What does it mean when a dog puts his paw on you?

In this article, we will answer the following question: What does it mean when a dog puts his paw on you? We will discuss the unique bond between a dog and his human; the sure signs that a dog loves you and how you can pay it back for his loyal service. 

What does it mean when a dog puts his paw on you?

When a dog puts his paw on you, it means that he loves you.  According to The Dog Clinic, one way in which dogs show how much they love their owners is when they put their paw on them. This is because through this gesture the dogs release hormones such as oxytocin and at the same time they intend to extend the connection for longer.

But not everything is pink! In other cases, when a dog puts his paws on you It can indicate that the animal is insecure or feels stressed. Thus, to be able to interpret what it really means, you have to be attentive to the rest of its body and see if its ears or tail are down, if it purses its mouth or if it growls.

Finally, according to the recommendations of veterinarians, if a dog puts its paw on it, you have to respond with a gesture of affection,  so that it knows that love is reciprocal.

Other signs that your dog loves you

1. Your dog welcomes you with enthusiasm

Dogs are naturally curious and practically always come out to greet anyone who enters their home, a place that they feel is their own. However, if he greets you wagging his tail, running around, and playing, it is a sign that he is glad to see you back. Your dog probably loves you!

2. He wags his tail whenever he sees you

If your dog wags his tail from side to side and even moves his hips when he does … you can be very satisfied! This is a sure sign that your dog is happy, looking for a play, and happy to see you. Exaggerated tail movements and playful attitudes convey confidence, friendship, and playfulness.

3. He looks for you to play

Play is a behavior that dogs practically never lose, even in their adulthood. Except of course, those dogs that suffer from health or behavior problems, as in the case of senile dementia or high levels of stress. Let your dog look for you to play a clear sign of rapport and that he is a happy dog.

If your dog turns his head when you speak to him, moves his eyebrows, and is always attentive to everything you do, you are without a doubt a very special person in his life. The attention he gives you is directly proportional to his affection for you.

4. Follows you everywhere

That your dog wants to be with you constantly is a clear sign that he trusts you and feels comfortable around you. Although there are more lapdogs than others, the truth is that most cannot resist accompanying you anywhere.

Of course, it is important to learn to differentiate this attitude from separation anxiety, when the dog is not able to manage its loneliness and begins to show destructive behaviors, exaggerated barking or urine and feces at home.

5. He licks you all the time

Dogs love to lick! Although sometimes it may happen that they are attracted to the taste of your skin or that they try to put their tongue in your mouth after you have eaten something, the truth is that when a dog licks your face it is sending you a clear sign of friendship.

Sometimes it can mean “I’m fine” or “don’t get too close” but in most cases, when a dog licks a person it means that he loves them.

We, humans, have a tendency to reinforce this behavior since most of us like it. Therefore, when the dog interprets that we like it, they do not stop doing it. It is a way of showing how much they love us!

7. Protects you

It is not necessary to train a dog in defense and attack for it to defend us. We do not recommend using this type of training, as it increases stress levels in the dog and can have serious consequences if carried out by inexperienced people.

However, it is common for a dog to show a hostile attitude to those who yell at us or try to attack. Although it may be very comfortable for you, remember that it is not positive to reinforce this behavior, as it can lead to aggressive behaviors.

8. It comforts you when you are sad

Dogs are capable of feeling people’s pain in very different ways. They recognize crying, similar to their howling, as well as many behaviors that we carry out in moments of sadness.

Therefore, it is not strange that they try to comfort us by staying by our side or offering us small gestures of love, such as gentle licks.

9. Lets you hug and kiss him excessively

Although it is hard to believe, most dogs do not feel comfortable when we hug them or fill them with kisses in an excessive way, that is because they feel trapped and somewhat stressed. It is normal for them to yawn and turns their heads as a sign of calm.

Even so, your dog is able to understand that this is a behavior that you like, so he allows himself to be done, with the intention that you understand that he loves you. In addition, as with licking, dogs tend to tolerate behaviors that we reinforce. So it is not surprising that they let themselves do everything you want if you give them a “very handsome” or an “I love you”.

10. He never leaves you

The dog is, without a doubt, the most faithful animal that exists. He has earned himself to be man’s best friend, for his loyalty and commitment. If you strive to take care of your dog, love him and offer him, as far as possible, the best quality of life, you will always have by your side a faithful friend who will never abandon you.

11. Other small signs that your dog loves you:

  • He lies on your stomach
  • Lowers his ears when you pet him
  • Takes refuge in you
  • Looks for you
  • Reacts to your emotions
  • Practices orders without being asked
  • Obeys you.

Remember that each dog has a specific personality and that for that same reason not all will act in the same way. 

We recommend that you be patient and offer your dog a lot of love so that he trusts you and starts loving you as much as you love him. If you don’t think he loves you very much because you don’t see signs of affection on his part, you can also visit how to make your dog love you.

How to make your dog happier

Besides the physical care that will help keep the dog healthy for as long as possible, the quality of life is also in the daily routine. Thus, health is also maintained by respecting the psychological needs of the dog.

You must have adequate accommodation and sufficient opportunities to exercise. Socialization is also another fundamental aspect. To avoid problems in this regard, it is recommended that puppies are not separated from their mother or siblings before, at least, eight weeks of age.

Getting the dog used to different stimuli and situations, offering him games, company, affection, respect, and activity, also mental, is a guarantee of good psychological health. A stress-free dog will generally have better health and, consequently, a higher quality of life.

Following minimum hygiene standards, bathing, and brushing the dog everything it needs depending on its characteristics and circumstances, and, above all, going to the vet as soon as we perceive that something is happening to it are measures that allow us to maintain a good quality of life.

Likewise, at least once a year you must go through a review at the vet. In addition to the complete general examination, it is recommended to perform a blood test and a urine test. This guideline is especially important in older dogs. With aging, it is easier for tumors or pain in bones and joints to appear.

More kidney, dental and eye diseases are also seen, in addition to cognitive dysfunction syndrome. Unfortunately, detecting these problems promptly does not usually serve to cure them, but by trying from the initial stages we can slow down their progression and, consequently, make the dog live longer.

The bottom line

If you have already discovered the signs that indicate that your dog loves you and you would love to strengthen that bond, even more, you should know that it is possible by paying attention to the care you offer, the attention you give, and the diet. 

Likewise, if after reviewing the previous list you consider that the bond is not strong enough, the advice that we share in the following video will allow you to correct possible errors and make your dog love you more.

As we all know, having a dog is one of the greatest joys in life. Our furry friends give us unconditional love, company, and more smiles than is possible to count. Still, there is a downside to owning a dog. We can withstand the mess and minor damage, but the fact that people live longer than dogs, who eventually cease to be among us, is undeniable.

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FAQ on What does it mean when a dog puts his paw on you?

Are dog licks really kisses?

Many people believe that dog licks are really kisses. There is nothing wrong in believing that dog licks are in fact a gesture of affection towards us humans. 

Do dogs like when you talk to them?

We believe that most dogs like when you talk to them. It can also help when training a puppy since it helps it become accustomed with the tone of voice and recognize you later. 

Do dogs like hugs?

It is hard to say if all dogs like hugs. Most dogs like cuddles, while others become stiff when hugged. You have to see the reaction of your dog when you are hugging it. 

Do dogs know you love them?

Yes, dogs know we love them. Dogs and humans can create a really special relationship and this is proven by the fact that our oxytocin levels go up high when we play or even when we just stare at our dog!





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