Great Pyrenees service dog( 5 interesting facts)

In this article of “Great Pyrenees service dog” we will cover the qualities of a good service dog and why great Pyrenees service dogs are best for therapy, guarding, and other jobs. We will also cover how to train your service dog for better results.

Great Pyrenees service dog

The great Pyrenees service dogs are working dogs performing several duties like therapy, protection, and play other roles too. The great Pyrenees service dogs are famous for their gentle, calm, and patient personalities and they are servicing for over 11000 years along with other people or service workers. It is difficult to find such a personality for service.

Why are Great Pyrenees dogs famous for therapy?

The Great Pyrenees dogs are famous for their exceptional therapy because they are such beautiful, gentle and massive dogs that you can pat him by sitting in a wheelchair.

Their personality brings comfort to the suffering individual who is facing difficulty in his daily life. They have the charm to encourage interaction with the patient and the patient feels happy around the great Pyrenees service dog.

National Pyr Rescue charity says that the Great Pyrenees service dogs are large breed dogs that have a unique personality and no dog is better than the Great Pyrenees service dog for providing therapy to patients.

How Great Pyrenees service dogs are helping people in different situations?

According to American kennel club, a service dog should be an independent thinker to make decisions to save people.

Sometimes you do not need a dog that follows orders and doesn’t think before taking any action. The labrador retriever and golden retriever are good service dogs because they have the ability to analyze the situation and take action according to the situation.

The Great Pyrenees service dog comes from an 11000 years old lineage of service dogs. They are independent thinkers as said by the American kennel club. They work along with the people and take independent actions to save livestock and people from potential threats.

In case the great Pyrenees service dog is guarding a herd of sheep and a wolf comes up to have dinner then the dog has to make decisions from his own intelligence after accessing the situation. He wouldn’t be having a master to give orders on what to do and what not to do.

This intelligence makes a dog a good service dog and people who need service dogs would be choosing such intelligent dogs.

In twin oaks farms, great Pyrenees service dogs guard the herds and flocks and they are efficient in their work. A great Pyrenees shepherd mix breed is suitable for use in herd protection as they are strong and fast. The Great Pyrenees dogs are also known as Pyrenean Mountain dogs. They are big and cute dogs and their females have cute puppies.

Helping an Army veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder

As the American kennel club shares a story about an army veteran suffering from the post-traumatic stress disorder.

The service dog was a gunner who helped Hamilton Kinard, his human partner in mobility and to help him overcome post-traumatic stress.

Gunner was strong enough to pull the wheelchair of Hamilton Kinard and support him when he can barely stand without support. In this way, he also acts as a cane.

He also helped Hamilton Kinard’s son who was diagnosed with autism and helped him to stand and support him.

Do the great Pyrenees service dogs are good individual service dogs?

The great Pyrenees service dogs are good therapy dogs for a single person and not for group therapy. Some consider the great Pyrenees service dog, not a good individual service dog.

Now it must be not only the breed that is defined for a good service dog but also the personality and the intelligence of the dog.

Kennel reconnects and thundering pyrs breeders have experience in training the great Pyrenees service dog.

They said that this dog is easy to train and learns very quickly from its younger age. The breeder also assigned a task to her five great Pyrenees dogs to maintain her mobility, balance, and blood sugar issues and it gives excellent results for them.

Qualities of a Great Pyrenees service dog

The great Pyrenees service dog has several qualities that prove him a good service dog. Following are some qualities of the great Pyrenees service dog:

Gentle and kind

The best thing about the great Pyrenees service dog is their gentle and kind personality with which they can handle any person with all ages and temperament.

They are naturally gentle and kind to their patient and love to bring peace to their patients. They can easily interact with people.

Powerful and strong

According to the American Kennel Club, the great Pyrenees service dogs are strong and powerful and they weigh around 85 to 100+ pounds.

They can easily protect their masters and patients and provide mobility due to their strong and sturdy body.

They won’t’ mind if a person leans on them with all of their weight. They would provide support to this person and they will play a role in the rescue of the person.

Loyal and protective

The great Pyrenees service dog not only plays its role in protecting the herd from the potential predators but also alarms the people of the potential threat. They easily fit themselves in the situation and can take action against the predator when necessary.

They protect the herds from wildlife predators by their strength and intelligence. If they realize the situation is worse they will quickly alert the concerned people to take action against the potential threat.

This service is important in case of an impaired person who cannot protect himself and his property from the threats.

Trainable and smart

As we have discussed in this article earlier that a good service dog should take his decision independently without any human being commanding him.

This ability of great Pyrenees service dogs enables them to take action smartly. They protect and guard humans, flocks and herds.

They are easily trainable because they have the capacity to learn new things very quickly and efficiently however they do respond to negative reinforcement and that is punishment in training. They do not respond in an aggressive way or wild way yet their response is passive.

The great Pyrenees service dogs have been helping people for centuries in guarding their property, bringing relief to patients and alarming people about the potential threat to them.

How to train a great Pyrenees service dog?

What service do you need from your service dog?

The first thing you need to keep in mind is what service is required from the service dog. The training depends upon the type of service you are wanting from your dog.

For instance, if you want your dog to calm you when you are anxious then you need to train him for this service. On the other hand, if you want him to protect your herd and alert you when there is a potential threat to your herd. The training for your dog in both cases would be different.

How to choose the right breed for a particular service?

You need to keep in mind certain traits like natural gentleness, physical strength and independent thinking. The great Pyrenees service dog has the above traits and that is why they are excellent service dogs.

You should look for the particular traits in a breed. You may have 2 dog breeds or 20 dog breeds but you need to narrow down while keeping in mind the above traits.

How to select the right service dog training program for your dog?

After choosing the right breed and the right individual dog you move forward to the final step which is the easiest step of all.

There are several service dog training programs but not one is a single best fit. You should hire a professional dog trainer to train your dog according to the service you are needing from the dog.

The most important thing is what service is required from the dog. After determining the case of training it is easy to proceed further to the next step.

All over the world, great Pyrenees service dogs are helping people officially and unofficially to get rid of their anxiety and fear and to protect the herd and the disables from potential threats.

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After reading this article on “Great Pyrenees service dog” the reader will be able to know the qualities of a good service dog, why the great Pyrenees are good service dogs and how you can train your dog to be a good service dog.

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FAQ; Great Pyrenees service dog

Frequently asked questions of “Great Pyrenees service dog” are:

Is the Great Pyrenees requires high maintenance?

The maintenance cost is not too high. They only need regular bruising of the hair in summer as they shed heavily in summer. Besides this, there is no other cost of maintenance. If the brushing of teeth is done daily then it would be great.

What is the best breed of a service dog for anxiety?

Following are some best breeds that bring comfort to anxiety patients:

  • Labrador retriever-Friendly, gentle, loving
  • Golden retriever-compatible, calm, compliant
  • Great Pyrenees-smart, calm and patient
  • Poodle-smart, friendly, optimistic, hypoallergenic
  • Border collie-energetic, smart and mischievous

Do the Great Pyrenees like to cuddle?

The great Pyrenees service dog loves to cuddle with his family and love them and protect them from any threat.

Can Great Pyrenees be left alone?

They can be left alone for 5 to 8 hours if given plenty of exercise and stimulation. If not given any positive reinforcement they may become destructive and can bark in the house. They can handle loneliness but not for a long time as they are attached to their family.

Why Do Great Pyrenees Put Their Paws on you?

If your great Pyrenees service dog raises his paw they want your attention as a student raises his or her hand in the class to take attention of the teacher. They probably want something from you and you can’t ignore them.

What age is a Great Pyrenees full grown?

The great Pyrenees service dog is adult when he reaches 1 year but becomes fully mature when he reaches 2 years of age. They have a strong instinct to bark when they are adults.


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