How often should Akitas be bathed?

In this article, we will answer the following question: How often should Akitas be bathed? We will give you the best tips and tricks for caring for your Akitas coat. 

How often should Akitas be bathed?

Akitas should be bather once every month unless it gets really dirty from playing outside in the mud! It is suggested that the baths are not so often as they hurt your pet’s skin. 

It is worth reminding you that you should use shampoo for dogs avoiding the use of shampoo for humans and baby shampoo that can hurt your pet’s skin. I also recommend that you brush your pet’s coat every day. 

The Akita is such an extremely clean dog that it will groom itself regularly after eating, playtime, etc. is over. Even so, it is important that you take care of its regular cleaning, not only as a way to keep it in perfect condition and away from possible diseases, but also as a simple way to greatly facilitate living together at home.

If hygiene is important in any dog, the larger its size, the more you will have to take care of the cleanliness of the animal, so that the so-called “dog smell” does not begin to bother you until you make you feel uncomfortable in your own home.

Akita dog dental hygiene

Correct mouth cleaning of your Akita will reduce the chances of suffering from various pathologies, among which the dangerous periodontal disease stands out, but also other heart, kidney, or liver ailments.

Prevent tartar from being deposited on the surface of your dog’s teeth with a regular tooth brushing from a puppy, which you can accompany with the establishment of a reward system that includes anti-tartar snacks.

Bathing and drying your Akita

YourAkita will enjoy and relax in the bath if you use warm water with which you create a pleasant environment in relation to a moment that for many dogs is unwanted.

Bathe yours once a month or when you start to notice that it is dirty. Do not do it more often so as not to remove the layer of natural protection that your skin is provided with. While you are bathing your dog, use the brush to get the shampoo into the dog’s coat of hair.

Once out of the bathroom, you will have to face the lengthy drying of your American Akita, for which you will have to use the electric dryer at a moderate temperature, thus ensuring that the hair is not wet, which could lead to the appearance of fungus.

Brushing your Akita

The Akita has a large amount of hair that suggests a daily brushing with which to remove dead hair and keep the coat free of dirt particles.

Brushing will also help prevent the dog from spreading his hair all over the house, forcing you to go after him with the vacuum cleaner day after day, if you want to keep your home clean of pet hair.

Also take advantage of this moment to strengthen ties with your American Akita, as this intimate time will make it possible, at the same time that it acts as a form of control against hair loss. Choose a good brush from among those that the market puts at your disposal, depending on the thickness of your dog’s coat and the amount of hair it has.

Vaccines and antiparasitic treatments for your Akita

The health of your dog depends to a large extent on administering the corresponding doses of vaccines, on which the veterinarian will guide you. Look carefully at the vaccination schedule and avoid contagion against certain infectious diseases.

Pipettes or antiparasitic collars will also be very useful to keep ticks, fleas, or intestinal worms at bay that can also cause other diseases, from annoying to serious.

Tips and tricks for caring for an Akita

Although they are different breeds, the American Akita is very similar to its close relative the Akita Inu, both are characterized by being loyal, brave, and somewhat independent dogs. Another characteristic that both share is their fur, and that is that despite being short, it has a double coat, an essential aspect to protect itself from the cold.

Brushing the American Akitas coat

Is your companion an American Akita? Have you ever seen this breed? Then you will know that it is a breed of dog with a spectacular coat, and it is that double layer of hair that protects them in cases of extreme cold, they renew it daily.

Daily brushing is especially important, with rigid bristle brushes (be careful, choose brushes with a rounded tip, so as not to damage their delicate skin), undoubtedly the most suitable type for the maintenance of their thick coat.

What areas should you brush? Without a doubt, his whole body! And it is that apart from improving the condition of your hair, we will remove any dirt that it may have (It is what you have to play in the park with your four-legged friends;)), and we will also make you enjoy our attention.

Bathing an American Akita

Although if we asked many of our doggy friends, the bathroom would be totally dispensable, it is advisable to use warm water, to try that our little friend enjoys the bath, and relaxes.

What happens if I bathe my dog ​​very often? Remember that in the case of American Akitas, it is recommended every 6-8 weeks. If we bathed them more often, we could remove the natural protective layer from their skin!

Do you remember the type of brush that we mentioned before? Use it during the bath, so that the shampoo penetrates all of your partner’s fur. Remember to dry your friend’s fur very well! If you don’t, you could even get fungus, when in doubt, don’t think about it and invest in a professional dog groomer.

Products to care for the Akita

Do you love taking care of your pet? In that case, we have some products that you will love!

  • Foam or mousse shampoo, specially designed for after returning from the park in winter! Remember that it is never recommended to use human shampoo on dogs.
  • Conditioner + revitalizing spray, are used to give greater volume to that greatcoat.
  • Dog perfume.

Now that you know how to take care of your little friend … Don’t wait any longer to put it into practice!

Natural foods that improve the coat of your Akita

Did you know that there are indeed natural foods that can significantly improve the appearance of your Akitas coat?

On a weekly basis, we can offer our dog a homemade diet, in it, we can include:

  • Rice
  • Egg
  • Chicken
  • Olive oil
  • Carrot

Rice is an excellent base that we must always put before those derived from wheat, chicken is included as a protein source, and carrots for flavor. The ones that really shine enhancers are the eggs and the natural olive oil, offer them in moderation once a week and you will soon notice the results. In addition, these are natural products that will not harm your pet.

Reasons to bathe your Akita more often 

First, you should be interested in taking care of your dog’s fur for your own health and well-being. It does not matter if the dog lives inside or outside, think that although its hair is a barrier that protects the skin, if we leave it without bathing for a long time all that filth that swarms in the environment will end up reaching it. 

It is not about cleaning the dust or bad smells, it is about cleaning the pollution from cars, factories, tobacco smoke, residues from the scrubbing floors we use, bacteria that it picks up on the street. 

Do you really think that clears itself or disappears by magic? Do we let all those pollutants accumulate in our hair for months? Or is it that your hair is magical and disintegrates all that residue or directly acts as a repellent and does not fixate on it?

Another reason is that dogs that live indoors must have proper hygiene for their own good. Frequent brushing is essential but insufficient to keep an animal with whom we share the sofa and bed clean enough. Animals are never dirty, the dirty ones are the owners who do not keep them clean.

Contrary to popular belief, dogs that live outside in the country can space their bathrooms much more than those that live in a flat. The reason? In the field, they can take mud baths and thus this acts as a detergent that helps them to get rid of pollution, but of course, for the human criteria of cleanliness they will be dirty and stinky, so they should bathe at most every two months.

On the other hand, flat-dwelling dogs are typically city dogs that are more exposed to pollution, tobacco, and sidewalks full of germs and nastier stuff, so bathing should be much more frequent. And more if we take into account that it is precisely those who live permanently in a closed space with us.


It is up to the dog owner to keep his dog in optimal health and beauty conditions, so learn to take care of your Akita dog yourself, as it is not that difficult to do so and so on. you will learn to take care of any breed you have.

The important thing is the intention to always keep it clean, for this reason, you will always be aware of giving the best to these beautiful creatures that have come to our homes to steal from us with their tender looks and affection for the hearts of the whole family.

If you have any questions or comments on the content, please let us know!

FAQ on How often should Akitas be bathed

Do Akitas need haircuts?

Akitas need haircuts from time to time, also they need their nails trimmed and ears clean to ensure they are healthy and smell free. Visit a professional groomer once every two months to ensure you have a beautiful and healthy pet. 

How do you take care of an Akita?

You take care of an Akita by following a routine: brush their coat at least weekly, bathe them every four or six weeks, keep them active and healthy!

How often should a dog be bathed?

A dog should be bathed once every two to four weeks, depending on its size, age, and dog’s character. A puppy may need more frequent washing. 

How do I stop my dog’s ears from smelling?

To stop your dog’s ears from smelling you have to clean and keep them dry. At general levels, weekly cleaning is usually sufficient. Not forgetting that we must dry their ears inside, just as if we cleaned them, every time we bathe them. 


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