What kind of fish is dory? (9 interesting facts)

In this article, we will learn what kind of fish is dory? from your favourite movies Finding Nemo, and Finding Dory, according to both scientific and cinematic point of views What kind of fish is Dory?  Dory is Paracanthurus hepatus or better known as Pacific blue tang fish. Paracanthurus hepatus is the scientific name of … Read more

Can fish see underwater? (11 interesting questions)

This topic will briefly cover the question “Can fish see underwater?” as well as the structure of a typical fish eye and how it adapts according to the different environments, along with other related questions such as “Can fish see colour?” or” How fish see in murky water?” Can fish see underwater? Yes, fish can … Read more

Do fishes sleep? (Yes or no?)

In this article, we will find out whether fishes sleep and how they do it. We will learn if fishes keep swimming while asleep, how many hours they need to rest and how to identify a sleeping fish! Do fishes sleep? All animals, including fishes, need to sleep or, at least, enter a state of … Read more