Mixed breed dog shows

Can mixed breed dogs participate in the dog show? How does a mixed breed dog show work? To answer these questions this blog post will present the characteristics of a dog show and how mixed breed dogs can participate in this type of competition.

Can mixed breed dogs participate in the dog shows?

For not having a racial standard such as size, coat type, body type and others. These dogs do not have a document that brings the genealogical origin of the breed called Pedigree. And that’s why they aren’t allowed in composition competitions at conventional dog shows.

But there are many local dog shows that expose mixed breed dogs. The competition should work similarly with the purebred dogs show, but in order to participate the animals must be neutered. Since the event is not intended to sell puppies.

What is a dog show?

Dog shows are events held for the presentation of dogs of different breeds, there is a judgment of the best following the pattern pre-established by the cynophilia groups. It is a great event that brings together several channels of creation, being an excellent opportunity to exchange knowledge and contacts for future partnerships.

How does a mixed breed dog competition work?

There are some local organizations that hold a mixed breed dog show. An example is the Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America. This organization is responsible for displaying mixed breed dog shows. The judgment of dogs takes place according to their physical conformation and rally.

In conformation, dogs are divided by sex and in three groups: small (10 kg), medium (10 kg to 20 kg) and large (greater than 20 kg) sizes. So, dogs are judged on their physical characteristics like body shape, head, eyes, ears, coat, fur color, physical condition, temperament and other factors.

In the rally phase, the dogs’ obedience and intelligence are tested. Dogs are put through a series of exercises and walks that assess how responsive they are to certain actions. Some activities like walking without a guide, sitting while walking, lying down while walking, picking up dumbbells, among others. Therefore, the more activities the dog performs correctly, the more points he earns. Whoever has the most points wins the competition.

About the mixed breed

The characteristics of the Mix breed can be very varied, depending on the origin of these dogs, which can be small, medium and large. In addition, the shapes are also diverse, with erect or drooping ears, flattened or elongated snouts, etc.

 As for the dog’s fur, it can be long, short, single or double. wavy, straight and even curly. All colors can exist. And it is because of the great variation that makes it impossible to participate in conformation competitions in shows for pure breeds.

As well as physical characteristics, behavior can also vary greatly. There can be restless dogs that need a lot of physical activity and calmer dogs that don’t require as much exercise. In some cases, the behavior of these dogs is directly related to the training of the tutors.

It is common for most crossbred dogs to be intelligent, companions and loyal. In general, they are described as calm and docile by their tutors.

The benefits of the mix breed dog show

Some of the benefits of exposing mixed-breed dogs are:

  • Increase the contact of the animal with the tutor;
  • Stimulate care for the dog health and esthetics;
  • Encourage the adoption of mixed breed dogs;

Dog show competitions are only for the enjoyment of the competition and to encourage dog training. Since there must be preparation before exposure, making the tutor spend more time with his dog practicing physical activities.

In addition, dog health care can be another benefit of this type of show. To compete the dogs must be healthy. So, tutors  increase the number of visits to the vet for check ups, vaccines and dogs deworming.

In addition, there is an increase in the oral hygiene of dogs to prevent tartar and constant care with the animal’s appearance, such as fur grooming and nail clipping. In this way, indirectly reducing the chances of the dog having dermatological disease.

This type of competition can also increase the number of adoptions of mixed breed dogs. These dog shows are generally open to the public. Watching the beautiful mixed breed dogs at the show can make someone interested in adopting a pet from the dog shelters.


Mixed breed dogs can participate in specific dog shows, as they are not accepted in pure breed composition competitions. The dog shows of mixed breed dogs have great positive effects on the dogs relationship with their tutors and on the animal’s health. These dog shows can even help society by reducing the number of abandoned dogs, when these events encourage the adoption of mixed breed dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Mixed breed dog show

Do these competitions happen all over the world?

Unfortunately these competitions don’t happen everywhere. There are some countries where there are only pure breed competitions in which mixed breed dogs cannot participate.

How to identify if a dog is purebred or mixed breed?

The purebred dog is the result of mating of dogs of the same breed, for example a puppy that has the father and mother of the Labrador breed. The mixed breed dog is the result of crossing different breeds. For example, a puppy that has the father of the Pinscher breed and the mother of the Poodle breed.

Does AKC recognize mixed breed dogs?

Yes, mixed breed dogs can participate in the AKC. Thus, the dog can participate in some events with the exception of the conformation assessment event, since there is no standard for mixed breed dogs.


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