Is a peace lily plant good for a betta fish aquarium?

In this blog we will discuss the compatibility between betta fish and peace lily plants in bettas tank.This comprehensive guide will help betta enthusiasts to have all the information regarding peace lily before adding that to bettas tank.


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  • Is a peace lily plant good for a betta fish aquarium?
  • Peace lily plant classification and habitat
  • Peace light requirements
  • How to choose a vase for betta with peace lily?
  • How to choose a lily for a bettas plant?
  • How to plant spathiphyllum or peace lily in a betta bowl?
  • Do peace lilies increase pH levels in bettas tanks?
  • What kind of plants can be placed in betta fish tanks?
  • Do betta fish eat the roots of Spathiphyllum or peace lily? 
  • Are peace lilies poisonous to fish?
  • Do peace lilies turn brown?
  • What causes rot in peace lily?
  • Is it possible to grow a peace lily in a bettas tank?
  • How to care for peace lilies in bettas aquarium?
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  • Frequently asked questions
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Is a peace lily plant good for a betta fish aquarium?

Peace lilies grow beautifully in an aquarium and are suitable for aquaponics systems.This Spathiphyllum has lived in aquariums for over 15 years.

It helps to keep the betta aquarium water clean and suppresses the growth of algae.The roots provide shelter for baby betta fish and serve as a snail spawning house too,if you are adding snails to bettas aquarium.

Peace lily plant classification and habitat

It grows naturally in the tropics of America and Southeast Asia.These are evergreen herbaceous perennials with large leaves 12-65 cm long and 3-25 cm wide.Plants do not need enormous amounts of light or water to thrive.

  • Scientific name: Spathiphyllum
  • Order: Alismatales
  • Family: Araceae
  • Subfamily: Monsteroideae

Peace lily light requirements

Spathiphyllum or peace lily can live in indirect sunlight, low and bright sunlight.Prolonged exposure to bright direct sunlight can cause the leaves to burn, and the flowers to dry.

The peace lily grows well without sunlight; in fact, direct sunlight can damage the leaves, so it’s best grown indoors.

Spathiphyllum or peace lilies are a good choice for shade or in partial shade,making them suitable for dark places and they can also tolerate fluorescent lights.

It doesn’t care about soil type or pH, it grows well in full sun, partial sun, mottled shade, and even bright shade.

How to choose a vase for betta with peace lily?

The most important factor to consider when choosing a vase is fish health and choosing a container that is too small limits the amount of space the fish needs to swim and it is well known that betta fish need enough space to swim around, and really small bowls don’t work for this purpose.

Some pet stores sell aquariums suitable for this purpose. The container which is chosen should have a neck that is not too narrow and a container containing at least one liter of water.

Do not use glass containers made of lead crystals, as they may seep into the water and harm the fish. 

Add a layer of colored rocks and then add shells, pebbles, and glass balls to the bottom of the bowl to color it up and avoid taking up too much space. Bettas appreciates the extra space to move around.

How to choose a lily for a bettas plant?

  • Choose a spathiphyllum/peace lily that is not very large but has a well-developed root structure.
  • Since the roots hang in a bowl of fish, they need to occupy less than about 20 percent of the space in order to give the fish ample swimming room. 
  • The diameter of the lily you choose should be smaller than the opening of the fish bowl in order to get enough air in the bowl.
  • Remove the lilies from the pot and shake gently to remove excess soil from the roots. 
  • Rinse with running water for a few minutes to remove any traces of soil before placing the lilies in the fish bowl. 

How to plant Spathiphyllum or peace lily in a betta bowl?

To adapt the roots to the aquatic environment, add driftwood and water to the glass.

Place the plant on driftwood in a bowl, soak the roots in water. Wood allows the green parts of the plant to stay on the water.

Clear glass and containers for growing peace lilies in aquariums is especially suitable for adding betta fish.

Rinse the container well. However, do not use soap to clean the container.Choose a small or medium sized spathiphyllum with a healthy root system.

Do peace lilies increase pH levels in bettas tanks?

Many plants sold with or for fighting fish should be excluded from the aquarium.Bettas are usually sold in spathiphyllum or bamboo glass vases, neither of which are water based.

These plants slowly die and begin to decompose in water, and the bettas environment is poisoned by pH spikes.

What kind of plants can be placed in betta fish tanks? 

Floating plants are a great way to strengthen the upper layers of their tanks, as betta fish like to hang out near the surface of the water. Popular types include amazon frogbits, red root floaters, and even floating stem plants such as the watersprite.

Do betta fish eat the roots of spathiphyllum or peace lily? 

It’s a misconception that betta fish live away from the roots of spathiphyllum or peace lily when placed in a vase.

This is not true because betta fish are primarily carnivores and cannot survive long-term eating of plants alone.

Are peace lilies poisonous to fish? 

As per some people it is poisonous to mammals, especially cats, fish, not so sure, may not be contact sensitive to pollen, but if eaten in sufficient quantities may ingest toxicity, apparently due to oxalate. 

Spathiphyllum/Peace lily has toxic sap,but it probably doesn’t matter unless the fish actually decide to eat it.These plants have strong leaves.

Do peace lilies turn brown?

The most likely reason for the darkening of the tips of the spathiphyllum leaves is too much or too little watering.

In general, experts recommend waiting for the lilies to wilt before watering. If the plant is given too little water, the tips of the leaves may turn brown. 

What causes rot in peace lily?

Spathiphyllum or peace lily can grow only on water.They are often sold in soilless vases. This allows the roots to grow in the water, but keeps the roots and leaves of the plant from getting wet and causing rot.

Is it possible to grow a peace lily in a bettas tank?

  • To start with, make a lid from a plastic plant tray. It serves as a support for the Spathiphyllum.
  • Use a sharp utility knife or scissors to trim the plant tray so that it fits snugly in the opening without falling.
  • Make a hole in the center of the plastic.The hole should be about a quarter of the size, but depending on the size of the root mass, it should probably be less than a dollar coin. 
  • Thoroughly wash away decorative rocks and gravel and place in the aquarium or at the bottom of the aquarium.
  • Pour room temperature distilled water up to about 2 inches from the edge of the aquarium.Remove the soil from the roots of the Spathiphyllum.
  • You can do this in the sink, but the easiest way is to put water in a large bucket and gently put the lily roots in the water so that all the soil is removed.
  • After removing the soil, clean and evenly root the roots so that they do not touch the bottom of the aquarium.
  • Place the Spathiphyllum plant on top, root down, and root through a plastic lid.
  • With the roots hanging in the water, insert the lid into the aquarium or aquarium.

How to care for peace lilies in bettas aquarium?

  • Keep the tank in a place where the Spathiphyllum is exposed to low light, such as under fluorescent lights or near north or east facing windows. 
  • Keep the water clean by changing a quarter of the water every week, especially if you add fish. 
  • Avoid flake foods that quickly cloud the water. 
  • Remove the fish, clean the aquarium, and fill it with fresh water whenever it begins to look like brackish water. 


Unfortunately, for betta, if lily’s vase does not have an open space above the water, betta can be deprived of the oxygen it needs to survive.

The combination of a vase of Spathiphyllum and the battle of Siamese has survived as a popular fad, but it is neither natural nor healthy for fish.

It is very important to keep the tank clean by discarding rotting plants, so that it won’t increase the levels of ammonia in the tanks,as bettas are very sensitive to ammonia spikes and if it is left unattended,it will badly affect their health too.

The lily plant is known to bring calm by relieving feelings of stress in the mind and body.Spathiphyllum or peace lilies can be easily found at most gardening centers and places where plants are sold.

Instead of trying to grow from seeds, you need something that you have already started with potted plants.These  flowering plants are easy to take care of.

Frequently asked questions

What is the lifespan of a peace lily in water?

On average, Spathiphyllum live for about 3-5 years. However, if grown in water, it may only live for up to a year.

When to change water in bettas tank with peace lily?

To keep the betta fish healthy, change the water in the bowl at least once a week and carefully rinse the lily roots.

Are lily plants difficult to maintain in aquariums?

Peace lilies are low maintenance aquarium plants,easy to maintain.

Do peace lilies promote superior sleep in bettas?

Yes,definitely peace lilies do promote superior sleep in betta fish.

Do peace lilies remove toxic gas? 

Spathiphyllum/peace lilies decompose and neutralize toxic gas such as benzene, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide.