Should Chihuahuas eat chocolate?

In this article, we will answer the following question: Should Chihuahuas eat chocolate?

 We will talk about the dangers of feeding your dog chocolate, coffee, or cocoa beans. 

Should Chihuahuas eat chocolate?

Generally speaking, a Chihuahua should not be given to eat chocolate. There are many opinions that we can find about the consumption of chocolate in dogs and what its effects are, although most of those opinions, unfortunately, only confuse us even more since chocolate is bad for a dog but only in high quantities.

It is totally false that a dog cannot eat chocolate, although it is true that in large quantities it can even be fatal. But … what is considered a high or harmful amount? What to do if my dog ​​eats chocolate?

We are going to go over everything you need to know about chocolate and its effects on dogs, how much they can safely eat, and what to do if they eat too much chocolate. What types of treatments exist and how to act at all times.

Why is chocolate toxic to dogs?

Chocolate is made from cocoa and cocoa contains an ingredient called Theobromine that is harmful to dogs. Theobromine is only found in cocoa, so a milk chocolate bar contains much less Theobromine than a pure chocolate bar.

Theobromine is a central nervous system excitant, practically harmless to humans but actually toxic to dogs in moderate amounts. In addition, at general levels, chocolate bars also contain large amounts of sugar, something that is harmful to dogs (and humans). Here you can see the list of toxic food for dogs.

A small amount of Theobromine will not harm our dog, but a high amount can even cause death. Taking pure chocolate as an example, between 2 and 5 grams of chocolate per kilo of the dog’s weight will suffice to begin to become intoxicated.

So…. Can my dog ​​eat chocolate or not?

At general levels we do not recommend giving chocolate to dogs, they can become intoxicated and it is not healthy food for their health. But, who doesn’t give their puppy a piece of food every now and then? Who can prevent a dog from finding chocolate on the street and eating it?

If a dog eats a little chocolate, absolutely nothing happens, chocolate is not toxic or deadly in small amounts. As an example, for a dog weighing about thirty kilos, it would take 60 grams of pure chocolate for it to become intoxicated and more than 100 grams of pure chocolate for it to be in danger of death.

No one in their right mind would give their dog such a large amount of chocolate (more than a full tablet). If the chocolate is with milk, it would take more than 120 grams to become intoxicated and more than 200 grams for your life to be in danger (always based on a dog weighing thirty kilos, as an example).

The harmful amount for a dog depends on its weight, knowing that from two grams per kilo it can be toxic, if our dog weighs ten kilos its maximum dose would be twenty grams. That is if our puppy inadvertently eats chocolate, nothing happens, he will not die or anything similar. However, if the whole box is eaten … it would be necessary to go to the vet urgently.

In order not to have to worry about the quantities, it is best to avoid giving chocolate to our dogs and thus avoid all risks. Although if they eat a small piece from time to time, you should not be scared because absolutely nothing happens.

Symptoms of intoxication in dogs due to the consumption of chocolate

If you think that your puppy has eaten too much chocolate, you suspect it, or you are simply not sure because you have not been able to control how much he eats … it is best to pay close attention to it during the following hours in case it shows any of these symptoms.

Dogs that have eaten chocolate can show diarrhea without this posing any serious problem, it is simply something that has made them sick. However, when they eat too much chocolate the symptoms are aggravated and it is necessary to go to a veterinarian urgently.

If your dog shows diarrhea, vomiting, muscle spasms, drinks a lot of water, does not control his sphincters (he pees or poops at home or involuntarily), has a fever or simply seems to be sick…. Do not hesitate, go to a veterinarian because his life may be in danger.

Treatment for dogs that have eaten too much chocolate

There are no magic solutions or home remedies to cure a dog that has eaten a lot of chocolate, so we must go to an emergency vet without excuses or our dog could die.

Your vet will try to perform a stomach wash or make him vomit if he has recently eaten chocolate. If a few hours have passed, then gastric lavage would no longer be of any use because the chocolate would already be absorbed by the intestines.

We must give the veterinarian as much information as possible to help our dog save his life:

  • How much chocolate the dog has eaten
  • What kind of chocolate is it (pure, with milk, etc …)
  • Dog weight
  • Dog’s age
  • Veterinary history (allergies, etc …)

The veterinarian will apply the appropriate treatment depending on the severity of the dog to try to save it. In these cases, speed in acting is essential, so we must go to the vet as soon as possible to treat the dog.

Your dog can die from eating too much chocolate, this is not an exaggeration. There are many dogs that unfortunately have not survived the hours after a large intake of chocolate rich in Theobromine.

The darker and bitter the chocolate, the greater the danger for your dog

In case you have any hint of doubt, there is a list of the most dangerous chocolates for dogs, among them; cocoa powder, unsweetened chocolate, and dark, milk, or white chocolate. And since these are some of the most common snacks around the house and our four-legged friends love the smell and taste of it, there is a meter to know how serious chocolate ingestion can be.

Different types of chocolate contain different levels of theobromine and caffeine. In general, however, the darker and bitter the chocolate, the greater the danger that our pet will experience some of the aforementioned symptoms. In case your dog eats a dangerous dose of chocolate, it is always less toxic and invasive if it is treated in time.

Methylxanthines are also toxic to other animals. Cats are especially vulnerable due to their small size. Fortunately for them, felines lack the taste receptors that pick up on “sweet” flavors, and they rarely have the motivation to eat more than a small lick.

Effects of chocolate in dogs:

– diarrhea (in a case of mild chocolate poisoning, a dog would only have diarrhea):

– vomiting

– nervousness, dogs that eat chocolate start running like crazy

– accelerated heart rate

– seizures or tremors

– and in high enough doses, chocolate in dogs can cause coma and even death.

How much chocolate is toxic to a dog?

The less your dog weighs, the easier it is for chocolate poisoning, which can cause poisoning in dogs.

Furthermore, chocolate poisoning is related to how much chocolate the dog has eaten, and how much the dog itself weighs. So given an “x” amount of chocolate, the smaller your dog is, the more likely it is to get intoxicated.

For a 3 kg Chihuahua, 100 grams of milk chocolate or 17 grams of dark chocolate would suffice.

That is if you have a small dog and he eats a whole 100-gram milk chocolate tablet, although in principle it is not a lethal amount, you should worry and act because it can be enough to intoxicate him and give you a good scare.

And how much chocolate could kill a dog? According to the Merck veterinary manual, for this to happen we should give more or less 55 grams of milk chocolate for every kilo of the dog’s weight. That is, if my chihuahua weighs 3 kilos, an intake of 165 grams of milk chocolate would most likely kill him. If you had a dog that weighs 10 kilos, eating 550 grams of milk chocolate could kill him.

Remember that small but continuous doses of chocolate are not good for dogs either. Chocolate is a cumulative toxicant for dogs and takes longer than its chemical relative caffeine to clear from the body. Dogs are unfortunately naturally attracted to this food, but in truth, chocolate is potentially very dangerous for them and is best avoided. So be very careful where you keep the chocolates!


When it comes yo your dog and chocolate, use common sense, and see this article only as a guide and if you consider that the case requires it or is serious enough, go to your veterinarian as soon as possible or call him, tell him the amounts and type of chocolate your dog has eaten and ask for their advice.

Chocolate poisoning in dogs is no joke, and it does happen. Veterinarians can perform a stomach lavage on your dog and give her some drug or the aforementioned activated charcoal to absorb the poison from their body.

If you have any questions or comments on the content, please let us know!

FAQ on Should Chihuahuas eat chocolate?

What happens if a Chihuahua eats chocolate?

If a chihuahua eats a lot of chocolate, it can be toxic to it and make it sick. Chocolate in large quantities may cause anxiety, hyperactivity, increased thirst, and urination in dogs.

How much chocolate will kill a Chihuahua?

For a 3 kg Chihuahua, 100 grams of milk chocolate or 17 grams of dark chocolate would suffice.

What food is bad for Chihuahuas?

Food such as chocolate, grapes, raisins, onions, and garlic are bad for a Chihuahua.

Can chocolate kill a dog instantly?

In large amounts, yes, chocolate can kill a dog instantly. A small amount of chocolate can cause an upset stomach with vomiting or diarrhea.


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