How to take care of Black moor fish?

We will talk about black moor fish care in this blog post.We will also discuss important factors such as their habitat, types,lifespan,tank set-up, water parameters and healthcare, etc.Everything you need to know about black moor fish care will be briefly discussed.


In this blog 

  • Key specifications of black moor fish
  • Why is black moor fish care important?
  • How many black moor fish should you start with as a newcomer?
  • Habitat of black moor fish
  • Types of black moor fish
  • Different strains or colors of black moor fish
  • General and physical attributes of black moor fish
  • Black moor fish lifespan
  • Black moor fish tank set-up
  • Black moor fish diet and feeding requirements
  • Black moor fish healthcare and health conditions
  • Black moor fish daily care and Bi-weekly care tips
  • Summary

How to take care of Black moor fish?

Daily care tips for black moor fish

  • A gravel siphon should be used everyday to vacuum out debris and other dirts from the tank.
  • Monitor all the tank equipment  daily.
  • Check for algal growth and remove it when required.
  • Feed twice a day a well balanced diet and avoid overfeeding.
  • Presoak freeze dried food before feeding them to avoid digestion problems.
  • Always blanch and boil veggies before giving them.
  • Watch their movements and feeding behavior daily.
  • Make sure all the tank equipment is in working conditions.
  • Regularly testing the water using water testing kits can manage nitrate levels in the aquarium.

Bi-weekly care tips for black moor fish

  • Change water bi-weekly or once a month.Take extra care when netting moors.
  • 25% water should be changed weekly.
  • Filter media should be changed once a month.
  • Prune tank plants twice a month or depending upon their overgrowth.
  • Quarantine live food for 2 weeks before feeding them to avoid infections.
  • Quarantine sick fish until they recover.
  • Clean all the flora and decors once a week to avoid infections.

Key specifications of Black moor fish

Scientific name Carassius auratus 
HabitatConservation statusChina (carp descendents )Not listed (mostly captive bred)
Lifespan10-15 years
Body sizeBody shapeColorSpecial traitSexual dimorphism6-8 inchesRounded or egg shapedVelvety Black (after maturity)Telescope eyesYes 
Another namesChinese moorBlack demekin (japan)Black peony goldfishDragon eye goldfish (intraocular pressure)
Optimum temperatureOptimum pHWater hardness50F-75F6.5-7.5 (neutral)5-15 dGH
TemperamentBeginner or experienced Peaceful Good beginner fish
Care levelEasy to difficult
Tank size and set-upTank type (Prefered)20 gallonsCommunity or outdoor pond
Preferred plants/decorationsArtificial plantsSmooth decors
CompatibilityOther peaceful species
Number of black moor fish species found Only their tail types are different
BreedingNo.of eggs Easy 10,000

Why is black moor fish care important?

Black moors are a hardy variety of fancy goldfish and can tolerate a wide range of water conditions and temperatures.They are known for their large protruding eyes and poor eyesight.

Black moors’ eyes can be damaged easily by sharp decors,plants, substrates,aggressive tank mates or attempting to capture them in a net. They are easy to care for ,but it’s their protruding eyes which need extra care.

How many black moor fish should you start with as a newcomer?

As a newcomer it’s very important to first decide where you are planning to house them,in tanks or outdoor ponds.If you are having a 20 gallons tank then 1 pair of black moors can be kept in that.

And if you are planning to add black moors in a community tank then please choose their tank mates wisely.In smaller tanks you have to do constant water changes more often.

Habitat of black moor fish

  • Moors origin-China
  • Water type- freshwater and murkier water
  • Water movement- Slow moving water

Types of black moor fish

  • Butterfly tail black moors
  • Ribbon tail black moors
  • Broad tail black moors
  • Veil tail black moors

Different strains or colors of black moor fish

Black moors are only goldfish variants to be found in single color.

  • Young black moors-Dark bronze in color and have flat eyes
  • Adult black moors- Jet black color and have telescope eyes
  • Black moors change their color to metallic orange in warmer water conditions. 
  • Their color starts fading with age and the type of environment they are living in.

General and physical attributes of black moor fish

  • Body shape- Round chubby body shape
  • Eyes-Protruding sideways telescope eyes
  • Vision-Poor eyesight 
  • Abdomen-Bulged bellies
  • Sexual dimorphishm-Male moors are smaller than female moors.
  • Sexual organ-Males have breeding tubercles.
  • Scales-Metallic scales glisten in water.
  • Tail-Twin tailed

Black moor fish lifespan

Black moors can live between 10-12 years depending upon the amount of care they are getting.

Black moor fish tank set-up

Tank sizeLight intensitySubstrateWater parametersTemperatureTank plantsTank mates

Tank size for black moor fish

  • Minimum tank size-Nothing less than a 20 gallons aquarium
  • Extra gallons for additional moors- 10 gallons
  • In a 10 gallons tank,you can add 1 inch pair of black moors.
  • A 50 gallons tank can accommodate 5 moors.
  • If you are keeping them with other species apart from goldfish varieties then house them in bigger tanks to avoid overcrowding and suffocation.
  • Tank shape-Elongated shaped or a long rectangular tank will provide more surface areas.Always choose tanks with a lot of surface area.
  • Black moors spend their time in the middle of the tank.
  • Black moors can be kept in outdoor ponds as well.
  • Moors need a proper oxygenated tank,so you can use air pumps or bubble generating filters to aerate the tank.

Light intensity for black moor fish

  • Lighting is not so important in black moors aquariums, because they prefer a shady environment.
  • Subdued lightings.
  • You can use aquarium bulbs just to make your aquarium look bright.
  • No direct sunlight,as it increases algal growth in the tanks.
  • If you are adding live plants to the tanks then you need indirect sunlight for some time to keep plants fresh and healthy.

Substrate/decorations for black moor fish

  • Like any other goldfish, blake moors are also substrate diggers.A Sandy bottom or a fine gravel substrate can be used.Don’t use colored gravels because it can contaminate the water and change the water chemistry. 
  • Don’t decorate the tank with sharp and edgy decors as it can hurt their bulged eyes.
  • Use smooth decors to decorate the tanks.Minimal decorations will do better for them.
  • Don’t stuff the tank with too many decorative items, it might hinder their movements in the tank.
  • Smooth rockworks,bogwood and driftwoods can be used. 
  • Only use smooth surface objects in the tank

Water parameters for black moor fish

  • Black moors reside in murkier water in their natural habitat but use dechlorinated water to fill their tank. They thrive well in hard water without bubbles.
  • Black moors are slow swimmers & need slow water movements in their tank too like their original habitat.
  • You can use a biological filtration system to keep the nitrogenous waste level in check.
  • Type of filter- Along with external and internal filters you can use Canister filters that are easy to operate and are budget friendly too.Make sure the filters are providing chemical,biological and mechanical filtrations.
  • Moors produce lots of biological waste so frequent water changes are recommended.Keep nitrates and ammonia levels zero in the tank.

Temperature for black moor fish

  • Black moors can tolerate a wide range of temperatures.They can be kept in room temperatures as well as in tropical tanks.
  • Can thrive in lower temperatures but sudden dip in temperature can be detrimental.
  • Heaters are highly recommended in colder regions and during winters.

Tank plants for black moor fish

Moors have the tendency to uproot live plants, so better go for fake plants or even better one is silk plants.Use oxygenating plants during breeding process.

If at all you are planning to add live plants then make sure they are sturdy and not uprooted easily.

Tank mates for black moor fish

Select tank mates of similar temperament and fish who can survive in the same aquarium conditions. Avoid aggressive fish,fast swimmers, competitive and finippers in black moors tank.

Suitable tank mates :

  • Other fancy goldfish with poor eye-sight like telescope, celestial, lionhead and bubble-eye goldfish (best choice)
  • Some tetras, corydoras,mollies and angelfish
  • Shrimps and snails (they keep the tank clean and reduce the algal growth and thereby keeping the water parameters stable.)

Black moor fish diet and feeding requirements

Black moors are omnivore and need both a plant based diet and a meaty diet.

Feed them twice a day.They cant compete for food resources due to their poor eyesights,so it’s advisable to take care of them especially during feeding time.

If not paying attention then definitely moors will grow weak and die soon because of starvation.Use automatic feeder to feed them on time.

  • Pellets and slow sinking goldfish flakes
  • Live food – artemia, tubifex
  • Frozen food or freeze-dried food- grass and ghost shrimp
  • Green Vegetables- blanched veggies from your kitchen
  • Gel based goldfish food available commercially

Black moor fish healthcare and health conditions

  • Goldfish ick- A parasitic infection
  • Skin diseases- medicines available commercially 
  • Swim bladder disease- Difficulty finding swimming balance, in Avoid feeding for 24 hours
  • Pop eye bacterial infection- Use antibiotics to treat them,else they will permanently go blind.
  • Tail or fin rot – Decaying fins
  • Overcrowding can lead to parasitic and bacterial infections.


  • Black moors are low-maintenance,undemanding fish & peaceful addition to the tank.
  • Don’t keep any goldfish in rounded bowls.Rounded bowls will hinder their growth.
  • Black moor fish have poor eyesight, so it is advised to keep them with other handicapped goldfish.
  • Proper equipment supplies, a good filtration system and a well balanced diet is all required to care for black moors.
  • Recommended for both beginners and experienced aquarists.

Frequently asked questions on black moor fish care:

Why are long rectangular aquariums better than round bowls like aquariums for black moors?

A long rectangular shaped aquarium will give moors more space to swim around and they would get a space where they can grow to be their natural sizes.It also prevents oxygen shortage due to large surface area.

Can I use tap water for the moors tank?

If you are using tap water to fill the tanks then make sure they are well treated with conditioners.Tap water is very harmful for aquarium fish and should never be used unless treated with a good quality water conditioner.