Is it better to have one Yorkie or two?

In this blog post, we will answer the following question: Is it better to have one Yorkie or two? We will talk about the benefits and the risks of having two Yorkies. We will also teach you how to introduce a new member to the family so that your dog does not get jealous. 

Is it better to have one Yorkie or two?

The answer is very simple, of course, it is better to have two Yorkies. When we share our life with a dog, on many occasions we wonder if perhaps it would be better to find a four-legged companion to play with when, for example, we are not at home to keep him company.

Two dogs can keep each other company, play, and even learn from each other. It is a super wise decision although we must take some aspects into account, since incompatibilities may arise.

Benefits of having two or more dogs

As much as our dog feels happy by our side, we cannot deny the evidence that he is a dog and we are human. There are many things that we do not understand about dogs and many times when a furry companion would be much better than a human, for him.

Dogs can interact with each other by understanding their body language at all times, something that most humans cannot interpret. In addition, there are many occasions in which for work reasons, meals in restaurants, or medical visits we must leave our dog alone at home.

Having two dogs means that our dog will no longer feel alone when we are not there, he can play with his companion or simply enjoy the peace of the moment and a good nap, but in the company.

Dogs create a very special bond between them, you will notice that over time they even protect each other if an unknown dog growls at them on the street. They quickly form a herd, obviously led by us.

What precautions to take into account before having two dogs

Having two dogs is not always a good idea, we must be aware of several very important aspects such as that spending on food and veterinarians will multiply by two. That the walks will be a little more complicated if they decide to pull the leash, etc.

We must also take into account the age and character of our dog, before looking for a companion. If our dog is elderly, we should not bring a puppy home, because he simply will not have energy or patience for the puppy.

If our dog is very territorial, aggressive, or has a dominant character … it will not be a good idea to find a partner for him, since if the partner is submissive, our dog will constantly dominate him and if he is strong there will be constant confrontations.

Don’t take it the wrong way, but if you haven’t been able to properly socialize just one dog, why would you have two? You will have twice as many behavioral problems and the danger that this poses to you and the environment.

How to correctly include a new dog into the family

This step is essential for the dogs to get along from the beginning since an inappropriate presentation can create a great conflict between the two that will end in fights. It is super important that the dogs get to know each other outside the house before living together.

Ideally, we should be walking with our dog, and that a friend or relative accompany us on the walk with the new dog. In this way, the two dogs will meet outside the house in a neutral environment, where territoriality is not a problem.

To be more precise, the idea is that we take several walks for several days before bringing the new dog home. In this way, they will get to know each other much better and create a friendship bond before starting to live together.

Once it is known and we see no conflicts between them, we can ask our friend or family member to come to visit us at home with the new dog. We must let our dog come out to greet the new dog, to smell him, etc.

The new dog must have its own space, so that our dog keeps his bed, his feeder, drinker, and toys. In this way, we will avoid common jealousies and conflicts. If there are good vibes between them we can begin to leave them alone in short periods (and under supervision).

But if they do not get along, we must begin to treat the behavior of both for correct socialization. If it gets out of hand, we can ask for help from a professional trainer, who will give us the guidelines to follow depending on the type of behavior.

Risks of having two dogs at home

Introducing a new dog into the home can have some consequences, for example, if there is an attachment problem, it could intensify, because once the dogs have established their pack, a very strong bond is created between them. 

Dogs learn from each other, and not just in a good way. If you have a not completely educated dog and you hope that, thanks to the second, the disobedient behaviors will stop and the training will be easier, you should know that it is unlikely. On the contrary, bad behaviors can be duplicated. 

You should only consider the arrival of another dog if the first one has exemplary behavior and is well socialized.

Having two dogs can change things not only when it comes to training; Can the person who takes care of them while you’re away taking care of one more animal? Can you take several dogs with you on a trip? Do you have enough space to take them in your car? And don’t forget another important aspect: having another dog means more spending on food, taxes, and visits to the vet.

If you bring home a new puppy

If you already have a Yorkie at home and decide to adopt another, you have to be convinced that the pet that already lives at home is not going to show any problems. If you decide that they live together, you have to introduce them, let them smell each other and relate, but the first few days prevent them from being alone.

It is very important that you do not lose your temper or use physical punishment with your dog, as it will be worse. But you do have to show your authority and make things clear to him. You also have to spend time with him and share games, walk and put his food.

It is very important to avoid competition between both dogs, for this you must dedicate the same time to both, play with them and treat them the same, even if our new pet is a puppy. This will avoid problems of jealousy because your old dog feels displaced.

In order to avoid problems with food, the two of you have to eat from different plates and separate places, so there will be no problems with the food dispute.

How to handle a jealous Yorkie?

Jealous Yorkies, especially if they carry out behaviors related to canine aggressiveness, can become very dangerous, especially if they are directed towards a child or an infant.

Therefore, we will start by taking the relevant security measures, thus avoiding direct contact between the dog and the third person or “social rival”. If we have made the muzzle positive, we can temporarily use it but never exceed 60 minutes. 

We will completely avoid the use of punishment, as this can further aggravate the picture. On the contrary, we will try to control the situation with basic obedience commands, asking our dog to sit, lie down, or stay.

It will be essential to go to a veterinarian specialized in ethology or a certified canine trainer/educator to rule out health problems that may be behavioral problems and receive an accurate diagnosis. Only in this way can we receive driving guidelines and begin conducting behavior modification sessions.

The professional will likely ask us to supervise our dog’s interactions with other individuals, offer us advice to handle this situation, and propose an activity plan that improves our dog’s relationship through positive habits and routines. It may also be necessary to carry out work sessions, using positive reinforcement as the main tool, to improve the dog’s behavior.

Education plays a key role so that our dog does not feel jealous in the future. Since he is a puppy, you must accustom him to interacting with other dogs and pets, as well as different human beings. If they get used to sharing their toys, going for a walk with another pet, and even interacting with children, rest assured that in the end, they will not see new people or dogs as a threat.

The bottom line

Having two Yorkies can be a blast, but it also means double the responsibility, care, food, vet, and other expenses. This decision should not be taken lightly, and before acquiring another dog, you should consider if you have the financial and personal resources to raise two dogs.

Otherwise, it is all good news, as having two dogs means that our dog will no longer feel alone when we are not there, he can play with his companion or simply enjoy the peace of the moment and a good nap, but in the company.

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FAQ on Why is my Yorkie so jealous?

Are Yorkies attached to their owners?

Yorkies can become very attached to their owners and become incredibly protective of the whole family. Yorkies are great dogs as guard dogs, no matter their size.

Why are Yorkies so needy?

Some Yorkies may be needy and clingy because they like (and are used to) being coddled and pampered by their owners. When you stop giving them so much attention, they seem too needy. 

Why do Yorkies have separation anxiety?

Yorkies have separation anxiety if they are not properly trained or do not have a routine. Some other reasons include neglect, changes in pet parents, hereditary issues, or boredom. 

Can Yorkies be left alone all day?

It is not advisable to leave a Yorkie alone all day. Yorkies are very affectionate and rely on their human parents. You can leave a baby Yorkie by himself up to 3 hours a day, and an adult Yorkie 4 to 6 hours a day. 


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