Stray cat meowing at my door (7 interesting facts)

The topic of  “stray cat meowing at my door” covers both the spiritual and logical aspects of cats. The first one explains the importance of cats in a different religion and the second the usual behaviour of a cat.

Stray cat meowing at my door, spiritual meaning?

According to mysticism if a cat comes to your home it means he has a mission to complete. That mission is to save you from harm. To bring back joy. To remove bad spirits from your home and bring back happiness. Cats are still worshipped in different parts of the world because of these reasons.

European consider a black cat a sign of bad luck but on the other hand, Feng shui experts do not consider it as a bad omen but a sign of good luck. The theories are different from country to country and from religion to religion.

Cat coming to my house, superstition in India

Stray cat meowing at your door could have several meanings in religion. Vastu books in India describe the cat in spiritual terms.

The Vastu books say:

Black cats are a sign of good luck when they enter the house. Grey cats are also lucky. When on a journey if you see a cat on your left side it is a sign of good luck. When a cat follows a person out of the house it is a sign of good luck.

It is considered that when a cat gives birth to a kitten in a house it brings good luck for the house owner.

On the other hand, cats are also considered a sign of bad luck. If a black cat crosses your path, it will bring bad luck to you.

Black cats are considered evil not only in India but in the west too.

So far you have concluded that stray cat meowing at your door is a good sign.

Stray cat meowing and keeps coming to my house

There several reasons why a stray cat is meowing at your door? And keeps coming to your house. Stray cats are creatures that are not adopted by anyone but roam around the streets in search of water, food, and shelter.

Following are some reasons why a stray cat is coming to your house?

1-Food and water

The stray cat meowing at your door and coming to your house is in search of food and water. The thing you can do in this case is to provide him food and water.

Slowly approach the cat, in case of any suspicious behavior do not touch or pet the cat. Stray cats are not very friendly. You can get rabies in case of a rabid cat. Give him some space to eat. 

Maintain a safe distance from him. Stray cats have the habit of coming back to the place where food is available. Be prepared for it.


On a rainy cold day, you will observe stray cats meowing at your door. They are scared of water and want to be in the house.

You need to allow him in the house and give him a dry blanket. If a cat is well tamed you can approach him and dry him by yourself. But if you observe the cat is frightened, aggressive avoid doing it.


If you find a stray cat meowing at your door, you need to confirm if he is a stray cat.The cat might have an owner. Check for the tag and if the tag has the owner’s details inform him about their kitty. They will be worried about him. 

The cat might get fleas, mange, and ticks. Make sure you use an insecticide in your house where the cat was staying. The cat can spread diseases to your pets so keep the cat out of the vicinity of your pets.

The other way to check if the cat is stray or adopted is to roll a paper collar around the cat’s neck wide enough so the cat may not get suffocated. Write your name and number on it. This will help you identify the cat if you see him again.

If after some time no one claims that cat is mine, you can assume that the cat is stray.

What does it mean when a stray cat meows at you?

Probably the stray cat that is doing it is acclimatized to the human environment. He may start excessive meowing and meow loudly over time. There are several reasons why a cat meows at you?

Following are some reasons why a cat meows at you?

  • He needs food, water, or shelter
  • He is attracted to something you have
  • He is sick and in pain and is asking for a little help
  • She has a litter and is asking for food for him.
  • He needs a home

The thing you should do is to help him and if he is not spayed or neutered, there must be an organization in your locality that provides free of cost spaying/neutering service.

Consider it an owner that the cat is trying to talk to you. As it is said that the animals identify the personality of a human being for instance dogs identify the frightened individual.

Cat hanging around my house, meaning pregnancy?

A cat can sense pregnancy is an old wife’s tale. There is no scientific basis for this theory. However many cat owners reported that their cats show strange behaviour when they are pregnant. Let’s figure out why it happens:

1-Sense of smell

Cats have excellent smelling abilities. The Flo health says, 

“During pregnancy, (a woman) experiences profound changes in her hormonal levels, when her body begins producing more progesterone, estrogen, and human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormones. These changes in her hormonal levels can affect her personal scent.”

Cats smell these hormones and show strange behaviour around their owners.

2-Mood swings and Body language

Cats are excellent absorbers of body language and mood swings especially when it comes to their favourite person. Cats are inherently alert and can detect a slight change in mood and body.

As the early sign of pregnancy is fatigue, your cat may observe that you get tired too early or get too much rest than usual. They will also detect the mood swings as you get emotional more often than usual.

3-Rise in body temperature

Cats have a body temperature of 102 degrees Fahrenheit. They are subjected to greater heat loss than humans, that is why they cuddle with their favourite ones.

During the first trimester, women’s body temperature slightly increases due to hormonal changes. Cats seek warmth from them by cuddling more often.

Cat shows more affection than usual.

How can you adjust your cat?

Here are some ways you can adjust your cat with you:

  • Give them the same attention and love
  • Try not to change your routine
  • Adjust the cat with the idea of a baby in your home
  • Playing recordings of a baby crying and laughing so that he adjusts to that sound.

Why do cats come to my house at night?

When you sleep, stray cats visit your home at night is something you care about. Sometimes you might hear stray cats meowing at your door They may be in search of food, water, and shelter but sometimes this is not the case.

The cat may visit you to see if there is vacant space available in the house. They search the house to see if it is pleasant and comfortable to live in. They hide in the furniture, under the bed, or anywhere that seems to be safe.

Cat usually is not confined to only one house even though it is peaceful and people love the cat. They are always in search of others as a backup as in case the house owner brought a dog and kicked him out.

In the case of a male stray cat, one of the reasons could be your female cat. Males are attracted to females and visit your home often.

The neighbour’s cat keeps coming into my house

It is a common problem and often reported by people that their neighbour’s cat keeps coming to their house. If you saw the cat once it is not the problem, but if it happens more than once then you should be worried.

Here is the solution:

1-Use garden deterrents:

If the cat’s usual place of visit is your garden, the following adaptations will help you in getting rid of the cat:

  • Keep your garden watered, cats don’t like damp places.
  • Fence your garden to make it secure for your cats.
  • Avoid leaving food in the garden as cats are attracted to food.
  • If you have bird feeders, place them as high as possible.

2-Secure entry points:

If a cat is coming to your house he may be using a window, hole, or the main gate as his entry point.

Install a microchip cat flap that will help you to control the entry points. It will only allow your cat to pass through the entry point and no other cat.

3-Talk to the owner of the cat:

Talk to the owner of the cat and tell him about the situation. This will help you and you don’t need to install anything or do anything.


The topic of  “stray cat meowing at my door” enables the reader to understand the importance of the cats in different religions along with their annoying behaviour and solution to it.

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FAQ’s; Stray cat meowing at my door

Frequently asked questions of “Stray cat meowing at my door” are:

Do feral cats meow at humans?

Feral cats do not meow at humans as a form of communication. Only the cats that are adopted or stray cats that are acclimatized to the human environment meows humans to communicate.

Do stray cats choose their owners?

Yes, stray cats choose their owners. Stray cats occupy a vast territory and they are fed by several families. Stray cats choose a family with which they feel safe, secure, and happy.

Should I take in a stray cat?

You should take in if you see a stray cat meowing at your door but before that, you need to make sure the cat is stray, not feral. Feral cats are aggressive and are not human-friendly. If you see a sick cat, call a local veterinarian.

Why does my cat wait outside my bedroom door?

Cat waiting and meowing outside your door is natural. Cats are curious animals. They love to see what is behind the doors. They think if they break inside they will get more food or maybe a treasure.

What does God say about cats?

There are several animals on earth. In the Bible God wishes to choose a cat under the category “every living thing that moves on the earth”. God himself blessed them.

Is it dangerous to pet a stray cat?

The stray cat meowing at your door is not dangerous if left alone. They are friendly with humans and adjust to the environment, but it doesn’t mean that you touch them or pet them. They can carry diseases so beware of them.


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