What are the characteristics of avatar betta fish?

In this article we will discuss avatar betta fish.We will discuss everything about them from their habitat information, tank size,water parameters,feeding habitat,breeding,diets and other parameters too.


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  • Tank plants for avatar betta fish
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What are the characteristics of avatar betta fish?

Key specifications of avatar betta fish

Scientific nameCommon name Betta splendens Avatar betta fish
Other namesSiamese fighting fish
Habitat Freshwater of Southeast Asia
Diet Carnivore/omnivore in captivity
Temperament Aggressive like their cousins
Life span3-5 years
Conservation statusVulnerable (wild)Captivity (data deficient)

Avatar betta fish habitat information

Avatar bettas are not found naturally like other bettas.There is little information available about avatar bettas. I have tried to cover most of the information about them in my blog.

Avatar bettas have been bred for their beautiful colors, fins and variety in aquarium settings.Some betta breeders got inspired by Nebula documentaries and decided to create different-colored bettas and name it avatar bettas.

General characteristics of avatar betta fish

  • Betta breeders produce avatar bettas by selecting fish with top fins, bottom fins, and balanced tails.
  • Avatar bettas can be blue or dark in color and most common are blue star black avatar betta,avatar black blue red betta, type of halfmoon plakat (HMPK)  live betta fish.
  • The red copper avatar star betta fish, which is sold from Thailand, is known for its bright colors and gorgeous fins, as well as a wide range of morphs.
  • The lovely HMPK copper gold avatar from Thailand is among many healthy high-quality aquatic life.
  • Black green avatar rosetail betta from Thailand are understood for their spectacular fins and jewel-bright colors and come in a wide variety of morphs.
  • According to some research, it is clear that the copper-gold head is the first variety of 2020 produced by Indonesian breeder Haris Haditia. 
  • Copper gold avatar or gold black star is the most popular avatar betta of 2021, it is a unique color similar to blue avatar.
  • Prince of white avatar galaxy from Thailand are known for their jewel-bright colors and spectacular fins and come in a wide variety of morphs.
  • The beautiful red blue avatar rosetail skyhawk from Thailand is one of numerous healthy top quality aquatic life for your freshwater aquarium.
  • Prince’s sparkle avatar from Thailand is a lovely variety of healthy high-quality aquatic life  for freshwater exotic fish aquariums. 
  • The lustrous black and silver contrasts with the black that draws the betta lover’s eyes.
  • Sexual dimporphism can be seen in avatar bettas too, as male avatar bettas are bigger than female avatar bettas.
  • Male avatar bettas are more colorful than female avatar bettas.
  • Avatar bettas can live up to five years in an ideal 2.5 gallon tank with a filter and heater.But if they are kept in bowls,they live less than half the average lifespan, sometimes less than a year.

Tank size of avatar betta fish

Avatar bettas only grow to 2-3 inches in length, especially because they are not fast swimmers or active swimmers.Please do not store them in a jar, vase, or bowl.

Bigger is always better as it provides more swimming space and lots of hiding space to them and spacious tanks will also keep their aggression levels low.

If you overcrowd the smaller tanks with too many tank mates then it will not be good for their health,and they might end up fighting and hurting other tank mates in the tank.

Provide proper space to each single bettas if you are keeping them in a community tank and if you are planning for male avatar bettas, they can stay alone without getting bored in nano tanks too.

Always cover their tanks, because they tend to jump out of their tanks when they feel threatened.

Water parameters of avatar betta fish

Many blue star black avatar betta owners are unaware that they need warm water, as well as room temperature water at 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit (21-23 degrees Celsius).

Ideally, the water should be between 78-80 degrees Fahrenheit (25.5-26.5 degrees Celsius).They prefer hard water, but they tolerate a wide GH range between 5-20 DH or 70-300 ppm.Too hard water can be harmful to them.

Keep in mind:

  • When you get them put in dechlorinated water,that means no chlorine should be there in their water.
  • Do not add too much water. Please note that it will jump.
  • Add a little non-iodized sea salt or almond leaves.Indian almond leaves will maintain the pH in bettas tank.

Tank mates of avatar betta fish

Avatar bettas can be a good community fish but they cannot live with brightly coloured species,finnippers, aggressive fish and multiple male bettas together.Female bettas are more sociable than male bettas.

Male bettas get aggressive with one another and fight with each other to death.It is very important to have male and female bettas ratio maintained in tanks to avoid clashes.

Tank plants for avatar betta fish

Live plants in an aquarium may seem daunting to the novice breeder, but it’s not difficult.There are real hardy live aquatic plants on the market that your betta will love.

Avatar bettas too love ornamental plants, especially live ones.But you can go ahead with fake or artificial plants too.

Tank plants suitable for avatar bettas:

  • Frogbit is the best plant for all betta aquariums as it grows larger and is easier to maintain.
  • Bamboo and all bettas get along well together.Fish excrement nourishes the plants, and fish like to have natural plants in which they can hide and play.
  • Many betta keepers add an Indian almond leaf to their betta’s water because they believe that it toughens their fish’s skin and makes them better for fighting.They also use it to help a fish heal after a fight.

Substrate for avatar betta fish

Two best substrates for avatar bettas tanks are gravel and sand. Gravel is excellent because it makes it easier to fix plants and produce more beneficial bacteria.

Sand is good because it is easy to keep clean and less likely to hurt Betta. You can use marble or no substrate for them.

It is very important to keep their substrates clean by removing the waste everyday using a siphon, if this is not done on a regular basis, there will be ammonia pollution in their tanks, which will deteriorate the water chemistry.

Feeding habits of avatar betta fish

Feeding should be done within hours of arrival.Avatar bettas are carnivorous fish and require high amounts of protein in their diet.

In the wild, their cousins typically eat small carnivorous creatures such as worms, water fleas, bloodworms, brine shrimp, mosquito larvae and other fish.

You can also feed them copepods, white worms, glass worms and fruit flies.Feed them at least once a day, only enough food for the fish to eat in 3-5 minutes.

Remove any food left over after the feeding period. overeating can cause health problems such as obesity, constipation and swim bladder disease.

Behavior of avatar betta fish

Avatar betta fish are one of the most beautiful species of tropical fish due to their upper fins and lower fins and balanced tails.

Naturally aggressive, domestic fighting fish fight longer and harder than in the wild.

Breeding of avatar betta fish

Breeding won’t be easy in case of avatar bettas.It is very important to consult a betta breeder who knows how to breed them properly and which genetic line is healthy.

Rest everything would be the same like building a bubble nest by male avatar bettas and attracting female avatar to attract for laying eggs on them.

This whole process should be done with specific water parameters and suitable tank conditions.

It is very important to check if both male and male bettas are efficient and experienced to reproduce, as some of them are inexperienced and some could be infertile.

The most important thing is genetics.If you know their genetics nicely,it will be easier for you to understand their breeding process well.


  • Avatar bettas are bred bettas for their beautiful colors, tail and fins.They come in lots of variety and color morphs.
  • Avatar bettas are not fast swimmers.
  • Avatar bettas are famous for their jewel bright colors and spectacular fins.
  • They are often known as exotic fish.because they get exported from thailand, which is also the natural habitat of bettas, on orders.
  • There are many types of avatar bettas available online, and i have tried to cover them, you can check online if you are interested to buy them.
  • They will come on special order from thailand.They are quite unique and are not easily available in pet shops.
  • Avatar bettas are good for both novice and experienced fishkeepers.
  • They are very attractive, especially male bettas.These have specific water parameters and food habits to maintain their finnage colourtion.

Frequently asked questions

Do avatar betta fish need light?

Avatar betta fish need light to be truly physically and behaviorally healthy, so provide them with a regular day and night cycle so that they have a dark period when they can rest.

Are avatar bettas readily available?

Avatar bettas are not common, they come on special orders from Thailand.Some of them are exotic, so you have to check online and with betta breeders regarding them.

What are candy bettas?

Candy bettas are the ones,which are bred with bettas to produce avatar bettas.