What kind of dog is snoopy?

This blog paper will talk about the breed of Snoopy, a dog from the American comic: Peanuts. In this paper, we will briefly present about the Peanuts, we will discover the breed of the famous dog: Snoopy and, finally, we will cover some of his breed’s characteristics.

What type of dog is Snoopy?

Snoopy is a Beagle dog. Snoopy is curious and energetic, but also lazy, and one of his favorite places to stay is at the top of the house, napping all day. Snoopy is a faithful companion of his friend Charlie Brown. Those of your character match the qualities of that dog’s breed.

What is Snoopy?

Snoopy is a canine character from Peanuts, an American comic book. The comic was released on October 2, 1950, by the United Features Syndicate, just two days before Snoopy appeared. Peanuts is among the most popular and influential in comic book history.

In the series, Snoopy belongs to Charlie Brown and most of his stories happen in the place where he lives, the little house in the garden of Charlie Brown’s house. Snoopy became one of the main roles in Peanuts and is considered one of the most famous comic book characters in the world.

About the Beagle breed

Beagles are medium sized dogs and are excellent hunters which makes them good sniffers, with high energy, intelligence and stubbornness.

Physical characteristics 

These dogs have short and smooth fur, but dense and resistant to water. The most common colors are the tricolor dogs that have the colors black, brown, and white, but they can also have different shades of red and brown, in addition to the bicolor Beagle. The tip of the tail must always be white.

The most common posture among Beagles is their heads down, sniffing, tails stiffly up and focused on the chase. well characteristic of a good hunting dog.


The beagle is a dog full of enthusiasm and vigor, in addition to being a cheerful, courageous dog, with great activity and enthusiasm. Alert, intelligent and has a balanced temperament. Amiable and vigilant, it shows neither aggressiveness nor shyness.

These dogs have a natural propensity for teamwork as they are used to hunting in packs, which also facilitates the good relationship of dogs of this breed with other animals.

Health care

Beagle breeds are dogs that can present some pathologies such as dermatological and ophthalmological diseases. In addition, dogs of this breed are more predisposed to obesity.

Beagle breed dogs must undergo periodic consultations with a veterinarian due to the predisposition of this breed to present dermatological and ophthalmological diseases. Early diagnosis and treatment of these diseases can improve the dogs quality of life.

As much as they are active dogs, beagles are predisposed to weight gain. Obesity can lead to complications in animal health such as diabetes and others. Therefore the necessary care must be taken to avoid excessive weight gain. Animal obesity must be prevented with balanced diets and dogs physical activity.

As for reproduction, few reproductive problems are reported. Females tend to be very affectionate with their puppies. Some female dog may have dystocia, but this is rare for the breed.

Before having a dog, it is essential to talk to a veterinarian to choose the ideal breed for your family. And once you’re with the animal, it’s important to regularly monitor the animal’s health with exams, vaccinations, and appointments.

Breed care

Below we will talk about some Beagles general care such as:

  • Health care;
  • Skin care;
  • Nail care;
  • Teeth care.

Health care

Beagles need to keep their vaccinations and deworming up to date, so it is advisable to visit the vet at least once a year. They tend to be very healthy, active and playful dogs.

Skin care

It is indicated to bath the Beagles every month. In this breed specific dog shampoos should be used. The bath must be done very carefully, mainly to avoid the entry of water in the ear, thus avoiding otitis.

The animal must always be very dry after bathing, to avoid the growth of microorganisms that can lead to dermatitis. Brushing the fur should be done weekly. They present quite frequent fur loss, and it can happen throughout the year.

Nail care

As for nail clipping, it is recommended to cut the dog’s nail once or twice a month. Clipping the nails prevents the animal from getting hurt or even hurting the tutor.

Teeth care

Dogs of this breed should brush their teeth every 48 hours with a dog-specific toothpaste. Constant brushing of your dog’s teeth helps prevent tartar buildup and the resulting problems.


In this blog paper we could discover a little more about Snoopy’s breed. Topics such as the Beagles’ physical characteristics in addition to his hunting and friendly temperament as well as the Snoopy character.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): What kind of dog is snoopy?

Is Beagle a good family dog?

Beagles are perfect family dogs for their characteristics such as balanced temperament, enthusiasm and vigor, in addition to being a cheerful, courageous dog, with a lot of activity. Alert, smart, good with kids and other pets.

Do beagles bark a lot?

Beagles are considered noisier compared to other breeds, so overall they tend to bark more.

Is the Beagle easy to train?

The Beagle is a stubborn breed, as it is a hunting breed, meaning it follows its own instincts to get its prey. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to train a Beagle. They will only need a little more time compared to other breeds.


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