My dog is scared of me because I hit him (13 tips)

My dog is scared of me because I hit him” is one of the common searches on the internet these days. We will talk about what happens when you hit your dog, and how to gain the trust of your dog back in this article.

My dog is scared of me because I hit him

My dog is scared of me because I hit him, now what should I do? It will take you some time to rebuild the trust between you and your dog. Dogs are timid animals, and they are easily prone to stress. If you expose your dog to certain psychological conditions like hitting or even scolding, it can go into stress.

Dogs are man’s best friend, and they have a very special attachment with you. Sometimes circumstances can lead you to hit your dog, though it is not acceptable to treat your pet dog like this at any cost. Some behavioral changes in pets such as dogs can be annoying and you may think that the best way to teach them a lesson is to hit them a bit.

We will talk in detail about your concern, my dog is scared of me because I hit him, in our article. We will also talk about how to build trust between you and your dog back.

Hitting is not acceptable

Hitting is not acceptable at any cost, just like you don’t want to be hit and do not want your kids or loved ones to be treated that way. Dogs are not objects, they are living organisms who can feel pain just like you do. Animal rights do not allow you to treat your dog harshly. There are alternate ways if you want to teach your dog manners or rectify their behavior.

Never hit a dog, some breeds can react in an uncertain way and will try to defend themselves. This can include considering the owner as an enemy and hurt back. Let’s talk about why hitting is not acceptable and why one should avoid it.

Change in behavior

Hitting your dog makes it scared and has a self-esteem issue. It may lead to self urination by fear and cause some serious behavioral changes. Your dog may not go on strolls with you anymore, become shyer, and act in a more cowardly manner. Dogs are susceptible, and one should avoid hitting them.

They feel pain

Just like humans have pain receptors in their skin, dogs also feel the sensation of pain. When you hit your dog out of anger it can sense it and feel the pain, and we all know no one likes to feel the pain. We all try to avoid it. Dogs are very sensitive. They can go into stress if they receive a pain stimulus from the owner they love. That is why you should never hit your dog.


Some owners think that hitting their dog may give them an upper hand in the training and the dog will consider them as an alpha or a leader. This is completely wrong you can never lead your dog into something, all it depends upon how bonded you both are with each other. Hitting a dog would not make it learn anything in actuality, it will only set fear in the mind of the dog which will make it do some things.


Hitting may break your bond with your dog. Animals such as dogs need to have a strong bond with their owners, it makes them feel secure and helps them grow both physically and mentally. Hitting your dog is not acceptable as it will break the bond between your dog and you. You have to keep the trust in your dog’s eyes to have a strong bond with it.


Some breeds do not get quiet or become shyer at first, their reflex includes fighting back. If you irrationally hit your dog, it may fight you back and cause you harm. It is not good for the owner and the dog as well, as it can lead to severe consequences. That is one of the reasons why hitting should be avoided.

Now if you hear someone say “My dog is scared of me because I hit him”, you just tell them why and try to stop them as well.

How to build the trust back?

“My dog is scared of me because I hit him, now what should I do?”  If your dog is now scared of you, you should simply learn how to win back its trust and make sure that you never hit your dog again. Dogs are clement and sensitive creatures and they certainly don’t respond well to violence, therefore you should find alternative ways to treat your dog better and make sure you never hit it.

Let’s talk about some things you should do to win back your Dog’s trust.

Make the dog feel safe

Try to play with your dog, gently pat him, and always offer some treats. Your dog will be reluctant at the start but with patience, you can earn its trust back. Do not shout in front of the dog and engage in friendly activities like playing outside and going for a walk.

 Treating your dog creates a sense of positive experience in its mind and that is why it is used to treat dogs for various activities like potty training or urination. Once your dog has started to feel safe around you, it is all good again.

Show Patience

Being patient is the key, your dog is scared of you because you hit him, now give him some time to adjust. Do not rush into anything, this will only make the dog more intimidated with you and would not lead to any progress. You should give your dog enough time to come back to the normal routine and forget the negative experience.

Play with your dog

Play with your dog as much as you can. Dogs are playful and friendly animals and it creates a strong sense of attraction between a dog and its owner. Play fetching games, cuddle with your dog, and play with it all the time. Dogs are full of energy and when they find someone who shares it with them, they feel safe and protected.

Playing with your dog is also beneficial for you. It has been scientifically proven that playing with your dog helps you manage your stress and safe you from many serious mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. So play as much as you can with your dog, it is healthy for both of you.

Socialize with the dog

Play with another dog in front of your shy or scared dog, once the dog sees you playing with some other dog, it will consider you safe. Once your dog starts interacting with you like it used to do before, keep it up. Take your dog out and help it socialize with other dogs. Take your dog to a dog park, help it make some new friends.

Just like socializing is useful and healthy for humans, it is also beneficial for dogs. Interacting with other dogs gives your dog confidence and watching you interact with other dogs may make your dog love you more.

Try to make a real connection

Keep it real with your dog, try to have a meaningful connection with it. Dogs are very wise in this regard, they can sense your intentions. If you show them concern and love, they will surely show concern and love back. Try to manage your connection with your dog. 

If you see that your dog is scared because you hit him, give each other some time. Dogs are highly forgiving and in no time they will become the same as before, but hitting your dog or showing violence is not healthy for your bond with the dog. 

Your dog can easily get hurt by your behavior and it may hurt their sentiments as well. Dogs like other animals tend to remember negative experiences for a much longer period of time than positive ones.

So you should always try to be as positive as you can be with your dog.

Set a timetable

It is good to set a timetable with your dog. Schedule a timetable that works for you and your dog to restore your relationship and make it stronger. Take your dog out and arrange some playful activities. Having a track of time will help your dog to learn positive reinforcements and grow both physically and mentally.

Try to follow the above-mentioned step if your dog is scared of you because you hit him. Avoid hitting your dog and start showing your love and concern.


We addressed the statement, “ My dog is scared because I hit him” in our article. We came to know that dogs are very sensitive creatures and they should not be hit at any cost. We also discussed some important steps to win the trust of your dog back.

Feel free to ask anything about “My dog is scared of me because I hit him” in the comment section below.

FAQs: My dog is scared of me because I hit him

Frequently asked questions about my dog is scared of me because I hit him, are:

Do dogs know when you hit them by accident?

Yes, dogs have a very strong sense of attachment within their owners. If you have accidentally bumped into your dog, he will understand that it was not directed at him if you show him love and affection.

What to do if a dog is scared of you?

Following are some things that you can do if a dog is scared of you:

  • Approach him warmly
  • Get down to his level
  • Approach him from sideways
  • Offer him some treats
  • Gently pat him

How can I get my dog to trust me again?

You can win your dog’s trust back by being patient with him and spending more time understanding his behavior and showing him affection and care so he can feel attached to you and trust you. Here are some tips


  • Make the dog feel safe
  • Show patience
  • Play as much as you can
  • Socialize with your dog
  • Set a time table
  • Try to make a real connection

How do dogs say sorry?

Dogs drop their ears and sit quietly in front of the owner, with eyes wide and not panting at all. They also stop their tails to wag when they are sorry. If the owner is still angry, they rub their face against the legs and show that

 they are sorry.

Do dogs lick to say sorry?

Yes, there are many dogs who start licking when they are sorry, it is one of the behavioral signs of the dog to acknowledge that they are sorry and want the owner to forgive them.



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