What are the best fake plants for a betta fish tank?

In this blog we will discuss fake plants for bettas aquarium.We will discuss its benefits and disadvantages too.


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  • What are the best silk plants for betta fish tanks?
  • What are the benefits of fake plants in a bettas tank?
  • What are the disadvantages of fake plants in a bettas tank?
  • How to get rid of black spots on fake plants in a bettas tank?
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What are the best fake plants for a betta fish tank?

Betta fish need live or fake plants to recreate their natural habitat and to provide hiding and resting places.

Despite the name of the fighting betta fish, betta fish are relatively shy and need either fake or live plants to hide when they are feeling tired or stressed

Newcomers often start with artificial or fake plants for their betta fish and to add visual interest to their tank.

Fake plants are perfectly fine for those who don’t want to take care of living plants.

Plastic plants are tougher than delicate silk aquarium plants.

Unless the plastic is soft and not jagged, it is very, very important to choose silk plants over plastic ones.

  • Blue spotted betta plant red Anubia leaf.
  • QUMY artificial aquarium plants.
  • CNZ aquarium fish tank lifelike underwater plant.
  • ZAZALUM artificial aquarium plastic plants.
  • MaxFox fish tank plants floating hammock bed.

The healthy mix of fore, middle, back, and even floating silk plants is ideal for recreating a natural ecosystem for your betta fish.

Don’t overdo it. It makes it difficult for bettas to reach the surface of the water for food and air.

How to care for fake plants in a bettas tank?

Before introducing a silk plant or new plastic to your betta tank, be sure to rinse it with warm water to eliminate bacteria, dust, and debris.

  • Use a container containing clean boiled water.
  • When the water is completely heated, transfer it to a clean container.
  • Quickly add fake plants into boiling water.
  • Place the fake plants in boiling water for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Scrape off the algae remaining on the surface of fake plants.

Particles that continue to adhere to the fake plants can usually be washed away by removing the plant from the aquarium and rinsing it with clean water.

Why are silk fake plants a better option for a bettas tank?

Silk plants  also move and behave most like living plants. They are not at risk of rotting, dying, being eaten by tank companions, transmitting diseases, and are cheap.

The silk leaves have an organic tenderness in the way they sway and follow every little movement of the water.

However, silk plants do not have the useful properties of living plants, such as supplying oxygen to water and absorbing bettas waste.

Silk plants are completely safe for betta fish as long as they are made of non-toxic materials. However, silk plants do not contribute to the natural ecosystem of the betta aquarium. 

What are the best silk plants for betta fish tanks?

Blue spotted betta plant for betta fish tank

Betta fish are great pets, but they can get bored too. Blue spotted betta plants are a great way to reduce boredom and are ideal for exploration.

  • The wide leaves allow betta fish to rest and sleep.
  • The leaves are relaxed and do not stand upright when exposed to water. 
  • Fits anywhere in the tank: front,rear, or middle.
  • The leaves act as a cover for betta fish. 

Leaf hammock for betta fish tank

If you own a betta fish, you know how much they love to rest and relax. Well, the perfect silk plant for your little companion is silk hammocks.

  • Double leaf in different sizes, perfect for playing and hiding the betta fish.
  • Sturdy suction cups make it easy to install.
  • It is a good place for bettas to rest. 
  • It gives the bettas tank a naturalistic look. 
  • Made from silk and smooth synthetic fibers.

Marina naturals, dracena silk plant for betta fish tank

If you’re looking to add color and vibrancy to your aquarium, this silky plant is perfect for you.These silk plants are made from safe, non-toxic materials that do not affect water chemistry.

  • A large plant that adds color to bettas aquarium.
  • The color does not fade over time. 
  • It is made up of non-toxic silk material.
  • Simple installation and easy fixation.
  • It comes in two different color variations.

Begonias green water silk plants for betta fish tank

Begonias are a great way to add life to a bettas aquarium. It’s made of silk, so it feels like the real thing but won’t hurt your fish or your aquarium in any way.

  • Begonias do not have sharp edges because they are made of silk.
  • Begonia is soft, smooth and pleasant to the touch. 
  • Begonia is easy to clean and maintain. 
  • Begonias come in a pack of three plants.

Marina naturals, foreground silk plant for betta fish tank

This silk plant is made of the best materials. It has an exquisite and vivid color that does not fade over time. Moreover, it does not affect the water chemistry of your aquarium.

  • The  translucent color of marina natural will never fade.
  • Extended base; stays in place even on bare bottoms.
  • It provides good resting places for betta fish.
  • Soft and economic. 

What are the benefits of fake plants in a bettas tank?

  • The main features of these naturally-looking fake plants options include stability, durability and affordability.
  • So even if you have a limited budget, if you need a stylish decoration for your aquarium, then they make a perfect choice.
  • Huge collection to choose from and  the ability to create many looks and styles.
  • Fake plants will not degrade or pollute your betta fish tank.
  • Fake or artificial plants don’t add to the habitat like live plants do, but they are a great option, especially for newcomers.
  • Fake plants are also an ideal choice for fish that are prone to uproot or eat live plants.Although bettas don’t do this.If you find your bettas nibbing fake plants, it clearly indicates they are bored and nothing else.
  • Aquarium water parameters (temperature, pH value, substrate) do not need to be adjusted.
  • Low risk of disease or pest introduction.

What are the disadvantages of fake plants in a bettas tank?

  • Fake plants don’t help balance the water in the aquarium.
  • Chemicals in fake plants can leak into the bettas aquarium.
  • Fake plants do not oxygenate water in bettas aquarium.
  • Fake plants do not reduce nitrates in bettas aquarium.
  • Fake plants do not inhibit algae growth in bettas aquarium.

How to get rid of black spots on fake plants in a bettas tank?

Soak the fake plants in a bucket of 10% bleach in a 90% aqueous solution for 15-20 minutes to clean the black spots.

After soaking, remove the fake plants from the bleach solution and gently rub the leaves to remove the algae.

Then rinse them with cold water, then re-soak them in another bucket of clean water with plenty of dechlorinating agent.Finally, put them back in the tank.


Fake plastic and silk plants come in many options and colors, but you should add one that mimics a live plant.

Fake plants and other decorations should also be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed with hot water each time the aquarium is cleaned. 

Fake or imitation plants can also attract algae and feces may collect on leaves and in crevices, so clean them thoroughly.

The best plants for betta fish are those which provide ample coverage, hiding spots, resting spots to them.

Fake plants do not provide the same biological services that real plants provide in aquariums.Fake plants do not absorb nitrates, carbon dioxide or produce oxygen, do not inhibit algae growth, and do not serve as an alternative food source for fish.

It is also important to pay attention to the material of the fake plants, as some plastics can cause chemicals to seep into the water and harm betta fish.

Fake plants are usually cheaper than real ones, especially if you’re setting up a large aquarium from scratch.

Choosing silk plants rather than plastic plants is very, very important, because betta fish have a sensitive fin that can easily be broken to the ends of hard plastic.

Frequently asked questions

Do plastic fake plants damage your bettas’ long flowing fins?

Yes,plastic fake plants do damage to long-tailed bettas.It is not suitable for this class of betta fish.

Are plastic plants safe for betta fish?

Plastic aquarium plants made from soft plastic are generally safe for fighting fish.

Do bettas like fake plants in their aquarium?

It doesn’t matter if the plants you choose are real or fake, as long as the plants you choose don’t have sharp edges that could tear the fragile betta fins.