How to play with your betta fish?

In this post, we will answer the question “How do you play with your betta fish?”.  We will also list some games and activities you can practice with your betta fish.

How to play with your betta fish?

Betta fish must be trained before they may be used as a toy or to entertain other people. It will easily learn tricks and a playing routine with you. Here are seven different ways to interact with your betta fish that will allow you to assist your fish exercise and avoid being bored: 

For good measure, toss a ping pong ball into the tank

When adding ping pong balls to your aquarium, you can give your fish something to push around and occupy themselves with while they’re swimming.If you don’t have a ping pong ball, any ping pong ball will do as long as it has been carefully cleaned and is not harmed in any way before using it. 

In the event that your betta is feeling really bold, the ping pong ball will almost certainly be carried around on top of the surface of the water. Nonetheless, it should not be left in the tank at all times because it has the potential to induce stress, or because your betta may just become bored with it. 

Use a mirror to stimulate your batta fish flaring behvaiour

A mirror propped against the side of the tank is an excellent way to engage in playful interaction with your betta fish and encourage them to exercise. Any mirror will do, including handheld mirrors or ones designed specifically for pet birds, and bettas are known to react to their reflections by flaring and becoming extremely active in the process. 

Also available are toys that combine a floating ball with a mirror, allowing you to guide the ball over the tank’s surface with your hands. Despite this, it is strongly advised that you only use mirrors to play with your betta for a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes every day due to the possibility of stressing them out. 

In addition to encouraging your betta to flare, doing so may also urge it to evacuate, so if your fish is constipated, try to use a mirror to stimulate it to flare. The condition of the fins can be further assessed while they are flaring, allowing you to keep an eye out for/spot any tears or infection. 

Introduce floating ornaments into your home

Buy floating betta logs for your Siamese fighting fish to swim through to provide them with something to do while you’re away from the tank. Non-stop entertainment for your fish to interact with, they also serve as excellent sleeping quarters for many bettas since they are located on the top of your tank. Bettas have also been observed to construct bubble nests within the cavities of floating logs. However, when cleaning betta logs, be careful not to be too rough, since this may result in the paint being removed. 

You can also purchase floating decorations for your betta, such as fake or real plants (such as wisteria), for him or her to enjoy. They are likely to inspect the new objects, swimming around or through them. Just remember to always allow enough space for the betta to be able to reach the surface for air when necessary. 

It is possible to make drawings on the fish tank with dry erase markers 

Bettas are relatively easy to keep amused and occupied. Use dry erase markers to decorate the outside of your aquarium to give it a unique look. If your fish senses something out of the ordinary, it will almost certainly come around to examine further. 

With erasable markers, the best part about finishing a game is that you can easily wipe away whatever doodling you’ve done once you’ve completed and start over from the beginning. However, always test the dry erase markers out first before you start doodling because some dry erase markers are more effective at erasing than others.The marker may be a dry erase marker that has to be removed using a magic eraser, or it may be a permanent marker that will not come off the glass easily with a magic eraser. 

Post-it notes or other pieces of paper could be taped to the tank’s walls and ceiling

In videos, people are simply adhering Post-its on the side of their betta tank or cutting out shapes from paper to show the fish what they should and shouldn’t do. Bettas are greatly drawn to bright colours and movement, which means that you can (usually) easily entice them to chase after anything that you give to them in their natural environment. 

Experiment with different items outside the tank and see what your fish thinks

Another technique to engage in playful interaction with your betta fish is to introduce new objects to the tank’s perimeter. However, while it is adorable, you must always remember to play in moderation to prevent accidentally stressing out your fish unnecessarily. 

Develop the ability to swim through hoops in your betta

The only thing you need to remember when performing this technique is to make sure that the hoops are large enough for your fish to comfortably swim through without being injured. You must also guarantee that they are trained in a safe environment because they have the potential to accidentally jump through dividers or out of the tank. 

Remember that when it comes to interacting with your betta fish, moderation is the most essential thing to remember. If your betta becomes fatigued, stressed, or fearful while engaging in any type of play, the session should be terminated. There are certain fish that are more sensitive to stress than others, and it is your obligation as the caregiver to regularly watch your fish’s behavior and ensure that it is always secure and prospering.


In this post, we answered the question “How do you play with your betta fish?”. We also listed some games and activities you can practice with your betta fish.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): How to play with your betta fish?

How do I keep my betta fish entertained?

The things you can teach it to include things such as following your finger, eating from your hand, swimming through hoops, playing soccer and even jumping out of the water or coming up to you to be patted if you have patience and perseverance. The most effective reinforcement for desired behaviour is fish food.

Do betta fish play with humans?

Fish are capable of developing an association between something they enjoy, which they are fed, and the person who provides the food. The more you engage with your betta fish, the more likely it is that they will recognize you as the source of food. Betta fish will instinctively swim towards the front of the tank as soon as their owner approaches the tank.

Do betta fish like to be touched?

Betta fish, on the other hand, do not like to be touched. The majority of bettas are easily scared and may become aggressive if they are touched. Additionally, interacting with betta fish might be harmful to their overall health. Because of this, if you touch them, you may accidentally remove their protective slime coating.

What is the best way to gain the trust of your betta fish?

Spending quality time with your betta fish and allowing it to get to know you well is an important part of earning its trust. Place the tank close to where you perform regular activities such as homework, reading, or engaging in a hobby so that your betta fish can keep an eye on you while you perform your duties.

What kinds of toys do fish enjoy playing with? 

Some of the most pleasurable items for fish to play on in an aquarium environment are a  leaf hammock, floating log, aquatic plants, and moss balls, among other things. Adding toys and marine décor to your tank can make a significant difference in your fish’s overall environment. It piques their interest and helps them feel at ease.

Do betta fish get lonely? 

Betta fish are territorial by nature and should not be kept in the same tank-like any other betta fish since they will fight and hurt each other, which will frequently result in death. If they are in a large tank, they are unlikely to feel lonely; yet, they may become bored if their tank is too small.


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