Do pet shops usually put up pairs of angelfish for sale?

In this blog we will discuss angelfish pairs, their price and unique features.This blog will help angelfish enthusiast about the breeding pair price and their features.


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  • How do you get two angelfish pairs to breed?
  • Can two female angelfish be paired?
  • Is it fine to keep only one angelfish?
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Do pet shops usually put up pairs of angelfish for sale?

It depends on the pet shops, as some put up pairs for sale and some don’t.You should check with online pet shops to buy a pair of angelfish for your tank.

Wild angelfish form an intimate monogamous pair from an early age and then do everything with their peers for the rest of their lives. They live in pairs, travel, hunt and protect the territory of the sea from adjacent pairs of fish.

Angelfish is a semi-aggressive fish, so it is not a good community fish. However, like other cichlids, they can be very aggressive against their own kind if not paired up before.

It is very important to keep angelfish in groups when they are small, so that they get the chance to pairup on their own and this also reduces their aggressive behavior towards other angelfish.

But if you randomly pick two adult angelfish and keep them together in your tank, then be ready to face the consequences,because it is difficult to handle angels who were not paired before.

Keep in mind:

  • The easiest way to get a pair is to buy an already established pair from a breeder or fish shop.
  • However,it is quite expensive, and forming your own pair is much cheaper.
  • The recommended way to form a pair is to buy 4-8 angelfish and put them in one tank where they can get to know each other and form their own pairs.
  • Choose fish that are good looking, strong looking and have a healthy appetite. Carefully inspect the fins and gills for signs of disease.

Tank size for a pair of angelfish

Angelfish can grow quite large.Not the largest freshwater aquarium fish,but can grow up to 6-8 inches long and 10 inches high.Therefore, ideally you should use a 29 gallon aquarium for a pair of angelfish.

If you have enough aquarium space, there is no reason why you can’t keep a pair or more than 6 angelfish at a time, i.e for a 55 gallon aquarium start with five or six juvenile angelfish and be prepared to remove some in the future if they become too territorial.

However, angelfish should not be kept alone.These fish are of a very competitive nature and always compete for the top position in the school hierarchy.

  • Minimum tank size- 20 gallons
  • Angelfish pair-29 gallons tank
  • Group of angelfish- 80 gallons tank

How long does it take for a freshwater angelfish to pair up?

Choose to have ten or more freshwater angelfish,take good care of them, you can expect to see pairs start forming at around six to seven months of age. Some weaker breeds such as double-blooded black angelfish or breeds with a lot of wild blood may take longer.

You can tell that two angelfish are paired by observing your fish and seeing which one is closer and exhibits territorial behavior.

Let the angelfish pick their own partner from a group, that’s the best way to get a perfect pair, because they are not going to be aggressive towards each other.

Angelfish breeding pair and their price

Breeding pairPrice 
Koi Angelfish  Koi/orange marble AngelfishBlack blushing AngelfishSunset/koi AngelfishOrange marble/sunset AngelfishBlack splash x Koi AngelfishDantum-Koi x Koi AngelfishAlbino Dantum Angelfish$595.00$975.00$275.00$395.00 $550.00$250.00$495.00$595.00

Angelfish breeding pair features

Various angelfish pairs are available for sale in pet shops that come in a variety of  features.It is upto the angelfish enthusiast, which pair is suitable for them.

Koi x orange marble angelfish pair

  • Pair of veils. 
  • Beautiful colors and large spawning numbers. 
  • Female koi are almost as beautiful as they are.
  • The  breeding pairs are young and are offered for sale only after they get a high percentage of fertile eggs and fry that swim vigorously. 

Sunset/koi angelfish pair

  • Veil x standard pair. 
  • This pair will probably produce all koi with less black.
  • The sunsets will come in the next generation.

Orange marble x sunset angelfish pair

  • Veil x Std pair with big spawns. 

Black splash x koi angelfish pair

  • This is a veil x standard pair.
  • Black splashes have a lot of color, but most of them are covered with black pigment.
  • Over time, black splashes tend to lose black and become more colored.

Black splash x bulgarian seal point angelfish pair

  • This is a veil x standard pair.  
  • The black splash has quite a bit of intense color.

Dantum-Koi x koi angelfish pair 

  • This is a unique pair. 
  • The male is a cross from an Albino Dantum to a koi. 
  • This  pair will produce a few different phenotypes, and one will be a percentage of Koi.

Blue angelfish breeding pair 

  • You will get a pair (male and female) of Blue AngelFish breeding pairs. 
  • The packet is fully sealed with pure oxygen and it is safe to travel long distances for 5-7 days.

Rare marble blue angelfish

  • Also known as the Pinoy Angelfish.
  • This is a great angelfish variety first produced by Chuck Ash around 1969. 
  • These marble angels probably have two genes; other marble angels have only one such gene, so there are fewer marble patterns.

How do you get two angelfish pairs to breed?

It is difficult to breed angelfish but if you have already paired up angelfish, the breeding process will be easier.

To breed them, first get a good number of angelfish groups and see if any of the angelfish are paired.

After checking, remove and put the pair in a suitable tank for breeding.

Keep in mind if you randomly pick a male and a female and put them in a breeding tank,it will be tough to breed due to aggression between them, because they are not paired up.

Can two female angelfish be paired? 

It is possible for two female angelfish to pair by spawning. But since there are no male angelfish to fertilize them, the eggs all turn white. 

Poor quality water and fungi may also be responsible for the whitening of angelfish eggs.

How do you spot an angelfish pair in your aquarium?

The best way to spot angelfish pair in your aquarium is:

  • The paired angelfish will always be swimming together side by side.
  • They won’t be aggressive towards each other.

Is it fine to keep only one angelfish? 

One (male or female) angelfish is sufficient.As long as the other fish are far from the breeding ground,most angels do well with other species. That’s fine because one angel has no breeding grounds.They tend to get aggressive only when they share their breeding area with other tank mates.


  • Let the angelfish pick their own partner from a group, that’s the best way to get a perfect pair.If you randomly put two adult angelfish together either normally or for breeding then you will encounter lots of aggression and fights among them.
  • Angelfish has an average lifespan of 10 or 12 years and when angelfish are 6-12 months old, they mature sexually, so you should start looking for signs of pairing.
  • Angelfish grow large (up to 6 inches) and tall.They become highly territorial with age. Therefore, it is best to keep only 2 angelfish, a  breeding pair in a 29 gallon tank.
  • It is very easy to breed already paired up angelfish than randomly picking them for breeding.
  • Many aquarium enthusiasts who raise angelfish choose to grow their own aquarium for angelfish.In fact, angelfish tends to be most effective when kept in pairs or in groups of 5 or more.
  • Aggression is directly proportional to the number of angelfish pair.If there are more angels in the tank, their aggression will be less and vice-versa.
  • Angelfish like to go in groups, the more angels you have, the more likely they will pair up, if two pair up they’ll take over everything else in the tank.

Frequently asked questions

Can we keep a pair of male angelfish together? 

As adults, angelfish are territorial, especially when paired. If you plan to keep more than two, they need a very large tank.

Are angelfish easy to breed?

Angelfish breeding is not easy at all.

Are angelfish pairs expensive?

The most expensive type of angelfish is a proven breeding pair.

Can we keep more than two pairs of angelfish together?

Unless you are very experienced and your tank is large enough, putting more than two angelfish together may not work well.This is because of the territorial and aggressive nature of angelfish.