How many Angelfish in a 75-gallon tank?

In this post, we will discuss the topic “How many Angelfish in a 75-gallon tank” and all steps of setting up an Angelfish aquarium. We will also suggest some fish species that are good Angelfish tankmates in community tanks.

How many Angelfish in a 75-gallon tank

A 75-gallon tank can fit 5-6 fully grown Angelfish. This tank size will provide an appropriate area to swim, explore, and establish their territory. It is also possible to build a fish community in a 75-gallon tank.

What you should know about Angelfish

Angelfish are gorgeous triangular-shaped freshwater fish. They are pacific fish most of the time. However, they are classified as semi-aggressive due to some specific circumstances when aggressive behaviours take place.

They are not demanding fish and do well in various community tanks.

On average, they measure up to 6 inches in length and 10 inches in height. In captivity, Angelfish live for around 12 years.

As omnivores, it is recommended to feed them twice a day with some fresh vegetables, live worms and shrimp, freeze-dried items, and some industrialized flakes and pellets. 

What are the best tank mates for Angelfish?

Although Angelfish are classified as semi-aggressive fish, they can be tankmates to various fish species in community tanks. The general recommendation is to select peaceful non-aggressive fish that are not fin-nippers, or too small to become prey, or too big to attack the Angelfish. 

Some good Angelfish tank mates are:

–       Platies;

–       Molies;

–       Corydoras catfish;

–       Bristlenose plecos;

–       Medium to large tetras;

–       Peaceful barbs;

–       Guppies;

–       Dwarf Gouramis;

–       Swordtails.

Angelfish tank tips

Angelfish were originally found in tropical slow waters of the Amazon River basin. Ideal tank and water conditions for Angelfish tanks must be similar to their natural ecosystem, calm and warm well-planted tanks.

Water parameters

Keeping water parameters ideal will guarantee your fish will not be facing infestation or any vulnerability due to contaminants or stress.

For this motive, some equipment may assist you with that, such as filters, heaters, and others. The water temperature should be stable between 78 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit and pH levels between 6 and 8.

Tank size

As previously said, Angelfish require enough space to swim, explore, and establish their territory. Additionally, plants and other tank features take space. Thus, these fish require more space than the general rule of 1 inch of fish per gallon of water.

Angelfish are not schooling fish. However, they appreciate better being in small groups than being alone, as they feel more secure in the companion of equals. A 75-gallon tank can house 5-6 fully grown Angelfish. 

Plants and Substrate

According to their natural habitat, Angelfish adore heavily-planted tanks with fine sandy substrate. Thus, it is suggested to place live plants such as Java moss, Java fern, Acharis, or Amazon sword, as they will look like the Angelfish natural environment.

Furthermore, Angelfish appreciate hiding spots. The plants and other structures will help them to feel safe.

75-gallon tank dimensions

A standard 75-gallon tank dimension is 48 x 18 x 21 inches. However, it is likely to find many other shapes and proportions. The tank general weight when filled is around 850 lbs.

Tips for a 75-gallon tank

–       Set a routine of water change

–       Good filtration and heating systems;

–       Avoid overpopulation and overfeeding;

–       Consider fish species requirements and behaviours;

–      Plants, substrate and décor also take space in a tank.

5 Benefits of a 75-gallon tank

1.   Perfect balance between enough space and not demanding too much maintenance;

2.   Create a miniature entire ecosystem in your home;

3.   Accommodate more fish and larger groups;

4.   It is a good tank size, it fits into most houses;

5.   Fairly affordable to run.

75-gallon tank equipment

Tank equipment varies from tank to tank. Thus, it is important to keep in mind which equipment you will need when setting up a new tank.

–       Filter: every tank needs a filtration system. Function: remove waste and debris, prevent contaminants build-up, oxygenate the water;

–       Heater and thermometer: most tanks use a heater to stabilize temperatures and avoid severe variations. Large tropical fish tanks rely on a heater to stabilize temperature equally on the entire tank;

–       Lights: light intensity and requirement are directly related to your fish needs. Also, depending on the light, algae and plants may grow faster;

–       Air pump: bigger tanks also need air pumps to help with oxygenation;

75-gallon community tank combination

A 75-gallon tank makes it possible to set up a great community with fish inhabiting all water levels. The combinations are endless, but here is one suggestion for a peaceful tropical tank;

–       1 pair of Angelfish;

–       12 Marbled Hatchetfish – upper levels;

–       20 Zebra Danios – mid-levels;

–       8 Kuhli Loaches – lower levels.


In this post, we discussed “How many angelfish in a 75-gallon tank” and all steps of setting up an Angelfish aquarium. We also suggested some fish species that are good Angelfish tankmates in community tanks.

If you have any thoughts or doubts, feel free to drop us in a comment below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): How many Angelfish in a 75-gallon tank

How many Angelfish can you put in a 75-gallon tank?

It is possible to keep 5-6 Angelfish in a 75-gallon tank. It is important also to consider their individual size and temperament to make sure they are all safe and happy. When adult, Angelfish can develop more territorial and aggressive behaviours and thus, some may be moved into another tank or the whole community into a bigger one.

Can you have multiple Angelfish?

Yes, it is possible to keep many Angelfish in the same tank. However, the space provided should be enough for them to establish their territory. Additionally, it is important to place the less aggressive individuals first, and later the more aggressive ones. 

Can Neon tetras live with Angelfish?

Yes, Neon tetras and Angelfish can live together. Although, we recommend you introduce the neon tetras to a young Angelfish to avoid any predatory behaviour toward the tetras. Younger Angelfish are smaller and less aggressive than adults.

Can I put Glofish with an Angelfish?

There are four types of Glofish, black skirt tetras, zebra danios, rainbow shark, and tiger barbs. From these, Black skirt tetras and zebra danios can go along very well with Angelfish, while the tiger barbs and the rainbow sharks should be avoided.

Can I keep shrimp with Angelfish?

The Angelfish will probably eat all the shrimp unless they are big enough not to fit in the Angelfish’s mouth.

Can Cardinal Tetras live with Angelfish?

The chances of the cardinal tetras being devoured are high. Angelfish are omnivores and eat almost anything that fits into their mouth. However, if you introduce younger angelfish to mature cardinal tetras, the size difference would not be big enough for the Angelfish to eat the tetras. Thus, they would get along very well.


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