How much should Akita puppies eat?

In this article, we will answer the following question: How much should Akita puppies eat? We will discuss the best food for your Akita puppy, their advantages and disadvantages. 

How much should Akita puppies eat?

Akita puppies eat differently, according to their age, weight, genes, and lifestyle. You need to monitor your puppy’s growth. In fact, once your puppy has reached 90% of its final weight, you will need to switch to an “adult” diet.

It will be necessary to feed your Akita puppy several meals a day:

  • 3 to 4 daily meals for dogs 2 to 6 months of age,
  • 2 meals a day up to 1 year of age (and in the case of some dogs we can continue like this even in adulthood) to avoid any risk of stomach problems.

Typically, a puppy runs out of its mother’s milk at around 8 weeks of age. So let’s consider that when they adopt him, he will be fully weaned. First of all, you are not going to suddenly change the puppy’s diet. So you need to talk to the former owner or breeder about it to find out how to do the first few weeks. 

And if the breeder gives you some kibble and you want to change, you will have to do it very gradually. For two weeks or more, you can introduce and mix the new kibbles with the old ones a little more each day.

Meet nutritional needs for the Akita puppy

Regardless of breed or weight, your puppy’s food should be well balanced and rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to help him grow well.

Here are the main nutrients your Akita puppy will need:

  • Proteins are essential for the development of tissues, organs, and muscles, as well as for the prevention of diseases. These proteins must be of good quality and represent a little more than 25% of the ration. Therefore, a meat-only diet will not be adequate without the risk of causing locomotor problems, but also bone problems.
  • Carbohydrates also contribute to the good growth of your dog. These are generally found in cereals.
  • Essential fatty acids are important for the nervous and immune systems. They must be selected as an energy source and not as carbohydrates. Undoubtedly, age is more digestible and contains vitamins.
  • Calcium, of course, for the bones.
  • The vitamins: But to be sure of giving everything your American Akita puppy will need, several questions arise:
  • What kind of food to choose?
  • What will be the healthiest, the most balanced and the most suitable for your American AKITA puppy?
  • What kind of food to prepare: raw meat, leftover meals (homemade food), croquettes (industrial food)?

This article will help you to see more clearly what the 3 types of food are and to determine the best diet for your Akita puppy.

First of all, let’s see what are the 3 ways to feed your American AKITA puppy.

BARF feeding for your Akita puppy

The principle of the BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) diet consists of giving your American AKITA puppy food composed mainly of raw meat and complemented with pasta, rice, vegetables … This would be a suitable diet for puppies, but only if it is okay correctly composed and administered.

In fact, be it a puppy or an adult, a dog is still a carnivore and therefore forced to eat meat. With a natural diet based on raw meat and vegetables, the American Akita puppy has quality food.

The BARF program recommends a daily ration of 6 to 8% of the puppy’s weight in 3 or 4 meals up to 6 months.

The BARF diet is not without risks because when eating raw meat, American AKITA puppies can have problems with obstruction and even suffocation. They can also suffer from bacteriological problems if the quality of the meat is not perfect. As a result, your puppy can develop salmonellosis or other poisonings….

In addition, this type of diet is difficult to adapt to the specific nutritional needs of your American Akita puppy. Indeed, the balance is difficult to find according to age, behavior (active, father, overweight…), the type of meat (fat, lean, red, poultry), and the dose of supplements….

There are ready-made mixes to complete BARF food and thus avoid missing or incorrect… .. These products are used to add nutrients that are not always present in BARF meat and vegetables.

Prepare meals according to the recommended foods and doses for the age and weight of your American AKITA puppy and add an appropriate dose of this nutritional supplement.

Other issues with these types of foods include the price, supply, storage and preparation of time-consuming meals….

And there is the »frozen product» solution that can be stored to always have a solution at home. They are boxes made of pieces of different frozen meats. So if you don’t have the fresh meat portion needed for BARF food in your refrigerator, you go to the freezer to get it.

To conclude, regarding the part feeding with BARF for puppies AMERICAN AKITA, we can say that it takes time and money to give your puppy a feeding with BARF. Also, in the end, this type of diet will always be riskier in terms of health.

Homemade food for your Akita puppy

Homemade food is a diet composed of food from our own meals (meat, vegetables, fish …). These can be the meals that you are going to prepare for your puppy with products that you will have in your fridge or the leftovers of your food or cans….

Due to its great diversity, it can be healthy and adapted to the needs of your American Akita puppy. But only if the products are of good quality and the quantities are well calculated.

The main advantage is that you know exactly what your puppy is eating.

Simply put, home-cooked meals should consist of one-third meat (or fish), one-third vegetables, and one-third rice. And for vitamins, calcium, and other minerals, you can add them with powdered or tablet food supplements. Of course, you will have to dose them perfectly according to the age and weight of your American Akita puppy.

If you decide to give your American Akita puppy “leftovers” or homemade food, there is a high risk that you will not give him the right amount. And so, you can quickly become obese and even very sick….

Also, the diet will be varied but not necessarily balanced … and therefore will not meet the specific needs of the American Akita puppy. It is very difficult to prepare homemade meals balanced in proteins, cereals, fatty acids, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Finally, if you train your American Akita puppy to eat only our food, it is very likely that he will not tolerate the kibbles the day you give them or as an adult. This can be embarrassing if you have to keep him in boarding school.

How about a mixed diet (homemade and croquettes)? It may be the ideal solution, but it will also be very difficult to balance and ration. 

Industrial food/kibbles for your Akita puppy

It is the food that 80% of puppy owners choose for their puppy. It is also the food recommended by breeders and veterinarians. Why is this diet so popular and widespread? 

Speed ​​and simplicity. Because we do not always have the time or the desire to prepare a real meal every day with meat, vegetables, cereals…. for your dog. The croquettes are perfect because all you have to do is dose the portion and pour it into the bowl and the food is ready! This is the easiest and fastest solution.

Ensure nutritional balance. Feeding your puppy kibble avoids making nutritional and quantitative errors. This type of food also guarantees good sanitary quality (without germs, without parasites …).

Storage. Croquettes bags can be stored for a long time when they are not opened and therefore allow storage for several months without any problems.

Prices. And finally, in terms of price, it is also the best option, since it would be the cheapest food of the three options.

The disadvantages of kibble for an Akita puppy? You don’t really know what croquettes are made of… Are there enough proteins, nutrients? They do not contain too many carbohydrates, cereals.  In addition, according to various testimonies, they would make our animals thirsty.

Why choose kibble to feed your puppy? After comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the three possible foods, it seems that feeding croquettes are the best option according to a large majority of opinions.

It is the only type of food that combines the practical, quick and easy aspect with the limitations of rationing, balance, and nutritional quality essential for your American Akita puppy to be in good health and in top shape.

Final recommendations

It is better if the Akita diet consists of several main products like meat, fish, and vegetables. And the fish should be a mandatory element, it is linked to its island habitat and is already a genetic characteristic.

It will be useful to add some seaweed to the daily menu of your Akita puppy, it is possible in pill form. The iodine they contain is necessary for the normal development of the Akita Inu. 

Dog food of this breed must simultaneously contain several natural ingredients: fish meal, meat, and bone meal. Only in this way will the animal receive everything it needs.

If you choose for yourself, be aware that only premium and super-premium foods suitable for the Akita diet can be purchased exclusively in specialty stores.

Special attention should be paid to the packaging, if the word natural is indicated then we are talking about natural, holistic products – the food is suitable for dogs with food intolerance (also a great choice for pets with allergies ) or human food. All of these foods are suitable for Akitas diet.

If you have any comments or questions on the content, please let us know!

FAQ on How much should Akita puppies eat?

What should I feed my Akita puppy?

You should feed your Akita puppy a complete and balanced diet consisting of fish, meat, and vegetables. You need to make sure you feed them high-protein meals to support a healthy and active lifestyle. 

How much water should an Akita puppy drink?

An Akita puppy should drink about a one-half cup of water every two hours. Make sure you give your puppy enough water as dehydration can make them sick. 

Can I give my Akita raw meat?

You can give your Akita raw meat as it is very nutritional for them, but give it in small portions and gradually. 

How much food should I feed my new puppy?

You should feed your puppy about three to five types a day, depending on its age, breed, weight, and energy level. Whenever in doubt, consult a vet.


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