What are the most gorgeous betta fish types?

In this post, we will answer the question “What are the most gorgeous betta fish types?”. We will also discuss some of their specificities and characteristics.

What are the most gorgeous betta fish types?

The most gorgeous types of betta fish according to tail type categories are:

  • Double Tail Betta
  •  Half Sun Betta
  • Spade Tail Betta
  • Round Tail Betta
  • Dumbo Ear Betta

Betta fish colour types

You may be shocked to find that wild betta have a bland hue although they are one of the most colourful freshwater fish. Only when agitated will bright colours be displayed. The good news is that, because of centuries of careful breeding, captive bettas are now available in a dazzling array of diverse colours and pattern kinds.

Some bettas can change colours during their life

It is owing to the layers of pigmentation in their skin that they can create such a wide range of colour and pattern combinations. A betta fish can have any combination of colours at any layer of pigmentation, including red, black, green, yellow, iridescent, and blue. 

Iridescent colours such as blues, turquoises, and greens can appear to change colour when the lighting conditions change. Betta fish have this capacity because the colours they see are formed by refraction inside a layer of guanine crystals, which is present in their environment.

Most gorgeous types of betta fish

Betta fish, often known as Siamese fighting fish, are particularly popular among new aquarists who are just getting started. They are little, brightly coloured fish with distinct personalities that stand out from the crowd. Over the years, they have been cross-bred, resulting in the most astonishing colourations and tail variants possible. Bettas can be classified in a variety of ways based on the shape of their tails, their patterns, and lastly their colours. 

Tails may be very different in length and style, ranging from long and flowing to short and tidy. Additionally, body patterns may be quite varied, ranging from multi-coloured patterns to single-coloured patterns. But it is their colour that is the most distinguishing feature of this species. Betta fish have been produced in every hue of the rainbow, including white. Adding all of the diverse tail forms, colours, and patterns together results in hundreds of distinct Betta kinds, each with its unique appearance. No two Betta are alike. Below are the most gorgeous betta types according to the tail categorisation.

Double Tail Betta

Double Tail (also known as a double tail rat) Bettas have two highly distinct tails that are separated at the base of the tails of the animal. The brilliant blue hue of this fish is maybe the most common colour seen in this species. The tail of this fish is divided into two different circular shapes, and the dorsal fin is often larger than the other fins. 

The dazzling white fish with white, almost see-through fines that trail in the water behind them as they gracefully glide along is a particularly beautiful colour variant in the Betta.

Half Sun Betta

The Half Sun Betta appears to be a cross between the Half Moon and the Crowntail/Combtail Bettas in appearance. Unlike other fish, this one has a big tail that stretches 180 degrees wide, like a Half Moon. As with the Crowntail and Combtail species, it has a small crowning between the fin rays, as well as webbing between the fins. The aggressiveness of this type is likewise pretty high.

Spade Tail Betta

This nicely designed tail is shaped just like a spade, with a complete circular base and a pointy tip, much like the real thing. Betta males are far more colourful than their female counterparts, as is true of all other Betta species. More colour, on the other hand, is associated with more aggression, and the males are undoubtedly quite territorial. That is why it is critical to only have one of these nefarious creatures per tank.

Round Tail Betta

The Round Tail Betta is a kind of fish that has a completely rounded tail with no straight edges, as the name suggests. According to reports, this species is exceedingly uncommon. Depending on the species, this variation can be found in a wide range of colour patterns.

Dumbo Ear Betta

While the remainder of this list focuses on the differences between the many tail varieties, this one-of-a-kind fish has been developed to have ears that resemble those of a Dumbo. The extra-large pectoral fins of this fish protrude out on either side of its face, giving the impression that it has ears like those of a Dumbo-type elephant. 

What makes this even more impressive is when the fins of the fish are a different colour from the main body of the fish. 


In this post, we answered the question “What are the most gorgeous betta fish types?”. We also discussed some of their specificities and characteristics.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): What are the most gorgeous rare betta fish types?

What is the most difficult to come by betta fish? 

The fantail kind of Betta is the most difficult to come by. This fish has two caudal fins that are side by side but fused at a little point at the top, giving it the appearance of a fantail goldfish, which is a close relative of this species. This kind is so uncommon that it is difficult to discover any information about them, let alone a place to purchase them. 

What colour betta fish is the most difficult to come by? 

When albino bettas are recorded or put up for sale, keen observers nearly always accurately identify them as transparent, cellophane, or white bettas, depending on their colouration. These are all beautiful fish to have on display in a tank, yet they aren’t as common as you may think. However, they are no match for a real albino. 

What is a marble betta, and how does it work? 

When a betta changes colour, it is known as marbling. It might be red, blue, purple, white, or a mix of colours. Marble is also the name of a jumping gene, also known as a transposon, which is a DNA sequence that can shift its location in a fish’s genome. 

Is the double tail betta an uncommon betta fish type? 

Two separate trails are seen on the Double Tail Betta, which is a kind of fish. This is due to a genetic abnormality that has caused its caudal fins to develop in two lobes rather than one, as opposed to the norm. Because of the poor survival rate of its young, this species is extremely uncommon. 

Is it possible to find pink bettas? 

Pink bettas may be found in a variety of shapes and sizes, including plakat, Halfmoon, marble, and crowntail, however, these critters are quite rare. However, even though you are unlikely to stumble across a genetically pink betta in your local fish store, you may come across some fish that looks to be pink in colour. 

Do dumbo bettas exist in large numbers? 

The lifespan of a Dumbo Betta is around three years, and like with other Bettas, the water conditions and the environment in which they are housed have an impact on its life span. They are well-known for their distinctive form as well as their beautiful hues. These fish are extremely tough to come by, and it is much more difficult to find them in a local pet store. 

What is a fancy betta, and how do you get one? 

Known as the Fancy Plakat Betta (Betta splendens), this fish has extremely high-grade colours, and its body and fins are of the ever-popular plakat kind. Bright red, powerful blue, powder blue, delicate iridescent pink and/or exquisite white colours may be seen in specimens of this fish, and sometimes all of these colours can be found in the same specimen.


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