Is a 10 gallon tank ideal for betta fish?

In this blog we will discuss bettas in a 10 gallons tank.This comprehensive guide will give all the necessary information regarding the right tank size for bettas. This will help new betta enthusiasts about what should be included in a 10 gallons betta tank. 


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  • Is a 10 gallon tank ideal for betta fish?
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  • How many female bettas can be housed in a 10 gallon tank?
  • Can we keep 4 bettas in a 10 gallon tank? 
  • What kind of tank mates can be housed with bettas in a 10 gallon tank?
  • Best 10 gallon tanks for bettas
  • How frequently should you replace water in a 10 gallon betta tank?
  • How long can a betta live without changing the water in a 10 gallon tank?
  • Can you add live plants in a 10 gallons betta tank? 
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Is a 10 gallon tank ideal for betta fish?

Yes, a 10 gallons tank is ideal for a betta fish.A single male betta can live alone in a 10-gallon tank happily and as long as there are plenty of spots for female bettas to hide and proper filtration,they may be comfortable to share a 10 gallon tank with up to 5 female sororities.

Requirement for a 10 gallon betta tank

Aquarium heater for 10 gallon betta tank

Bettas are tropical fish and need a heater to maintain a proper and stable water temperature.

  • Temperature range 68-86 ° F 
  • Adjustable temperature 68-86 ° F

The 50W fluval submersible glass aquarium heater is the best heater for a 10 gallon betta aquarium.This heater can heat tanks up to 15 gallons with 1˚ accuracy.

Aquarium Filter for 10 gallon betta tank

Bettas tend to be knocked out frequently by high power filters, so they work best with low flow filters. Even low flow filters help oxygenate. Small unfiltered tanks are not ideal for betta fish.

  • Aquaclear 20 power fish tank filter.
  • Marina S10 power filter.
  • Aqueon quiet flow LED PRO 10 power filter.
  • Aquatop classic aqua flow sponge filter CAF-10.
  • Aqueon quietflow internal power filter.
  • Marineland penguin PRO power filter.

Standard lighting for 10 gallon betta tank

LEDs are best and economical, give a lot of light at low power and do not heat the water in bettas tank. Fluorescent lights are another good option but never use incandescent bulbs in a bettas tank.

It would be better to ask the pet shop owners regarding this.Some 10 gallon tanks do come with a proper lighting system,and they are available online,so you can check online as well.

Water Conditioner for 10 gallon betta tank

API Stress Coat Water Conditioner Size: 473 mL (16 fl oz) 

Dose: 5 mL per 10 gallons (1 teaspoon) 

Using the recommended dose will immediately neutralize chlorine and chloramines in tap water, restore the fish’s natural mucous membrane and reduce fish stress.

Seachem prime is the best water conditioner for betta fish,as it detoxifies ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates in addition to removing chlorine from the water.

Substrate for 10 gallon betta tank

You need 1.5 pounds of gravel substrate for every gallon of water in the tank. So you will need 15 pounds of gravel for a 10 gallon tank.

Spectrastone Premium Gravel

Gravel is generally the most common aquarium base and is ideal for solid aquariums. This Spectrastone gravel is a mixture of small river pebbles aimed at giving the tank a natural look.

How many female bettas can be housed in a 10 gallon tank? 

Due to space and bioload issues, anything under 10 gallons will not work.A 10 gallon is recommended because in a sorority you need at least 4 to 6 female bettas or more ,while a 10 gal can comfortably hold 6 female bettas. Never put just two or three female bettas together, it won’t work out.

Can we keep 4 bettas in a 10 gallon tank? 

Generally,you can keep 4-5 female bettas in a 10 gallon tank and if you use dividers to keep them apart, you can keep up to three male bettas in separate tanks.

Male and female bettas should not be kept together unless a professional breeder breeds them.

What kind of tank mates can be housed with bettas in a 10 gallon tank?

One ​​of the best tank companion for a 10 gallon tank will be fish that live in the lower levels of the tank, such as small loaches and catfish. 

Non-fish inhabitants such as snails, shrimp and frogs will also work well in an aquarium.

Bettas are very particular about their space in the tank and would not like anyone occupying their space.

If they are kept with tank mates which occupy the same tank levels that will create lots of tension in the tank and will also aggravate bettas aggression too.

Such aggression is not good for their health and will reduce their lifespan too.Bettas do well in large and spacious tanks,if they are kept with too many species in community tanks. 

Best 10 gallon tanks for bettas

Marina LED aquarium

  • It comes with an efficient filter that is unobtrusive, quiet, and barely noticeable. 
  • It has an LED lighting which helps plants grow in tanks and enhances bettas finnage colors. 
  • The biological supplement kit comes with a tank that helps beneficial bacteria grow in the tank.
  • Only drawback is you have to buy your own heater which is not so costly and if you want to replace the water, you must remove the entire cap.

Fluval FLEX 9 gallon glass aquarium

  • The aquarium comes with an excellent filtration system that will help you create the ideal water conditions for your betta.
  • The different color LED lights soothe your betta and other fish. 
  • Lighting also promotes plant growth.
  • There is a separate compartment at the back where you can put a heater and filter, as well as additional equipment. This makes the aquarium look much cleaner.
  • The water flow from the filter may be too strong for weak swimmers. However, if you have a healthy betta, this shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Curved glass is difficult to clean with a magnetic cleaner, you should use a regular one instead.

Aqueon aquarium fish tank starter kits with LED lighting

  • It is quite easy to assemble. 
  • The light has a fully positioned on / off switch so you don’t have to fuss with it. 
  • The filter settings can be changed, so the water flow is not so strong for them,because strong currents will interfere with their swimming behavior.
  • The tank screen top is not hinged, so you can remove the lid every time you want to replace water in the tank. 
  • The  aquarium heater is pre-set and ideal for bettas fish,because bettas like warm water conditions and it may be a problem for other species. 
  • LED lights are often very hot and bright. This not only raises the temperature of the tank, but can also cause reflections which makes bettas to flare.

Penn plax curved corner glass aquarium kit

  • It has a very good appearance ,very clean and made of glass. 
  • A lot of necessary equipment such as filters, mats, lights, etc. are included. 
  • The lid or screen tops is made of plastic and is much more long-lasting than the rest of the tank. 
  • The light system that comes with this tank isn’t very good, so you should consider getting another one.
  • The screen top often comes off the hinge, which can be annoying after a while and If you want to turn off the light, you have to unplug it because there is no switch. These two are the only drawbacks of this 10 gallon tank.

How frequently should you replace water in a 10 gallon betta tank?

In a 10 gallon home aquarium, do not change more than a quarter of the water at a time.This should happen once a week, which means that the entire tank is replaced with fresh water once a month.

10-20% of the water in the 10-gallon tank should be removed every week, however, you will not need to remove and clean the decorations nearly as often.

How long can a betta live without changing the water in a 10 gallon tank? 

A betta fish in 10 gallons can die within 1-2 days. But with a well-set tank and a proper power filter, good post quality,and a planned feeding schedule, a betta can definitely go a week or so without a water change.

Can you add live plants in a 10 gallons betta tank?

Bettas comes from lush green vegetation and they do well when you replicate the same conditions in their artificial environments too.

Amazon sword

Amazon swords can be quite large and depending on the species, it can grow up to 3 feet. These plants are suitable for bettas tanks that are at least 10 gallons in size.

  • Name: Amazon Sword Plant 
  • Care Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
  • Light Level: High

Water wisteria

Free-growing water wisteria can be quite large and may not be optimal for small aquariums but with regular trimming and careful attention, a 10 gallon tank will be sufficient.

  • Full name: Hygrophila difformis 
  • Difficulty of care: Easy
  • Light level: Medium


Some people think that bettas don’t require a lot of space, but bettas come from an area where there are shallow streams and large waterways.

They enjoy swimming as they are very active,and require lots of hiding spots too.So their tank size should not be less than 10 gallons.Anything less than 10 gallons can stress them and will inhibit their growth too.

A 10 gallon aquarium is the perfect size for a single betta to live. It’s also large enough to hold two bettas with dividers or a small sorority of four to five females.

If you are not using dividers, it is not advisable to keep male bettas with other bettas.Space is a more important factor in maintaining bettas.

If you have a 10 gallon or larger aquarium, you may want to start thinking about other fish to add to your aquarium.

In most cases, other fish can be placed in this size aquarium, but be aware that this may not be a good idea if the betta is particularly aggressive.

Frequently asked questions

What is the lifespan of betta fish in a 10 gallon tank?

Betta fish usually live an average of 3 years if they are properly cared for and given a tank large enough to explore and hide along with pristine water conditions.

Can male bettas share their space in a 10 gallons tank with other male bettas?

A big no,as male bettas are very aggressive towards other male bettas, and with females they will harass them for breeding by chasing them all the time.It’s better to house a single male bettas alone in a 10 gallon tank.