How long will Chihuahuas live in human years?

In this article, we will answer the following question: How long will Chihuahuas live in human years? We will give you six tips to take into consideration if you want your furry friend to live a longer and happier life.

How long will Chihuahuas live in human years?

Some Chihuahuas can live up to 20 human years, although the average lifespan of a Chihuahua is 15 years. 

According to scientific studies, the average life of a Chihuahuan can reach 12.42 years; and it is estimated that the longest a Chihuahua can live is about 19.9 years. That is, most of the dogs of this breed have an average age of around 15 years.

To better understand this, one year of life for a Chihuahua equals four years for a human. For example, if the average age of a Chihuahua is 15 years in human years, it would translate into 76 years of life. Then, in the following table, you can see what human age would correspond to each age of a Chihuahua:

Chihuahua yearsHuman years
2 months14 months
6 months5 years
12 months16 years
2 years 24 years
3 years 28 years
4 years 32 years
5 years 36 years
6 years 40 years
7 years 44 years
8 years48 years
9 years 52 years
10 years 56 years
11 years60 years
12 years 64 years
13 years 68 years
14 years 72 years
15 years 76 years
16 years 80 years
17 years 84 years
18 years 88 years
19 years 92 years
20 years 96 years

Chihuahua age equivalent – human age

Chihuahua dog: age-related health problems

Given these data – directly related to the age of the Chihuahua – we must also take into account the Achilles heel of a Chihuahua.

Despite being small but strong, this breed of dog can suffer from different health problems.

Most common diseases in a Chihuahua dog

The Chihuahua tends to:

  • Having certain congenital heart defects (pulmonary stenosis).
  • They can also suffer from certain skin diseases (alopecia).
  • And neurologically it may be subject to hydrocephalus (accumulation of fluid in the brain), a congenital disease that is usually detected before 3 months of age.

Now, if the Chihuahua is a miniature Chihuahua, it must be borne in mind that it will have a reduced life expectancy and will be more likely to die of a heart attack. This is the main reason that serious breeders fight against chihuahua miniaturization. Converting a breed type into a miniature only responds to a fad that has devastating consequences for the health and longevity of the Chihuahua.

How to make my Chihuahua ​​live longer? 

Want your furry friend to live as long as possible and live a happy life? Read carefully the next tips!


The diet that we offer our dog is a basic pillar for its health. At our fingertips, we will find dry, humid, dehydrated food or we can choose homemade food. Depending on the characteristics of the dog, its living conditions, and ours, we can decide between all these diets or mix several of them.

But, in any case, it is important to look for quality. There are good options for all budgets, we just have to inform ourselves well before deciding. In addition, the diet must be adapted to the life stage of the dog. A puppy cannot eat the same as an old man or a lactating female and a dog that hardly exercises.


Both internal and external deworming is essential. Not only because of the local annoyances that parasites such as fleas or ticks can cause but also because of the diseases they can transmit. Some are life-threatening like Babesia or Ehrlich.

Furthermore, humans can also be affected by intestinal parasites or leishmaniasis, for example. Therefore, from the first weeks of life, we ​​must worry about establishing, together with the veterinarian, a correct calendar of internal and external deworming.


And if it is important to deworm, vaccinating is essential, especially in the case of puppies. These, having an immature immune system, will be more vulnerable to any disease. They are very sensitive to viruses such as distemper or parvovirus.

Both are pathologies of viral origin that are easily contagious and present high percentages of mortality and sequelae. The best prevention is to vaccinate and revaccinate the puppy, as indicated by the veterinarian, and not take it out on the street without having the complete vaccination schedule.

Basic care

Following minimum hygiene standards, bathing and brushing the dog everything it needs depending on its characteristics and circumstances, and, above all, going to the vet as soon as we perceive that something is happening to it are measures that allow us to maintain a good quality of life.

Likewise, at least once a year you must go through a review at the vet. In addition to the complete general examination, it is recommended to perform a blood test and a urine test. This guideline is especially important in older dogs. With aging, it is easier for tumors or pain in bones and joints to appear.

More kidney, dental and eye diseases are also seen, in addition to cognitive dysfunction syndrome. Unfortunately, detecting these problems promptly does not usually serve to cure them, but by trying from the initial stages we can slow down their progression and, consequently, make the dog live longer.

Canine happiness

So far we have seen the physical care that will help us keep the dog healthy for as long as possible. But the quality of life is also in the daily routine. Thus, health is also maintained by respecting the psychological needs of the dog.

You must have adequate accommodation and sufficient opportunities to exercise. Socialization is also another fundamental aspect. To avoid problems in this regard, it is recommended that puppies are not separated from their mother or siblings before, at least, eight weeks of age.

Getting the dog used to different stimuli and situations, offering him games, company, affection, respect, and activity, also mental, is a guarantee of good psychological health. A stress-free dog will generally have better health and, consequently, a higher quality of life.

Does spaying a dog make it live longer?

By sterilization, we understand the extraction of the testicles in dogs and the uterus and ovaries in female dogs. It is an intervention that is recommended to avoid the birth of unwanted litters and the symptoms of heat.

In addition, it reduces or prevents the appearance of diseases associated with sex hormones, such as tumors of the breast, testicles, or pyometra, or uterine infection. Studies indicate that sterilizing prolongs life expectancy. Operated dogs are less likely to die from certain infectious diseases or accidents.

Will dogs ever live longer?

Dogs’ life expectancy has doubled in the last 40 years, which means that there is hope that with time, they will live longer. 

As we all know, having a dog is one of the greatest joys in life. Our furry friends give us unconditional love, company, and more smiles than is possible to count. Still, there is a downside to owning a dog. We can withstand the mess and minor damage, but the fact that people live longer than dogs, who eventually cease to be among us, is undeniable.

However, anyone will say that, of course, it pays to live with a dog, in such a way that it even becomes a member of the family. There is no specific way to answer the question of how long dogs live, as it will vary from case to case, but there are many studies of the average life expectancy of breeds such as the Golden Retriever, Bulldog, and many other breeds.

But the average life expectancy is not the only important thing. The same definition of mean means that many dogs will live less, while others may live significantly longer. A better way to assess the longevity of our pets is to turn dog years into human years. In this way, we can understand when a dog becomes an adult, an old living, or even a centenary.

Final thoughts

We know that losing your dog is a very hard time, however, remember that your responsibility is to avoid transmitting your sadness and try to make it happy. When you see that he is panting a lot, that he sleeps more than necessary, that he barely eats, and that his gums are black, you will know that he may be about to die. 

Find someone to talk about the subject and what you feel, pamper your dog a lot and celebrate all the years that you have been together.

If you have any questions or comments on the content, please let us know!

FAQ on How long will Chihuahuas live in human years?

Why do Chihuahuas live so long?

Chihuahuas live for many years because they are very active and bold dogs. They are also less prone to develop life-threatening diseases. 

What health problems do Chihuahuas have?

Chihuahuas can have the following common health problems:

  • Luxating Patella.
  • Hypoglycemia.
  • Tracheal Collapse.
  • Tooth and Gum Disease.
  • Hydrocephalus.

Do Chihuahuas like to be held?

In fact, Chihuahuas do not like to be held. They can accept it as a gesture of affection, but like all dogs, Chihuahuas enjoy long walks and they especially hate being held by strangers. 

Do dogs know you love them?

Yes, dogs know we love them. Dogs and humans can create a really special relationship and this is proven by the fact that our oxytocin levels go up high when we play or even when we just stare at our dog!

Can dogs sense their death?

In most cases, when it’s due to natural causes, dogs can sense their death. It is believed that dogs have some sort of sixth sense that lets them know their time is ending. 


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