What are the best betta fish tank decorations to use in your aquarium?

In this post, we will answer the question “What are the greatest betta fish tank decorations to use in your aquarium?”. We will also discuss the materials that should be avoided and whether or not betta fish need decorations. 

What are the best betta fish tank decorations to use in your aquarium?

Although natural decorations are very beautiful and functional, artificial decorations can also be a good choice for those looking to decorate their aquarium more simply. This means that the accessories placed in the aquarium must never restrict the swimming of the fish or hinder the circulation of the water.


When there aren’t any plants in a tank, it seems to be empty all of the time. They not only help to make the whole arrangement appear more natural, but they also serve as hiding places for your betta fish. When opting for plants you will then need to choose whether you prefer live or artificial ones.

Live plants

It is beneficial to have live plants in your water since they increase the amount of oxygen in the water. They are also less likely to harm your betta, and they will increase in size, perhaps filling up more space in your tank if you let them to. 

The disadvantages are that they need more effort to maintain and that, if you want your tank to appear less wild-looking, you may need to trim them more frequently than usual. Java moss, anubias, and anacharis are all excellent plants to employ as a starting point for your garden.

Fake Plants

Plastic or silk plants are used to create fake plants. One of the most significant advantages of artificial plants is the fact that you will not have to care about them in any way. In general, you can just place them in the aquarium and leave.


Another basic popular decoration you can see in many aquariums is driftwood. It is a great focal point and oftentimes you can use it to anchor plants too.

This structure will also give hiding spots and swimming passages for your betta, as well as hiding spots for any other fish you may have in your aquarium. However, there are certain disadvantages to using driftwood. It is possible that the driftwood will reduce the pH of the tank water over time, and if you keep it for an extended length of time, it will begin to disintegrate. 

If you plan on include driftwood in your tank, make sure to purchase it from a merchant rather than utilizing natural materials. Also, remember to clean extremely well before placing the driftwood in your tank.

Marimo Moss Balls

Marimo moss balls are a wonderful decoration that also assists you in keeping your tank clean. If you carefully set them at the top of the tank, they will float there for a short period of time. However, if you prefer them at the bottom, you can just fully submerge them.

Marimo Moss balls are balls of algae that is continually growing. However, you shouldn’t be concerned about them covering your tank with algae because they are not likely to do so. Not only will Marimo moss balls provide a beautiful addition to the appearance of your tank, but they will also serve as a toy for your betta to play with as it moves about the tank.


Other awesome natural additions to aquariums are some rocks and rocky constructions. They can be found in the natural environment of the betta fish. You should make certain that when you add rocky structures to your tank, they will not collapse on top of one other. 

Rocks also offer the additional benefit of providing an excellent environment for algae growth. It is also vital for the oxygenation of the water that algae are present. Furthermore, if you have bottom feeders and algae eaters in your tank, they will really like these! 

Always remember that if you’re going to utilize rocks, it’s best to get them from a trustworthy source rather than just using rocks you’ve discovered. Some rocks may also release some chemicals throughout time, usually calcium-based rocks. These substances can become toxic to your betta fish will alter some other water parameters, such as pH.

Artificial Decorations

You can also opt for using artificial decorations in case you do not want to worry about other lives in your tank and their requirements. Houses, skulls, caves, divers, and shipwrecks can be easily found in aquarium and pet stores worldwide and will make awesome visual additions to your tank.

When you are using fake decorations, look for ones that have a large number of holes so that your betta may swim freely between the decorations. These structures will keep your fish entertained and will also provide hiding spots and resting areas for the betta fish.

What to look for and avoid in decorations?

Tank decorations may be found in a wide variety of styles and colors on the market. It is preferable to understand what to look for and what to avoid in a decorating than than listing all of the possible options. This way, once you come across anything you like, you can be confident that you are making the right choice. 

Sharp edges are one of the most important things to avoid while building a house. They have the potential to cut the body of your betta fish, and depending on the sort of ends and tail they have, they may very swiftly destroy them.

Avoid anything made of metal

To begin, you should refrain from placing any metal ornaments in your tank. While they may appear to be in good condition at first, they may gradually rust with time. 

Besides the fact that this will be exceedingly hazardous to both your betta fish and the water in which they live, if your betta fish cuts himself on the rust, he may get sick.

Avoid Shells & Coral gravel

Shells and coral gravel should be avoided in your tank unless you need to control low pH. These substrates are rich in calcium, and thus, this would cause a release of the chemical in the water over time.

Avoid glass

You should also avoid using glass if possible. In most cases, glass on its own does not pose a concern. If, on the other hand, it smashes into your tank, you will have a lot of difficulty removing all of the fragments.

Do betta fish require decorations?

The fact that your betta does not require decorations may have led you to believe that you may forego the decorations. However, this is not true. Betta fish enjoy exploring the tank and can get bored or depressed if the tank is empty. The following are some of the reasons why you should have decorations in your betta fish tank.

They make your betta fish feel safe

As aggressive and surly as your betta comes off, it is important that it feels safe in its tank. Bettas are inherently shy and like to hide in the wild, therefore you must ensure that it has the ability to do so in its aquarium. This is especially critical in the early stages of a project. 

And when you provide your betta fish with a hiding area, it will behave in the exact opposite manner to what you expect. You will notice that it will swim more freely and organically in its tank now that he feels more secure in there.

They entertain your betta fish

Another motive you’ll need a lot of decorations is to keep your betta interested while you’re decorating. Increasing the density of plants, ornaments, and other decorations in your tank will result in your betta spending most of his time investigating.

They provide a relaxing area

Betta fish in the wild are known to rest by sunbathing on leaves and other greenery that is close to the surface of the water. This is done in order to avoid predators. And even if there are no predators in your tank, they will still want to laze around from time to time to keep themselves entertained.


In this post, we answered the question “What are the greatest betta fish tank decorations to use in your aquarium?”. We also discussed the materials that should be avoided and whether or not betta fish need decorations.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know in the comments section below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): What are the greatest betta fish tank decorations to use in your aquarium?

Do bettas like lots of decorations?

Decorations are really good additions that will make your tank unique. Even though bettas are not very picky when it comes to aquarium décor, anything is preferable than nothing since bettas require stimulation to be healthy. Betta fish will enjoy these structures for hiding, resting and building their nests around.

What do betta like in their tank?

Betta fish are territorial fish and are usually not friendly with similarly-looking fish. Thus, they are recommended to be kept alone in their tanks. As a result, it is critical to keep the betta fish amused and happy. Complex environments will do this and will also make the tank look more natural if you opt for having plants and other mimicking structures. Thus, your betta fish stress will reduce and you will guarantee their well-being.

Are mirrors good for betta fish?

Using a mirror is not going to hurt your betta, however overusing a mirror might be damaging to your fish. While your betta will get anxious when it sees itself in the mirror, this is a healthy form of stress. And as long as you don’t overdo it to the point where it becomes fatigued or frenzied, it won’t do any harm to your health.

Do betta fish recognize their owners?

Betta fish do, in fact, identify their owners. When their owners pass by, certain bettas might become overjoyed and show their excitement by flaring at them. Bettas are primarily associated with their owners through food and playing, thus the more you engage with your betta fish, the more probable it is that they will remember you as their owner.

What decorations are good for betta fish?

Good options for betta fish tanks decorations are rocky shipwrecks, leaves, balls, and foliage, the last ones can be natural or artificial.

Are betta fish happy alone?

Betta fish are not schooling fish, for this reason, they feel just fine on their own. Also, as they are quite aggressive it is even recommended to keep male betta fish alone, while females can be kept in small groups, or sororities.


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