How many Angelfish in a 125-gallon tank?

In this post, we will discuss the topic “How many Angelfish in a 125-gallon tank” and tips about Angelfish aquariums. We will also suggest some fish species that are good Angelfish tankmates in community tanks. 

How many Angelfish in a 125-gallon tank?

A 125-gallon tank can fit a maximum of 8 fully grown Angelfish.  125-gallon tanks are great tanks for both experts and beginners. Angelfish require plenty of space to swim, explore and establish their territory. It is also possible to form an amazing community in a 125-gallon tank.

What you should know about Angelfish

Angelfish are very popular Cichlids with triangular-shaped bodies. They are semi-aggressive fish. However, most of the time, these fish are peaceful. They only become aggressive in specific situations.

They are no demanding fish and great choices for beginners. On average, they grow up to 6 inches long and 10 inches tall. In captivity, Angelfish usually live for around 12 years.

As omnivores, this should be done by offering them some fresh vegetables, live bloodworms and brine shrimp, freeze-dried items, and some industrialized flakes and pellets.

Angelfish tank tips

Water parameters

These fish inhabits tropical Amazon calm water bodies. Thus, in tanks, the water should be warm, between 78 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit and pH levels around 6-8. The tank should also have plenty of live plants resembling their natural habitat. 

Water parameters are very important in a tank. Monitoring them will assure lower toxins levels and thus, lower fish susceptibility to illnesses and stress. Some equipment may assist you in monitoring and stabilizing some of these parameters, such as filters and heaters. 

Tank size

Due to the Angelfish personality and magnitude, it is needed around 16 to 20-gallon per fish in a tank. They require such amount of room to set up plants and substrate in the tank, as well as to swim around, explore, and establish their territory.

These fish prefer being in small groups of equals rather than being left alone, once they feel more secure. A 125-gallon tank can house 8 fully grown Angelfish. 

Plants and Substrate

As said, Angelfish appreciate loads of plants. These plants provide them with natural resemblance and also hiding spots. For this reason, some live plants such as Java moss, Java fern, Acharis, or Amazon sword will make the tank look similar to their natural habitat.

Substrate should be fine sandy as they enjoy picking some food from the bottom of the tank and digging around. 

What are the best tank mates for Angelfish?

Several fish species make great Angelfish tank mates. Good tankmates are non-fin-nippers, and calm and peaceful fish species.

it is important to highlight they cannot be small enough to be eaten by the Angelfish or big enough to attack them. Here are some potential Angelfish tank mates.

  • Corydoras Catfish
  • Black Skirt Tetra
  • Bleeding Heart Tetra
  • Hatchetfish
  • Discus Fish
  • German Blue Ram
  • Electric Blue Ram
  • Bolivian Ram
  • Bristlenose plecos
  • Platy fish 

125-gallon tank dimensions

A standard 125-gallon tank dimension is 72 x 18 x 21 inches. However, it is likely to find many shapes and dimensions. This tank general weight when filled is around 1400 lbs.

125-gallon tank equipment

Tank equipment is extremely important to keep your fish healthy and varies from tank to tank. 

–       Filtration system

–       Heater and thermometer 

–       Lights

–       Air pumps

125-gallon community tank combination

A 125-gallon tank makes it possible to set up a well-developed and complex community. The combinations are infinite, but here are some suggestions for 125-gallon tank communities;

–       Angelfish + Bolivian rams + Bristlenose pleco +  Cardinal tetras + Bronze corys + Peppered cory;

–       Clown loach + Discus + Angelfish + Rainbowfish + Neon tetras + Betta fish + Guppies + Bristlenose plecos. 

Other 125-gallon tank potential inhabitants

–       Clown Loach: Colourful species that live in large shoals. They can grow up to 12 inches and the temperature range is between 78 and 87 degrees F.

–       Discus: Vibrant coloured species that grows up to 6.5 inches. They can be members of great community tanks, and most of their best tank mates are tetras;

–       Rainbowfish: Their name could not be more precise than this. They come in a huge variety of colours and can be tank mates to many other peaceful fish, as tetras and Corydoras. Their ideal water temperature is between 74 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit.

–       Neon Tetras: These shoaling fish are also awesome community additions. Big tanks, such as a 125-gallon, could easily hold up to 100 of them;

–       Betta fish: These fish are quite aggressive and territorial. Thus, big tanks provide enough room for them to be isolated from the rest of the fish;

–       Guppies: These fish also come in a huge variety of colours. They are fast-breeding and could easily populate an entire tank by themselves. They are peaceful and easy-going fish, perfect for community tanks;

–       Bristlenose plecos: These are nocturnal bottom-dwellers and also great additions to a community 125-gallon tank. They grow up to 5 inches and can handle a wide temperature range, from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


In this post, we discussed “How many angelfish in a 125-gallon tank” and tips about Angelfish aquariums. We also suggested some fish species that are good Angelfish tankmates in community tanks.

If you have any thoughts or doubts, feel free to drop us in a comment below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): How many Angelfish in a 125-gallon tank

How many Angelfish can you put in a 125-gallon tank?

It is possible to keep up to 8 adult Angelfish in a 125-gallon tank. The number of fish per tank space is planned using the potential size of the fish plus extra gallons for miscellaneous, such as plants, substrate, and décor.

What size tank do Arowanas need?

Considering full-grown individuals, Arowanas require at least a 150-gallon tank to keep them healthy and happy.

How many bottom fish can I put in a 120-gallon tank?

In a 120-gallon tank, it is possible to keep around 8-12 individuals that occupy the bottom layer of your tank.

What do you stock Angelfish with?

Angelfish are good tank mates to several species. Some of them are:

·       Corydoras Catfish

·       Bolivian Rams

·       Kribensis Cichlids

·       Kuhli Loaches

·       Bristlenose Plecos 

·       Common Plecos

·       Platies

·       Mollies

What décor do Angelfish like in their tank?

Angelfish appreciated rocks and driftwood. They enjoy almost anything that brings their natural habitat inside the tank. 

Is that possible to differentiate male or female Angelfish?

Although sexual dimorphism is very unclear in the Angelfish species, some indicators may show the fish gender, such as prominent belly before reproducing and general behaviour. 


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