shed more hair even since inside the house they are warm thanks to the heating, something that causes a great contrast with the outside if we are in winter. This causes the dog’s hair regrowth system to go “a little crazy” and continually shed.

What should I do when my dog ​​is shedding?

There are a series of steps to follow to make the shedding of dogs more bearable for both the dog and you. The molt can last a few weeks or a few months…. depending on each dog and the weather conditions, so the main thing is to be patient and then follow these steps:

  1. Keep your house clean: A good vacuum cleaner is our best ally. During the shedding season, it is necessary to vacuum our house daily, to remove the hair that our dog has shed, and maintain an acceptable hygienic state. We all know that excess hair can lead to different types of allergies, so we must keep the home clean.
  2. Brush your dog daily: A daily brushing is essential to remove the excess dead hair from our dog. We recommend doing it during the walk, outside the home, to prevent hair debris from spreading around our home. 

Remember that not all brushes are the same, there are brushes for dogs with long, short, hard, soft hair, etc … You must choose the most appropriate or consult your veterinarian.

  1. Bathe your puppy more often: To help him get rid of dead hair, we can bathe our dog a little more often than usual, for example, once a week during the shedding of hair. Before bathing it, we must brush it, and after the bath when it is dry (or the next day) brush it again.
  1. Feed it with Omega fatty acids: They are very beneficial for any healthy dog ​​and will also provide an extra shine to your dog’s hair. Dogs fed these beneficial fatty acids shed less hair in their molts and they are shorter. Salmon oil is an excellent supplement rich in beneficial Omega fatty acids, we can add a little once a day to your food.
  1. If your dog suffers from rashes or bald spots, go to the vet: Many times we confuse a health problem with an allergy or illness. There are many diseases and allergies that cause dog hair loss, if your dog sheds more hair than usual in shedding if he has hairless areas, skin rashes, or something that could make you suspect that he is sick…. do not hesitate to consult with your veterinarian.

How should I brush my puppy?

There is only one way to properly brush a puppy, if you do it wrong you can damage its skin, irritate it and hurt it. Just follow these steps and your puppy will appreciate the brushing. Remember that shedding in dogs is completely natural, so don’t despair if it never seems to end.

  1. Buy a suitable brush for your dog, we insist that not all brushes are worth it. Each dog has a different type of hair and therefore needs a different brush. If you use an inappropriate brush, not only will you not brush it well, but you can also hurt it.
  1. Always brush gently and in the direction of the hair, do not brush against the grain or press the brush too hard. It is not necessary to make the dog bald … it is only necessary to remove the excess dead hair, not to pull out the live hair that it retains.
  1. Pamper your dog while you brush him and give him a treat afterward, this way your dog will want you to brush him every day. Say nice things to him, sing to him, give yourself while you brush him to create a positive environment, which is known as positive reinforcement in dogs. 
  2. Once you finish brushing, give him a treat (a biscuit for dogs for example) and congratulate him for letting himself be brushed.
  1. Always brush after walking and playing, when a puppy leaves the house she wants to relieve herself, smell things, play…. let it vent and before you go home, brush it off. This is the best time to be calmer.

Once a day is enough, do not think that by brushing it ten times the same day it will finish its molt sooner…. hair loss has its progress … you cannot accelerate it in any way. Once a day is more than enough when they are moving, and once a week the rest of the year.

The bottom line

And that’s it, shedding is a natural process in all dogs (or at least most). There are some breeds that shed very little or do not shed, but they are few and unless we want that particular breed for some other reason, a dog shedding hair should not condition us at all.

Just be patient, carry out the advice explained, and enjoy your puppy as you always do. Remember that there are people who wear designer clothes and people who wear clothes with hair lol, we have always preferred and will continue to prefer to wear clothes with hair!

If you have any comments or questions on the content, please let us know.

FAQ on When do Akitas stop shedding? 

What will help my dog stop shedding?

To help your dog with shedding give it high-quality food, give them nutritious snacks, clean and fresh water, and bathe and brush your dog’s coat regularly. 

Do Akitas need haircuts?

Akitas need haircuts from time to time, also they need their nails trimmed and ears clean to ensure they are healthy and smell free. Visit a professional groomer once every two months to ensure you have a beautiful and healthy pet. 

How do you take care of an Akita?

You take care of an Akita by following a routine: brush their coat at least weekly, bathe them every four or six weeks, keep them active and healthy!

How often should a dog be bathed?

A dog should be bathed once every two to four weeks, depending on its size, age, and dog’s character. A puppy may need more frequent washing. 





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