What are betta fish forums for?

In this blog, we are going to discuss forums about betta fish. This blog will be helpful to people who are interested in joining such forums.


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What are betta fish forums for?

If you are thinking about getting a betta fish or if you already have one and you’re looking for advice on how to take care of them, the best place to go is online betta fish forums. This website can answer all of your questions about your betta fish.

There are forums specifically for betta fish keepers and betta fish lovers where they can discuss everything about their betta fish. If you want to participate in such forums, you need to join a group or community to know everything about betta fish.

These forums have their own privacy policies, so you’ll need to create an account to join their conversation. Through these forums, you can meet people with a great knowledge about betta fish care, as well as everything else about betta fish.

The betta fish forums discuss topics like:

  • Betta fish breed type
  • Betta fish health
  • Betta fish care
  • Betta fish food 
  • Betta fish behavior 
  • Betta fish tank 
  • Betta fish breeding
  • Betta fish tankmates 

I will try to cover all the betta forums in this blog. I will also share the betta forum links in the reference section. Keep reading the blog to find out more about the Betta fish Forum

What are the most popular topics on betta forums?

Betta forums are a great place to discuss everything about bettas in depth. The forums are full of different sections that are tailored to specific topics. Let’s discuss each section in detail.

Rules and regulation to join the betta fish forum

This section will inform you how to post on the forum effectively. If you want to be a part of certain betta fish forums, it is important to follow the forum rules and regulations.

Rules are:

  • The discussion should be related to betta fish only.
  • Respect others’ opinions.
  • Maintain decorum.
  • Be polite and courteous.
  • Avoid posting inappropriate pictures.
  • If you break forum rules, the owner has the right to remove you from the betta fish forum.

Betta fish care sheet discussion section

In this section, forum discuss about betta fish care and they focus on topics like:

  • How to care for a baby betta fish?
  • How to care for a mature male and female betta fish?
  • How to care for a sick betta fish?
  • Feeding habits and feeding frequency of betta fish
  • Discussion related to betta fish water parameters.
  • Which heater and filter is best for a betta fish tank?
  • Betta fish disease and treatment.
  • How to deal with a stressed betta fish.
  • Light requirements in betta fish tanks.
  • How to cycle a betta fish tank?
  • How to clean a betta fish tank?
  • How to perform water changes in a betta fish tank?

Forum members share their own experience regarding betta fish care. This section can be helpful to new betta fish keepers or someone who doesn’t know exactly how to care for a betta fish.

Betta fish breeding discussion section

In this section, forum discuss about betta fish breeding and they focus on topics like:

  • How to breed a betta fish?
  • Breeding tank requirements
  • What to feed betta fish fry?
  • Male and female betta fish behavior during breeding

Betta fish breeding logs discussion section

In this section you are supposed to feed your breeding details about your betta fish like-

  • Which betta breed you mated?
  • Which betta fish is suitable to breed?
  • How long did it take to mate them?
  • Breeding results
  • Post breeding care

Betta fish tanks discussion section

Members of this forum discuss betta fish tanks in this section. They mainly discuss the ideal size of a betta aquarium, the shape of the aquarium, and the different types of betta tank designs. 

It is important to keep your betta fish in the right tank size and shape to ensure their health and happiness.

Betta fish tank accessories discussion section

In this discussion forum, forum members discuss what types of accessories should be put in a betta fish tank in order to keep the fish mentally stimulated.The forum member discuss:

  • Tank plants for betta fish
  • Hiding spots DIY for betta fish
  • Toys for betta fish

Betta fish tank mates discussion section

Betta fish have a reputation for fighting with other species and their own kind. In this section of the forum, forum members discuss the best tank mates for betta fish.

Wild betta fish discussion section

This section is devoted to wild betta fish. People often debate whether or not they can keep wild betta fish in their aquariums, given that they are considered vulnerable creatures. 

This blog can help people who want to learn more about a betta fish, for writing their blogs, or if they are planning to do some kind of research on them.

Betta fish articles discussion section

This section is dedicated to various articles related to betta fish. It will be helpful for betta fish keepers and writers who write about betta fish to have a basic understanding of betta fish physiology.

Betta fish pictures section

In this section, forum members can post pictures of their betta fish. People can discuss the particular betta fish and its special traits.

It will also be helpful to people who are intending to purchase a betta fish, but they are unsure of which betta fish look great. They can see the pictures of betta fish and can buy the same fish for their aquarium.

Betta fish art section

This section is where you can share your betta fish artwork with other members. You can also ask an artist to draw a particular betta fish for you.

You can also sell your betta fish artwork through this section, but be sure to check with the forum related to the same.

Betta fish memorial section

Losing a pet is one of the most painful things that can happen. Whether it is a four-legged animal or an aquatic creature, it is a deeply personal loss.In this section you can pay your respects to your lost betta fish.

In this section, people also share tips on how to taxidermy a dead betta fish.

Section dedicated to betta fish buying and selling

If you are planning to buy a new betta fish online or from a physical store, you can discuss whether it is a good idea to buy a male or female betta fish in this section.

There are also betta breeders who sell betta fish, so you can find them by looking through these sections. They may have some betta fish with good genetics for you to choose from.

You can also buy and sell betta fish tank accessories or discuss with the sellers in this section.


Learning about betta fish care from experienced forum members is a great way to improve your understanding of this fish and other topics mentioned in this blog. 

There are many myths surrounding betta fish, but by reading forums, you can get clarity about them and information related to them.

It’s a good idea to join a forum like this because you can learn more and network with betta keepers, betta breeders and betta sellers.

  • Forums are a great way to communicate with others.
  • You can ask questions and receive advice on betta fish care and behavior through these forums.
  • Connecting with others who have similar interests can be helpful.
  • You can get immediate feedback from forum members by posting in their threads.

Frequently asked questions

Is it necessary to join the community to know about a betta fish?

Each forum has its own policy governing who is allowed to join the conversation. There are several betta forums, so you should check with the administrator to be sure.

Do these forums give right information about a betta fish?

Many people share their experiences with their betta fish in online forums, and this information is often helpful for other betta fish owners too. 

Articles provide information about fish, but forum discussion offers a more in-depth look at what other fish owners have experienced with their betta fish.

Are forums good sources of information about betta fish costs?

There is a separate forum for discussing betta fish costs and anything related to their buying and selling.

Can you join betta fish forums for free?

According to my information, you don’t have to pay anything to join forums like this.

Can you post pictures of betta fish in online forums?

Yes, you can post pictures of your betta fish in betta fish forums. Do not upload copyrighted pictures or pictures taken by others in the forum.

Are betta forums good for forming networks?

Yes, forums are a great way to network with other betta breeders and keepers.