How to take care of Ember tetra fish?

We will talk about ember tetra fish care in this blog post.We will also discuss important factors such as their habitat, types,lifespan,tank set-up,water parameters and healthcare, etc.Everything you need to know about ember tetra fish care will be briefly discussed.


In this blog

  • Key specifications of ember tetra fish
  • Why is ember tetra fish care important?
  • How many ember tetras should you start with as a newcomer?
  • Habitat of ember tetra fish
  • Types of ember tetra fish
  • Different strains or colors of ember tetra fish
  • General and physical attributes of ember tetra fish
  • Ember tetra fish lifespan
  • Ember tetra fish tank set-up
  • Ember tetra fish diet and feeding requirements
  • Ember tetra fish healthcare and health conditions
  • Ember tetra fish daily care and Bi-weekly care tips
  • Summary

How to take care of Ember tetra fish?

Daily care tips for ember tetras

  • Keep the tank clean.
  • Tank glass should be wiped daily to monitor them and enjoy their colorful personality.
  • Aeration and filtration is important.
  • Mild bubblers can be used to aerate the tanks.
  • Check all the tank equipment if they are in working conditions or not.
  • Feed small amounts 2-3 times a day.
  • Crush pellets before feeding them, because they have a small mouth.
  • Never overfeed them.
  • Leftovers should be removed to avoid tank pollution.
  • Tank should be checked for algal growth.
  • If they are looking dull and swimming irregularly then shift them to a separate tank, until they recover

Bi-weekly care tips for ember tetras

  • Water changes should be done once every two weeks.
  • Feed them live food once every two weeks.
  • Live food should be quarantined for 15 days before feeding ember tetras.
  • Plants should be trimmed from time to time to maintain the water quality.
  • New tank mates should be quarantined at least for 15 days before adding in the main tank.
  • Filters should be cleaned once a month.
  • Never use soaps or detergents to clean the tank as it can be toxic to the fish.
  • Decors and other tank accessories should be cleaned once every 3 weeks to avoid the growth of unwanted bacterias in the tank.
  • Gravels should be cleaned properly without disturbing the beneficial bacteria. 

Key specifications of  ember tetra fish

NameScientific name Ember tetra fishHyphessobrycon amandae
HabitatConservation statusBrazil, South AmericaNot evaluated
LifespanUpto 4 years
Body sizeBody shapeColorSexual dimorphism0.6-0.8 inches in length (Tiny)Elongated Bright orange-redYes (after 5-6 months)
Another namesOrange tetra
Optimum temperatureOptimum pHWater hardness73F-84F6.6 (acidic)5-17 dGH
TemperamentBeginner or experienced Peaceful and friendlyBoth levels
Care levelEasy 
Tank size and set-upTank type (Prefered)10 gallons (nano set-up)Heavily planted tank (freshwater)Community tank 
Preferred plants/decorationsLive plants 
CompatibilityOther peaceful fish 
Number of ember tetra fish species found As such no datas is available on this.
BreedingEasy to breed themEgg layer or egg scattering 

Why is ember tetra fish care important?

Ember tetras are hardy fish and easy to care for.They are such low maintenance fish that anyone would want in their home aquariums because of their bright colors and peaceful nature and the good part is, they are not prone to disease.

Only thing that should be taken into consideration is they have a very short life span of 2-3 years so proper care should be given to them right from the juvenile stage, otherwise they won’t survive longer.

Replicate their natural habitat to make them feel home away from their original home.

How many ember tetra fish should you start with as a newcomer?

Ember tetras  are shoaling fish and can be kept in a group of 8-10.So ,as a newcomer you can get healthy looking juvenile embers in a group of 6-10 from a good pet shop.Before getting them tank set up and tank cycling should be done in advance.

Habitat of ember tetra fish

Ember tetras  come from freshwater rivers of Brazil,South america. They are found in areas with slow water currents and lush vegetation.

Types of ember tetra fish

They come in different colours.As such no datas is available on the types of ember tetras so far.

Different strains or colors of ember tetra fish

  • Orange ember tetras
  • Red ember tetras

General and physical attributes of ember tetra fish

  • Body shape-Brightly coloured elongated bodies.
  • Body size- 0.6-0.8 inches in length
  • Fins- caudal, dorsal and anal fins
  • Air bladders- larger in female ember tetras

Ember tetra fish lifespan

Ember tetras can live upto 4 years in a well maintained aquarium with lush vegetation.

Ember tetra fish tank set-up-

Tank sizeLight intensitySubstrateWater parametersTemperatureTank plantsTank mates

Tank size for ember tetra fish

  • Add them in a fully cycled tank
  • 6-10 tetras can be kept in 10 gallons tank (38 liters)
  • A spacious tank will do the needful for these active swimmers, since they shoal together with their group.
  • They spend most of the time in the middle layer of the tank.
  • Active swimmers need an open swimming area.

Light intensity for ember tetra fish

  • Sensitive to light changes.
  • Subdued lighting will be best for ember tetras.
  • Indirect sunlight- never keep them in direct sunlight
  • Unnecessary bright lighting can stress them.

Substrate/decoration for ember tetra fish

  • Dark substrate or mud is preferred.
  • Java Moss and ferns can be used to mimic the natural habitat substrate.
  • Advantage of dark substrate- It will enhance their colorful beauty.
  • Rocks and gravel mixed, gravels will enhance the production of beneficial baterias.
  • Driftwoods
  • Cleaning of substrates and decorative items is necessary to avoid the growth of harmful bacterias in the tank.
  • Embers are low maintenance fish and are not suckers for specific decorations.
  • Avoid sharp/edgy decorative items in the tank.

Water parameters for ember tetra fish

  • Ember tetras prefer low water currents like their wild habitat.
  • pH- 6.6 (acidic environment)
  • Water hardness- 5-17 dGH
  • Water changes should be done from time to time to avoid the growth of harmful bacterias and some other organic pollutants.
  • Filtration system should be installed to keep the water moving and clean and free from bioloads.

Excessive algal growth could be one of the main reasons for the bad water conditions.

Tank should be aerated to avoid the growth of excessive algae, as they can suffocate the tank if they gain strength and can pollute the water by producing a foul smell. 

Temperature for ember tetra fish

Ember tetras are fresh water fish and they require an optimum temperature for their metabolism.Growth and development entirely depends on the right temperature in the tank.

  • Optimum temperature-73F-84F (thermometer can be used to set the temperature)
  • Heater is not required. (only in colder regions to maintain the temperature conditions)

Tank plants for ember tetra fish

Ember tetras need heavy plantations for oxygenation as hiding spots and as a food source.

Free floating plants and aquatic plants can be used to replicate their natural environment.This setup will make them feel secure and stress free.

One more thing to keep in consideration is not to overcrowd the tank with plants without leaving space for aeration and swimming.

Heavy plantations with lots of swimming space for shoaling together is necessary to replicate their natural habitat.

List of some plants for your embers:

  • Java Moss
  • Hornworts
  • Crypts 
  • Anacharis
  • Peacock plants- Act as a carpet for the tank
  • Bladderwort 
  • Dry leaves – to produce beneficial bacterias
  • Indian almond leaves – helps to maintain the pH

Tank mates for ember tetra fish

Bottom dwellers are a perfect match in the ember tetras tank as embers spend most of their time in the middle layer of the tank.

With bottom dwellers they won’t have to compete for food resources with such tank mates.

Add tank mates who can survive in similar water conditions as your ember tetras.

Compatible tank mates for ember tetras:

  • Neon tetras
  • Pygmy corydoras (keeps the tank clean by eating the accumulated leftovers in the bottom)
  • Rasboras

Avoid these fish:

  • Large fish
  • Aggressive fish
  • Carnivorous fish

Ember tetra fish diet and feeding requirements

Embers are not picky eaters, they eat whatever you provide them. Make sure you’re not compromising with the food quality.feed them regularly and on time.

They can be fed in small quantities 2-3 times a day.Try not to overfeed them because they have small stomachs and can get some digestive issues.Underfeeding is fine but not overfeeding.

List of some of the food you can give your tetras:

  • Freeze dried food
  • Frozen food
  • Flakes/granules/pellets-Crush them before feeding to fit into their small mouth.
  • Live food-Brine shrimp, worms, daphnia, grindal worms.
  • Plant based diet – Embers usually gorge on tank plants.

Ember tetra fish healthcare and health conditions

Luckily ember tetras are not prone to any specific disease due to their hardy nature they don’t get sick very often.

Maintaining water parameters and quality feeding can keep all the infections at bay.

Here are some common freshwater disease they can get if not given the right amount of care:

  • Impaction -Overfeeding can hurt your ember tetras
  • White spot disease/Ich
  • Bacterial and fungal infections
  • Parasitic infections 
  • Their body becomes all black (specially near the caudal fins) due to some strange disease and they die off quickly.
  • Leftover food can also contaminate the tank by increasing the concentration of organic pollutants.
  • If there is an increase in such organic pollutants it can affect their health and reduce their longevity.


  • Ember tetras are vibrant, active,playful and low maintenance aquarium fish.
  • Always keep them in a group of 6-8, as they shoal together and never keep them alone because they get stressed if they are alone in the tank.
  • Water temperature, pH, and all the tank parameters should be monitored daily for their better growth.
  • Recommended for both beginners and experienced fishkeepers.

Frequently asked questions on ember tetra fish care

Are ember tetras schooling fish?

No, they are often confused as schooling fish, but they are a shoaling fish.The main difference between schooling and shoaling fish is their direction of swimming.Shoaling fish swim together but not in the same directions.They are a social and playful fish and like to stay in a community tank.

How to keep your tetras healthy for their longevity?

  • Replicate their natural habitat
  • Feed them good quality food
  • Maintain all the vital tank parameters
  • Right tank mates and their bonding with them