What kind of dog is in “The proposal”?

What breed of dog appears in the movie The Proposal? To answer that question this post will talk about the breed of dog Kevin. In this post, we will present a brief history of the movie, “The proposal”, and we will discover the breed of its famous dog and, finally, the physical and behavioral characteristics of its breed.

What kind of dog is in the proposal?

The puppy that appears in the movie The Proposal is called Kevin and is an American Eskimo dog. The dog belongs to the Paxton family. The most comical scene in the movie is the moment when Kevin is carried by an eagle, scaring Margaret, but in the end he returns to the ground and everything was fine.

Kevin is an intelligent, well-trained, energetic, and playful dog. His mini fox character makes him a very cute dog and adored by movie viewers.

What is the movie “The proposal”?

The Proposal is an American romantic comedy movie released in 2009. The proposal tells the story of Margaret, a chief editor of a multinational company located in New York. Margaret is about to lose her work visa and be deported to her home country, Canada.

As a solution to not being deported Margaret decides to marry her assistant Andrew Paxton. To convince the US immigration agent that the two are in love, the couple tries to get to know each other better. During this period Margaret and Andrew will spend time at the Paxton family’s home in Alaska. When going through different situations is when the fake marriage starts to become real.

On the wedding day Margaret tells everyone that the wedding was fake, so she returns to New York. Andrew finds love and declares himself to Margaret in New York in front of everyone in the company. And so the movie ends with the couple and some friends being interviewed by the US immigration agent.

About the American Eskimo

It is believed that this breed is likely descended from the German Spitz, the white Pomeranian, the white Italian Volpino, and the white 

keeshond. And it was taken to the United States by German immigrants. Due to their intelligence and ability to learn tricks, these dogs were popular in circuses and other forms of entertainment. The fox-like coat, alert expression, and ease of training have made these dogs very popular.

Physical characteristics

Fox head, short, pointed triangular ears and black eyes. The muzzle is not very long and is in harmony with the skull. This breed has a deep, well-arched chest, strong limbs and muscular shoulders. It has a raised, curled and thick tail carried over the back.

The American Eskimo has a thick, but not wavy, double, thick coat. The breed can be found in full white or white and biscuit color.


The American Eskimo is a loyal, versatile and highly intelligent dog. Some dogs can be stubborn, which requires proper training from an early age.

They can be good guard dogs, but they tend to bark a lot. They are extremely sweet dogs with their owners, but they may not accept strangers very well. They get along reasonably well with other animals.

The American Eskimo needs moderate amounts of physical exercise always associated with play with the owner. If they don’t spend energy, these dogs can show behavioral deviations, such as excessive barking and even destruction of some furniture.

Health care

Genetically, this breed may have hip dysplasia and progressive retinal atrophy. The conformation of the ears favors the accumulation of dirt which can favor otitis. And the fur with moisture accumulation and lack of care can become dermatitis.

Of genetic origin, hip dysplasia and retinal atrophy, makes it necessary to have a regular evaluation of the animal with a veterinarian. Animals with this pathology should not breed. And tutors who want to buy an animal of the breed, must buy from kennels that seek genetic improvement.

As for reproduction, few reproductive problems are reported. However, it is known that some female dogs, especially small dogs, can present with dystocia. Therefore, every pregnancy must be monitored by a veterinarian.

Before having an animal of the breed, it is essential to consult the veterinarian and regularly accompany the animal with exams and consultations.

Breed care

American Eskimos fur should be brushed three to four times a week, their long, double coat may need to be clipped sometimes.

The American Eskimos baths are indicated with specific shampoos for dogs and neutral dog shampoos. Bathing should be done very carefully, especially to avoid getting water in the ear. The animal must always be very dry to avoid the growth of microorganisms that can lead to dermatitis.

As for nail clipping, you can cut their nails once or twice a month. Cutting the nails prevents the animal from getting hurt or even hurting the tutor.

American Eskimo dogs should brush their teeth every 48 hours with dog-specific toothpaste. Constant brushing of your teeth helps prevent tartar from forming and the resulting problems.

Benefits of Owning an American Eskimo

American Eskimo dogs have many qualities for people looking for intelligent, sweet and affectionate dogs. Below we will talk about some qualities of the breed.

  • Playful and affectionate;
  • Likes children;
  • Get along well with their tutors;
  • Intelligent;
  • It is an active dog, and can be used as a guard dog.

They are excellent dogs for families and a good choice for families with children. Because they are very playful and sweet, they get along very well with children. Because they are very intelligent, they easily learn new commands, but they can be stubborn dogs, thus requiring training from the puppy stage.

They are very energetic dogs, and therefore need daily physical activity. But the build-up of energy can lead to undue barking and even furniture-destroying behavior.

They are dogs that socialize easily with owners and are reserved with visitors, they are alert dogs with strangers. Which makes them good companion dogs, and good guard dogs.


In this blog post, we were able to find out more about the American Eskimo breed. Subjects such as the American Eskimo’s physical characteristics, in addition to its friendly, sociable and intelligence, make it an excellent company, especially for families with children. Daily care and health care for this breed were also described.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ): What kind of dog is in the proposal?


Is the American Eskimo an aggressive dog?

No. The American Eskimo is quite calm and docile. However, in the presence of strangers, he can demonstrate a certain degree of aggression, as a form of defense of tutors and the home.

How big is the American Eskimo?

The size of dogs is measured by the height of the withers, 

Male dogs:

  • Standard – 38 to 48 cm;
  • Miniature – 30 to 38 cm;
  • Toy – 25 to 30 cm.

Female dogs:

  • Standard – 35 to 45 cm.
  • Miniature – 30 to 35 cm;
  • Toy – 22 to 30 cm.

Is the American Eskimo a good family pet?

Yes, they can be excellent family dogs as they are very playful, sweet and loving dogs. They are sociable, intelligent dogs, and they get along well with children. They can be used not only as companion dogs but also as


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