What fish can you put with a betta fish?

In this blog post we will discuss about compatablibe and suitable tank mates for betta fish.We will also discuss about the characteristics of suitable tank mates for bettas.This blog will give all the necessary information about those tank mates.


In this post

  • What fish can you put with a betta fish?
  • Characteristics of betta fish tank-mates
  • Best tank mates for betta fish
  • Summary
  • Frequently asked questions 

What fish can you put with a betta fish?

You can put your betta fish with the following fishes:

  • Cory catfish
  • Neon tetras
  • Ember tetras
  • Ghost shrimp
  • African dwarf frogs
  • Guppies
  • Kuhli loaches
  • Mystery snails
  • Harlequin rasbora
  • Clown plecos

Characteristics of betta fish tank-mates

Betta fish are aggressive in nature especially male bettas.Its very difficult to keep male bettas with other tank mates in the aquarium.

Male bettas fight with each other to death,if too many male bettas are kept together which out numbers females in the tank.

Female bettas are less aggressive than male bettas and can co-exist with other tank mates in the aquarium.

  • Calm and peaceful fish can go very well with bettas
  • Bettas cannot exist with brightly coloured tank mates,as their bright colors intimidate them.
  • Bettas are very particular about their space in the tanks,so it’s very important to add tank mates,who don’t interfere with their space in the tanks.They can’t share their space with anyone.
  • They can’t get along well with fin-nippers.
  • They don’t like aggressive fish in their tank.

Best tank mates for betta fish

Cory catfish as bettas tank mate

Corydoras are tropical,freshwater species,and are considered as a very good choice for community tanks alongside non-aggressive and friendly species.

  • Scientific name-Corydoras
  • Other names-leopard and peppered corydoras
  • Habitat -South America
  • Water pH-7.0-8.0
  • Water temperature-74F-80F
  • Degree of water hardness-3-10 dKH
  • Care level-Easy 
  • Diet-Bottom feeder tablets,shrimp pellets,tropical granules,algae rounds
  • Temperament-calm and peaceful
  • Tank level- bottom dweller
  • Compatibility with betta fish-Corydoras are very peaceful and social fish.They fit correctly into the betta fish tank mates criteria.
  • They can be kept in groups with bettas.They are a great companion of bettas because they remain in their own spaces without disturbing betta fish space.

Neon tetras as bettas tank mate

Considered as crown jewels of aquariums.They are hardy species and can live with a variety of tank mates in their aquariums.

  • Scientific name-Paracheirodon innesi
  • Other names-no
  • Habitat -freshwater,blackwater of South America
  • Water pH-6.0-7.0
  • Water temperature-72-76F
  • Degree of water hardness- GH below 10dGH and KH-1 to 2 dKH
  • Nitrate level- under 20 ppm
  • Care level-intermediate 
  • Diet-Flakes,micropellets,live and frozen food like tubifex worms,daphnia,brine shrimp and bloodworms.
  • Temperament- very peaceful
  • Tank level-mid-dweller
  • Compatibility with betta fish-They can be kept with betta fish, because of their peaceful behavior and different food habits.
  • They rarely chase or fight with anyone in the aquariums.Being carnivorous they rarely fight for food resources with bettas.

Ember tetras as bettas tank mate

Embers are tiny species and dwell well in community tanks in groups.Their appearance keeps the aquarium environment lively.

  • Scientific name-Hyphessobrycon amandae
  • Other names-dwarf reds
  • Habitat -Brazil
  • Water pH-6.6 ,acidic water
  • Water temperature-73-84F
  • Degree of water hardness-5 to 17 dGH
  • Care level-Easy
  • Diet-Live, frozen,freeze dried and flakes food
  • Temperament- Peaceful
  • Tank level-Mid-dweller
  • Compatibility with betta fish-Ember tetras are smaller in size and they do well in spacious tanks when kept in groups with bettas.
  • They happily swim with their own kind in the tank without disturbing bettas for food and space.

Ghost shrimp as bettas tank mate

They are popular freshwater crustaceans,and go really well with all aquarium species in the tanks.

They are considered as clean up crew members,as they keep the aquarium clean by feeding on dead matter and leftovers.

They are called glass shrimps because they pick on the algae which are there on the glass.

  • Scientific name-Palaemonetes paludosus
  • Other names-Glass shrimp
  • Habitat -North America
  • Water pH- between 7.0-8.0
  • Water temperature-65-75F
  • Degree of water hardness- 3 to 10 dGH and 3 to 15 dKH
  • Ammonia and nitrite- zero
  • Nitrate-< 20 ppm
  • Care level-Easy
  • Diet-Algae, dead plants,shrimp pellets,leftovers of other tank mates
  • Temperament- Peaceful
  • Compatibility with betta fish-Great tank mates for bettas as they keep the tanks clean by eating the uneaten food and dead plants.But you need to monitor them regularly,as ghost shrimps are given as food too for bettas.
  • They keep the tank environment clean and maintain pristine water conditions by keeping the levels of ammonia,nitrite and nitrate in check by eating the uneaten food in the tank.

African dwarf frogs as bettas tank mate

Interesting classroom pets when kept in a group of two or more.They are not great swimmers but easy to care for,fascinating to observe and a great addition to any tank.

  • Scientific name-Hymenochirus
  • Habitat -Central Africa
  • Water pH-6.5 to 7.5
  • Water temperature-68 to 82F
  • Degree of water hardness- 5 to 20 GH and 4 to 15 KH
  • Ammonia /nitrite – zero
  • Nitrate -< 20 ppm
  • Care level- Medium
  • Diet-live/frozen food and commercial frog food
  • Temperament- social and docile
  • Compatibility with betta fish-Considered as interesting and funny tank mates for betta fish.They have similar tank conditions like betta fish and that makes them to cohabit with bettas.

Guppies as bettas tank mate

Guppies are livebearers and always considered as great tank mates.They are well behaved,peaceful and go well with tank mates of similar temperament and similar size.They do well in groups.

  • Scientific name-Poecilia reticulata
  • Other names-millionfish and rainbow fish
  • Habitat -Tropical freshwater fish from Northeast South America
  • Water pH-6.8-7.8
  • Water temperature-72-82 °F
  • Degree of water hardness-8-12 dGH
  • 0 ppm ammonia, 0 ppm nitrites, maximum 10 ppm nitrates
  • Care level-Low-Maintenance,easy to care for
  • Diet-Flakes food,Veggie pellets, Spirulina tablets ,Freeze-dried brine and blood worms
  • Temperament- Peaceful
  • Live-bearers 
  • Compatibility with betta fish-Male guppies are very colorful and one should avoid keeping male bettas together with male guppies because bright colors make bettas more aggressive.
  • They might even kill male guppies because of their bright colors.Female guppies do well with bettas as they are a bit dull in color as compared to male guppies.

Kuhli loaches as a betta fish tank mate

Kuhli loaches are very peaceful fish and a great addition to any community tanks.They get along well with non-aggressive tank mates.

  • Scientific name-Pangio kuhlii
  • Other names-Coolie Loach and Leopard Loach
  • Habitat-They come from tropical climates
  • Water pH-5.5 – 6.5
  • Water temperature-75 – 86 °F
  • Degree of water hardness-5.0 dGH
  • Know as scavengers/clean-up crew members
  • Care level-intermediate 
  • Snake like bodies
  • Nocturnal in nature
  • Tank level-bottom level
  • Diet-They eat leftovers of other fish in the aquarium.Other than this they would accept sinking community pellets,frozen bloodworms,live blackworms and repashy gel food.
  • They like to bury themselves in the gravel or sandy substrates.
  • Temperament-Kuhli loaches have peaceful temperament.
  • Compatibility with betta fish-Considered as one of the best tank mates for betta fish.
  • They fit into all the criterias for betta fish tank mates and they won’t nip bettas fin too.

Mystery snails as bettas tank mate

They are shy,peaceful and a great addition to any community tank.They keep the tank environment clean by keeping waste to minimum.

  • Scientific name-Pomacea bridgesii
  • Other names-Spike-topped apple snail
  • Habitat -Freshwater of South America
  • Water pH-7.6 to 8.4
  • Water temperature-68-84F
  • Degree of water hardness-12 to 18 kH
  • Care level-Easy to intermediate
  • Diet-Algae, dead and rotting plants
  • Temperament- Non-aggressive and docile
  • Compatibility with betta fish-They will live in harmony with bettas due to their peaceful nature.
  • They have similar tank requirements like betta fish and keep the bettas tank clean by eating algae and other detritus in the tank.

Harlequin rasbora as bettas tank mate

Very peaceful aquarium fish and they enjoy swimming with their own members without disturbing other tank mates in their aquarium.They are docile in nature and will let other larger and aggressive fish to harass or trouble them.

  • Scientific name-Trigonostigma heteromorpha
  • Other names-Red rasbora and Harlequin fish
  • Habitat -Asia
  • Water pH-6.0-7.8
  • Water temperature-72F-81F
  • Degree of water hardness-2-15 dGH
  • Care level-Easy
  • Diet-Omnivorous, and eat both plant based food,meaty food along with commercial food
  • Temperament- Peaceful
  • Tank level-mid-level,sometimes upper region too
  • Compatibility with betta fish-Harlequins are very peaceful with and don’t disturb their tank mates when kept in community tanks.
  • They don’t invade bettas’ space and swim away from them.They too make good tankmates for bettas.
  • If you see bettas chasing or harassing harlequins then kindly put harlequins in another tank.For best results put harlequins in a group alongside bettas.

Clown Plecos as a betta fish tank mate

Very peaceful and mellow fish,mind their own business in the aquarium by doing their own things in their own space.They rarely interfere or chase their tank mates.

  • Scientific name-Panaqolus maccus 
  • Other names-ringlet pleco
  • Habitat -South American freshwater fish
  • Water pH-6.8 to 7.6
  • Water temperature-73-82F
  • Degree of water hardness-10 dGH
  • Care level-Easy
  • Diet-Great algae eater
  • Temperament- mellow and peaceful
  • Tank level-bottom dweller
  • Compatibility with betta fish-Clown plecos are peaceful and hardy fish and get along really well with betta fish.They are known for their cleaning behavior.
  • They keep the tank clean by eating leftovers and algal growth.This will also keep the quality of water intact.
  • Plecos are considered as a great choice not just for bettas but with any aquarium fish they behave really well.


  • Always quarantine bettas tank mates for 2 weeks before adding them to bettas tank to avoid infections.
  • Make sure all the tank mates can thrive well in the same water parameters as bettas.
  • Always monitor tank mates and their interaction with bettas on a daily basis. 
  • Make sure bettas tank mates are not invading their space,as bettas are very particular about their space and don’t like to share it with anyone.
  • All the tank mates mentioned above go well with betta fish.They are all community and schooling fish and swim together in groups of their own kind without disturbing or invading betta space for food or other resources.

Frequently asked questions

Can we keep angelfish with bettas?

They can be kept together only in one condition,if the tank is bigger and spacious.But it is very important to monitor them on a daily basis,because angels do get aggressive at times and bettas are known for their aggressive behavior already.

Can we keep gouramis with betta fish?

It’s a big no to keep gouramis with bettas in similar tanks because they might fight with each other for establishing their territories in the tank.But yes,dwarf gouramis can co-exist with bettas.