How to keep betta fish entertained?

In this post, we will answer the question “How to keep betta fish entertained?”. We will also discuss what you should avoid presenting to your betta fish. 

How to keep betta fish entertained?

Several items, ranging from simple natural or fake plants to laser pointers and ping pong balls, can keep your betta fish occupied. Betta toys are cool since they are fairly simple, and it’s adorable to see how such simple items can provide so much delight to your lovely fish. These fish are curious, and they enjoy playing with simple toys in their aquariums. 

Betta fish toys include aquarium plants

“A plant is not a toy,” you could say. Have you ever tried climbing a tree or walking on a log like it was a balance beam? What would happen if you jumped into a pile of leaves?

They provide a pleasant haven for your betta. If you use living plants, they aid in the production of oxygen. 

Java fern, java moss, betta bulbs, and anubias are all fantastic plants to have in your home or garden. Fake plants can also be used as little toys. Bettas are capable of nipping at them or hiding among them. When it concerns plastic vegetation, be certain they don’t have any jagged edges or corners. To be extra safe, you can use silk plants.

Laser pointers encourage physical activity

On YouTube, there are around one million videos of cats and dogs pursuing laser pointers, which are entertaining to watch. However, did you know that betta fish also eat these foods? Laser pointers that are both ethical and safe to use with your betta are available. 

Hammocks made of leaves aid in relaxing 

Did your betta work up an appetite trying to get his hands on the laser pointer? If that’s the case, get a small leaf hammock for it to relax in. 

Zoo Med

Zoo Med manufactures a gorgeous leaf hammock that you can simply hang at the surface of the water to provide your betta fish with some much-needed relaxation. It has a huge leaf that is great for resting and is attached to a suction cup. It provides a relaxing and safe environment for your betta to unwind after a game. It may even nip at the plastic leaf for additional delight.

Consider having a ping pong ball

A ping pong ball can be added to the aquarium to offer your fish something to push about and amuse themselves with. Any ping pong ball will suffice as long as it has been rinsed and is in good condition. 

The ping pong ball will most likely be pushed about the surface of the water if your betta is feeling particularly daring. It should not, however, be left in there at all times because it may cause stress or bore your betta. 

Place a mirror for your betta fish flare

Holding a mirror up to the side of the tank is an easy way to play with your betta fish and get them to exercise. Any mirror will do, including handheld mirrors or those designed for pet birds, and bettas will typically flare and become quite active in response to their reflections. 

Other toys combine a floating ball and a mirror, allowing you to maneuver it around the aquarium’s surface. However, it is highly recommended that you only use mirrors to play with your betta for 5 to 10 minutes per day because it can easily stress them out. 

If your betta is constipated, encouraging it to flare may help it defecate, so use a mirror! You can see the state of the fins better while they’re flaring, so you can keep an eye on/spot any tears or infections.

Introduce floating ornaments

You may buy floating betta logs for your Siamese fighting fish to swim through to give them something to do. Besides providing entertainment for your fish, betta logs are also popular for sleeping spots for bettas due to the fact that they are close to the surface. Bettas have also been observed creating bubble nests within floating logs. However, when cleaning betta logs, be careful not to scrub them too hard, as this may remove the paint. 

You may also buy floating decorations for your betta to play with, such as fake or genuine plants (such as wisteria). The fish will very certainly inspect the new objects, swimming around or through them. Just keep in mind to give enough space for the betta to quickly reach the surface for air. 

Draw on the fish tank with markers

Bettas are very easy to keep amused and engaged. If you have dry erase markers on hand, you may doodle on the outside of your aquarium to decorate it. When your fish notices anything unusual, it will most likely approach to explore. With erasable markers, you can easily wipe away any scribbling when you’ve finished playing and begin again. However, before doodling, always test the markers because some dry erase markers erase better than others. If your marker won’t come off easily, it’s either a dry erase marker that needs to be erased using a magic eraser or a permanent marker. A fast Google search will reveal your alternatives for securely erasing persistent marks in either situation. 

Stick Post-its or other pieces of paper on the tank

To show the fish, use post-its on the side of the betta tank or cut out shapes from paper. Bettas are drawn to bright colours and action, so you can typically entice them to chase whatever you put in front of them. 

Outside the tank, place additional stuff for your fish to investigate. 

Placing new objects outside the tank is another technique to entertain your betta fish. While it’s adorable, keep in mind that you should always play in moderation to avoid stressing your fish out unnecessarily. 

Train some tricks to your betta fish

Yes, you can teach your Siamese fighting fish to swim or jump through hoops in exchange for food. When doing this trick, all you have to do is make sure the hoops are large enough for your fish to swim through without getting hurt. You must also train them safely because they may jump through dividers or out of the tank by accident. 

Keep in mind that the most important fact to notice while dealing with your betta fish is moderation. Stop the session if your betta feels tired, anxious, or afraid during any type of play. Because some fish are more prone to stress than others, it’s your responsibility as the caregiver to keep an eye on your fish’s behaviour and make sure it’s always secure and prospering.

What should be avoided in the betta fish tank?

Do you want to know what to avoid while buying betta fish toys? We’ve put up a list of things to avoid, so have a look.

Sharp edges

We bring home interesting rocks and shells we find on the beach, clean them, and put them in the fish tank. Even if we see a cute ornament on the store shelves, we could buy it without giving it a second thought and throw it in the aquarium. Then we become outraged when the fish get abrasions or have their ends pulled off. 

In nature and on store shelves, there are plenty of things to entertain us. The exception to this rule is anything having a pointy end. Wearing a winter glove, you can run your finger over the object to see whether there are any sharp edges, or you can simply look at it. You should file down or replace the glove if it snags on your fish because it is too sharp.

Rocks, Shells or Corals

If you live near the ocean or go on vacation to the beach, you might believe that bringing your betta a souvenir is a considerate gesture. 

This should not be done, even though it is a lovely gesture. The first thing to note about betta fish is that they live in freshwater. Their tanks will become clogged with calcium from shells and coral. If you do this, you may injure your betta by altering the water’s composition. Incorporating seashells can modify the pH of the water. Makes cleaning the tank more difficult, which might lead to your fish being ill. 

Sand from the beach

The sand in the tank looks to be exceptional. It stands to reason, after all, that fish in water would be surrounded by sand. You know, a change of scenery could be good for your fish, don’t you? 

Because it’s soft and cozy, sand makes a wonderful substrate for betta fish to rest and unwind in. Beach sand, on the other hand, is a bad idea because it is dusty and polluted, and it can injure your fish. 

Even though the signs say “No dogs permitted,” you can bet that there have been a few canines, as well as birds and other critters, that have used the beach as a toilet. Not to mention the food and rubbish that people discard on the shores. 

Choosing clean tank sand from Amazon or your local fish store is the best option for your betta fish’s health and well-being.

Metal objects

Metal is not used in the manufacture of fish sold online or in pet stores, so you don’t have to worry about that. The fact that you cannot add metal to your tank should never be forgotten. Making a tank with a “sunken ship” or similar motif and adding a metal element to make it look authentic can seem like a smart idea. This, on the other hand, will not amuse your betta fish.

Metal releases poison into the water, which can be extremely harmful to your fish, and it also rusts.

Poorly reviewed products

Before you buy something, make sure you check the reviews on it. Some products evolve, and some have positive ratings from years ago, while others have purchased a higher-quality version. 

While you’re out shopping, keep your wits about you by reading other people’s reviews. Even if your fish looks to be the exception to the norm on a bad review, it’s doubtful that it will be.


In this post, we answered the question “How to keep betta fish entertained?”. We also discussed what you should avoid presenting to your betta fish.

We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or concerns!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): How to keep betta fish entertained?

What do fish prefer to do when they’re bored? 

The finest things for aquarium fish to play on are floating logs, leaf hammocks, moss balls, and aquatic plants. Adding toys and marine décor to your tank can make a big difference in your fish’s environment. It piques their interest and makes them feel at ease. 

Are mirrors beneficial to betta fish? 

Using a mirror isn’t detrimental to your betta, but using it excessively can be. When your betta sees his reflection, he will be agitated, but this is a good thing. And it won’t harm you as long as you don’t let it get to the point where it’s fatigued or manic. 

Do betta fish ever get lonely? 

No, they don’t get lonely at all. They should not be kept with other betta fish since they would fight and damage one other, frequently resulting to death. Betta fish are territorial by nature. However, they are unlikely to grow bored in their tank if it is too small.

When your betta fish stares at you, what does it mean? 

This question has a simple answer: they believe they are being fed! They’re staring at you because they’re looking forward to a meal. By spending more time with your betta, you will be able to better understand their behaviour and identify whether they are hungry or simply bored and seeking attention. 

What is it that makes fish happy? 

When your fish are happy and healthy, they do the following: Swimming actively throughout the tank, rather than hanging out or resting at the bottom, floating towards the top, or hiding behind plants and ornaments, is recommended. Swimming to the top quickly when it’s time to eat is the best strategy.


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