Should I cut the hair around my Yorkies’ eyes? (5 steps)

In this article, we will answer the following question: Should I cut the hair around my Yorkies’ eyes? We will also teach you how to do it, in five simple steps. Continue reading for the best tips on caring for your Yorkie’s hair.

Should I cut the hair around my Yorkies’ eyes?

You should cut the hair around your Yorkie’s eyes, as it is very important to provide the dog with good vision. For this reason, it is necessary to trim the hair that falls or grows over the eyes.

Although there are many Yorkshire haircut looks and designs, there are certain parts where it is advisable to keep the coat short. Well, more than for an appearance it is for hygiene and health. 

You should also cut the hair around your Yorkie’s genitals: This is necessary for hygiene reasons. Since the fur in that area can fill with urine and expel really annoying odors. And round the anus: Although the cuts include the fur of the tail, around the anus it is also recommended to cut the hair. In doing so, it is recommended that it be done very carefully, so as not to hurt the animal.

How to care for the hair around your Yorkie’s eyes

One of the most beautiful features of the Yorkshire breed is its long, lush and silky coat. But as attractive as the Yorkie’s luxurious coat maybe, maintaining it is not free, as this breed requires grooming. If you are the owner of a Yorkshire Terrier, you should learn, in particular, how to care for his hair around the eyes. 

This is not just for cosmetic reasons, but also for the health of your pet. Loose hairs can get into your eyes, causing potential irritation or even infection.

Step 1: Give your Yorkshire a bath so you can work on clean hair. Dry this with a blow dryer. Its coat, once dry, should be completely shiny, smooth, and soft.

Step 2: Comb the hair around your dog’s face forward. Make sure to remove any knots and tangles and that the coat is smooth and shiny.

Step 3: Choose a strand of hair if you plan to make a top bun. If you just want to trim the hair without the bun, simply use a blunt baby scissor to cut the bangs above the eyes. This is called a “puppy cut”.

Step 4: Trim all the hair around the strand you chose for the bun. This should leave you with just a clump of hair for that one.

Step 5: Comb the hair up into a ponytail and secure with an elastic band. Finish the hairstyle by attaching a nice bow in the hair. Your Yorkshire Terrier’s eyes are already hair-free and your pet will also be able to see better.

How to cut a Yorkshire terrier’s hair and not die trying

These dogs are very energetic and playful. Therefore, it is often difficult to get them to stay still when cutting their hair. There are some techniques that will help you do this easily:

  1. The fur must be cleaned before cutting. The animal’s hair should be washed and brushed well.
  2. You must create an environment of comfort for the animal. This includes being calm and relaxed. Try stroking it and placing it in a relaxed state.
  3. Always keep a treat or treat of your choice on hand.
  4. Talk to him or sing to him – as he prefers – while they cut his hair. This will make you feel like everything will be okay.
  5. Do not pull hard on their fur. For that reason, it must be brushed well before cutting.
  6. When you feel that he is getting impatient, stop for a moment, and give him a treat. Then pet him and wait for him to calm down again.

Without a doubt, the look you choose will go very well, as long as you give it the other care that your Yorkshire needs.

Yorkshire haircut types

Although the preference of the owner is always above any fashion, there are certain types of Yorkshire haircut. This suits the appearance of the animal very well and also facilitates the care of its coat. Within these we have:

The puppy cut: This is one of the most popular cuts in many dog ​​breeds. The Yorkshire Terrier also suits him well. The cut consists of leaving a short layer of hair all over the body, that is, back, legs and tail. But it should not be left flush with the skin. After that, the hair of the beard is cut, which must be done with scissors, and that of the ears with a razor.

Schnauzer style cut: As its name indicates, this look corresponds to the dogs of the Schnauzer breed. However, it is also used in Yorkshire Terriers and they do very well. To achieve this you have to separate the hair on the back from that on the legs and the bottom. 

Then all the hair on the back and part of the tail are shaved, with a razor, flush with the skin, leaving the hair on the legs long (This is only touched up with scissors). The tail fur is also left long. The one with the ears and the top of the head are also left very little. The beard and mustaches are left long.

The westie cut: This cut consists of shaving, very close to the skin, all the fur of the body, only leaving the beard, mustache, and eyebrows of the dog long.

For those who prefer long fur: There are those who in the dilemma of deciding how to cut the hair of a Yorkshire, prefer to leave it long. This is a very preferred option for owners who are very careful. This is because the coat grows abundantly and tends to get dirty easily.

To maintain this look on your Yorkshire Terrier, what you should do is place it on a table and cut the hair that exceeds its legs with scissors. 

Tips for caring for your Yorkshire Terrier’s hair

It is important to know how to maintain special care with a dog of the coat such as the Yorkshire Terrier since it is usually very difficult, therefore the brushing you should give it will depend on how long it has, so starting you can do it alternating between days.

How is this? One day you brush it and the other you don’t and so on so that you can see how you keep it in perfect order and without any knots, always keeping it impeccable so it doesn’t look sloppy or tangled.

Brushing, in addition to everything, has to be meticulous and calm so that he does not feel run over or, failing that, you can throw or hurt him, so try to keep him calm, without jumping or moving from the place chosen for this routine.

There are parts of the body of the Yorkshire Terrier that you should pay attention to where the coat is more abundant in addition to brushing it without doing much damage since they are usually the ones that form the most knots since they do not lose it very easily.

This feature makes it easier for their hair to grow abundantly, therefore you should also think if you want it short or longer than normal since it depends on how you want it to look, the city will be of more or less intensity to avoid knots on the fur.

The parts that you should take care of in the Yorkshire Terrier dog’s coat are:

  • The ears.
  • The part of the thorax.
  • Part of under the legs.
  • Side and tail.

Brush your Yorkie’s hair before bathing

Before you make the decision to bathe your dog according to the time you have stipulated, you can choose to give the coat a brush to untangle it with extreme caution not to pull too much so that it is not a traumatic process for them.

If you feel that you are not doing a good job, you can take it to a professional dog stylist with whom you can establish a specialized cut so that it looks good without the need for so much furor, on the contrary, leave its mane long.

Apart from all this, brushing before bathing it is a necessary option so that the hair does not break and lose its beauty and shine, with which you must immediately cut it so that it can be seen well and thus establish that it looks good.

Using the conditioner

It is important at bath time to have a special conditioner for dogs with which to untangle their fur more easily and thus not make it suffer while you comb, which you can do while the conditioner is still in the hair.

Likewise, this product can provide a coat with a soft and shiny texture in addition to being fully hydrated, that is, using only a little of it in your hand and then passing it through the entire body of your dog so that it is impregnated with it.

In dog groomers, they sell very good quality ones that you can buy and use at home so that your dog is always well hydrated and of course without the annoying knots, which are what make your dog look ugly and are not the most ideal.

Use a special comb for your Yorkie’s hair

To detangle the hair of the Yorkshire Terrier dog, it is important that you take into account the possibility of using a special comb that removes knots without tugging or that your dog suffers a lot when combing it before bathing.

The most advisable thing is to use an open metal comb, which can gently enter the hair so that it does not deform, being easier to comb your dog, thus you will avoid splitting the ends of the hair and it will not look careless and dry, therefore the reason you must take this into account before combing it.

The bottom line

You should cut the hair around your Yorkie’s eyes to help it see better. Follow our simple steps or go to a professional groomer to get the job done. It is up to the dog owner to keep his dog in optimal health and beauty conditions, so learn to take care of your Yorkshire Terrier dog yourself, as it is not that difficult to do so and so on. you will learn to take care of any breed you have.

The important thing is the intention to always keep it clean, for this reason, you will always be aware of giving the best to these beautiful creatures that have come to our homes to steal from us with their tender looks and affection for the hearts of the whole family.

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FAQ on Should I cut the hair around my Yorkies’ eyes?

What are the colors of Yorkies?

The coat of pure Yorkshire terriers is black and tan at birth. As the dog matures, its color usually changes to steely blue and tan. This should not be a silvery blue or mixed with fawn, tan or black hairs.

What is the average price of a Yorkie?

The average price of a Yorkie is round $1200 – $1500 for a typical companion Yorkie. However, prices are negotiable most of the time.

Are Yorkies expensive to take care of?

Yorkies are not more expensive to take care of than most of the dogs. Food for a Yorkie may cost you around $300/year. But you should add to the bill veterinarian care, toys, tickets (if you want to travel with your dog).

Are Yorkies low maintenance?

Yorkies are not low maintenance, on the contrary. This breed is a barker, it can be difficult to train and needs regular exercise. Besides, a Yorkie’s hair needs to be groomed very often, combed every day. 


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