How to masturbate a dog

This post will talk about canine masturbation. Did you know that dogs masturbate? Is it necessary for a human to masturbate a dog? In this post, we will present about canine masturbation and why a human should not masturbate a dog.

Can I masturbate my dog?

No, dogs should not be masturbated by their tutors. Dogs masturbate naturally and there is no need for a human to stimulate it. In some cases, this practice can be considered a crime of zoophilia.

In addition, the practice of masturbation in dogs can lead to injuries to the animals’ genital region. It can cause inflammation and even serious infections in the dog’s genital region. And some diseases such as brucellosis are zoonoses and can affect tutors’ health. 

Do dogs masturbate?

Yes. Dogs can masturbate. Dogs usually start masturbating after entering puberty at 4 to 7 months.

Male dog masturbation

Canine masturbation happens when a male dog uses toys, clothes and even the owner’s leg to make copulation movements. Thus, the stimulation of the foreskin on the glans, causes the animal to have an erection and even ejaculation. After the act, the dogs lick the penile region to clean the place.

Digital manipulation

In male dogs, digital manipulation of the animal’s penis can be performed to collect sperm for clinical evaluation and for use in biotechnologies such as artificial insemination. However, this practice should only be performed by a competent professional to avoid injuries for the animal.

Female dog masturbation

Females, on the other hand, can stimulate themselves by licking the vulvar region. it is common that between 6 and 7 months of life. This is a sign that she is discovering her body and preparing for a sexually active adult life.


In this blog post, we were able to find out more about canine masturbation. And how this behavior is natural and should not be stimulated by humans. In addition, we talk a little about digital manipulation, which is a clinical practice performed by veterinarians, and its objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): How to masturbate a dog


Does castration solve masturbation in dogs?

Castration can help in some cases, but in more stressed and anxious dogs, neutering will not help. For cases of dogs with behavioral deviation, training is indicated, increased physical activity, stimulation with toys and games and contact with other dogs, such as in day care and hotel for dogs.

What can I do to reduce my dog’s stress?

Never masturbating the dog but improving the dog quality of life with:

  • Increasing the number of physical activities such as outings and training
  • Increasing stimulation for toys and play
  • Having more than one dog
  • Having contact with other dogs, such as in day care centers and hotels.

My dog is licking the genital area a lot, is this normal?

Excessive licking in the genital region can mean health changes, so the animal should be taken to the vet for evaluation.


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