What kind of dog is Chance on Homeward bound?

This post will talk about the Chance breed. Chance is a dog in homeward bound, a 1993 American movie. In this post, we will present a brief description of the character Chance. We will discover the breed of this amazing dog and finally the physical and behavioral characteristics of his breed.

What kind of dog is Chance?

Chance the adventurous, trouble-making dog is an American bulldog.

Who is Chance?

Chance is a dog character in the 1993 Disney movie Homeward Bound and its 1996 sequel. The movie is set in San Francisco, California and tells the story of the treacherous and thrilling adventure lived by the animals, the dogs Chance and Shadow and the Sassy cat. 

On vacation, the Severs, tutors of animals Chance, Shadow, and Sassy, leave them at a friend’s ranch. In the ranch, the animals are believed to have been abandoned, so the three embark on a journey together to find their way back home across the California desert.

About the American bulldog breed

Bulldogs, originating in England, were working dogs that due to their strength, courage and familiarity with the herds led them to be used to herd cattle and guard their owners’ property. Below we will see more about this breed.

Physical characterizes

The American Bulldog is a medium-sized dog with a longer-than-wide body and muscular limbs. with a large head and powerful jaws, a broad muzzle, eyes are round, the little ears are set high on the skull, in a V-shape, drooping or semi-spiky. It has a deep and broad chest with well sprung ribs.

The fur should be curly and soft. The animal can be found in different colors like solid white, white with all shades of brindle (white, red, yellow, blue, brown, black or grey), red and white, brown and white, beige and white, deer and white, black and white, brown and white, mahogany and white, cream and white.


The American Bulldog is a powerful, agile and reliable dog. It is a very friendly and affectionate breed with its owners, but very aggressive especially with strangers.

It is a very obedient dog and faithful to its owner and family. However, first-time tutors may have problems educating them; it is necessary to have a firm pulse and a lot of patience. It is considered an impatient, courageous, and confident dog with no sign of fear or shyness.

General health and care

Below we will talk about some care with the American bulldog breed as:

  • Health care
  • Food care;
  • Bath care;
  • Hair care;
  • Nail care;
  • Teeth care;
  • Behavior care;

Both American bulldogs need to keep vaccination and deworming up to date, so it is advisable to visit the vet at least once a year. They tend to be very healthy, active and playful dogs.

As for general care, periodic baths should be carried out with specific products for dogs. After bathing the dog should be very dry, as the humidity can lead to the appearance of dermatitis. When bathing, you must be very careful not to get water in the ears, thus predisposing to an ear infection.

Brushing the coat can be done once a week due to the short coat of these breeds. No grooming is necessary. And these dogs tend to shed some fur around the house.

Nails can be clipped whenever animals go to bathe. This way it prevents the animal from having very large nails that can hurt the tutors and

Tooth brushing should be done every 48 hours with the use of specific toothpaste for dogs. Tooth brushing prevents the appearance of tartar that can lead to gingivitis and other health complications.

They are breeds full of energy, thus needing a lot of physical activities, games and games with the tutor. Frequent walks should be made with these dogs, always using a dog muzzle, avoiding aggression to other animals and/or people.


In this blog post we were able to find out more about the American bulldog. Themes such as the physical characteristics of the American bulldog, in addition to its impatient, courageous, and confident behaviors which makes it an excellent company as a guard dog.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): What kind of dog is Chance on Homeward bound?

Is the American Bulldog aggressive? 

Yes, it can be considered an aggressive dog with strangers. But, in fact, this behavior is just a way to protect the one he loves from possible threats. It is a very affectionate breed with its family.

How big is the American Bulldog breed?

The size of the dogs is measured by the height of the withers, for American Bulldog males the minimum is 23 cm, not exceeding 32 cm. And females with at least 20 cm, should not exceed 28 cm.

Is the American Bulldog a good family pet?

Yes, they can be excellent family dogs used as guard dogs. Their courage and energy make them very playful. And its aggressiveness to defend its owners makes it a loyal dog and an excellent guard dog.


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Picture from pixabay.com