Why do angelfish fight each other?

All animals display specific behaviors according to a situation. It is no different with fish. Whether swimming erratically, locking their mouths, fin nipping, or any other behavior, aggression among angelfish can be worrisome – especially when it takes place in an aquarium. In this post, we will discuss aggression (fighting) among angelfish, its causes, and … Read more

American Pit bull dog weight

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American bulldog Vs Pitbull

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American Bulldog cropped ears

In this blog post we are going to talk about the American bulldog’s cropped ear. We will talk a little about the conchectomy and reasons for its performance and finally we will present the physical characteristics of this breed. American bulldog cropped ears The act of cutting off the ears of dogs is known as … Read more

Akita guard dog

Is the Akita breed good as a guard dog? What are the characteristics of Akita Inu dogs? To answer these questions this blog post will talk about the Akita Inu dog breed. Akita guard dog The Akita Inu breed dogs can be considered excellent guard dogs. This breed possesses many qualities similar to hunting dogs … Read more