Do betta fish like to play?

In this blog we will discuss how bettas play.This blog will deal with everything related to the same in detail.


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Do betta fish like to play?

Betta fish are curious and intellectually curious creatures who like to play with toys and hide behind plants and logs.Betta fish toys can contain a lot of things, but it’s important to provide something fun and interactive.

Little do many fish owners realize that their betta fish can be played with just like any other pet. While your fish may not fetch like a dog, they can still be entertaining as long as you take the time to entertain them too.

How do you play with your betta fish?

By running your finger back and forth across the bettas aquarium

Check if the fish follows your finger as it moves across the aquarium. In many cases, Betta will follow if he knows their owner.

When feeding bettas, make sure they come up to see that you have come to feed them. 

Once you get used to being close to the betta when feeding, try placing your hands on the water while eating. 

Gradually, you can move between your thumb and index finger to hold the food a little underwater.

By placing a ping pong ball in the aquarium

Bettas are solitary by nature. They don’t need a lot of fun activities to keep them stimulated, but they do show symptoms of genuine boredom at times.

Ping pong balls are great floating toys for betta fish. The betta is curious and likes to hang near the surface, it will definitely be pulled by a ping pong ball.

If you want your fish to play and have fun, try adding a ping pong ball to their tank. A ping pong ball can be used if it is pre-washed and not damaged.

The fact that the ping-pong ball floats near the surface of the water also encourages male bettas to create bubble nests.

Some betta fish are not interested in playing with ping-pong balls because they have different personalities.

Giving bettas ping pong balls will keep them occupied and hone their natural instincts. This is a sure way to get healthier, happier betta fish that are fun to watch.

If the betta doesn’t start playing with the ping-pong ball right away, give the fish time to get used to it.

Ping pong balls are a cheap and easy way to keep your fish entertained. The fighting fish especially likes to move them around in the aquarium.

By using a mirror to watch your betta flare

Bettas often get bored in captivity, so to keep them from getting bored, betta owners use mirrors to show off their natural instinct and keep them busy.

Mirrors also reduce aggression, but long-term use of mirrors can be stressful. As a betta keeper, it is very important to know when and how to use the mirror in a betta tank.

By introducing floating decorations in bettas aquarium

The floating betta log is a commercially available toy that many bettas like to rest or hide in.

Buy floating decorations such as fake or real plants for your betta to play with. They will most likely explore new objects and swim around or through them. However, remember to always leave space for the bettas so they can easily reach the surface and breathe in the air.

This is a great addition that can stimulate your fish, making them feel better, reducing stress, and creating an environment that makes your betta feel right at home.

Toys are also available that combine a floating ball and a mirror, allowing you to move it around the surface of the aquarium.

By feeding your betta fish live food occasionally

Great way to entertain your fish. Specific stores for fish or aquariums often offer live worms that most bettas will eagerly chase.

Betta occasionally enjoys live food like brine shrimp and bloodworms. Live food shouldn’t make up the entire bettas diet, but once or twice a week is a great treat.

By training bettas to swim and jump through hoops

Create a hoop from a pipe cleaner or a piece of plastic. Find what your betta likes to eat the most and use it as bait or lure.

Hang the hoop in the aquarium so the betta can swim through it. Move the bait to stimulate the betta to swim across the hoop.

You need to make sure that the hoop is big enough for the betta fish to swim easily without injury. You also need to train safely as they can accidentally jump over the dividers or jump out of the tank.

By target training your betta fish

Find a suitable plastic straw, straw, or sticks to put in your betta’s tank. It is better to find something brightly colored, so your betta will recognize it.

Put the stick in the aquarium and feed the betta fish when they touch it with their nose. Do this several times a day, being careful not to overfeed them.

Ultimately, you can use this stick to train your betta to pass hoops, follow your stick, and even jump. Be careful not to overuse and always clean the stick with clean water before use.

By drawing on bettas aquarium with a dry erase marker

If you have dry erase markers, you can draw on the outside of the aquarium. When your fish sees something out of the ordinary, they will most likely come back to explore. 

The best part about using erasable markers is that you can simply erase any scribbles after playing and start over another time.

By sticking pieces of paper on the betta aquarium

Some betta owners simply put paper on the side of the betta tank to display the fish. Bettas are very interested in bright colors and motion, so you can easily trick them into chasing whatever you present to them.

Points to remember when playing with betta fish

Here are some points to consider when playing with betta fish:

  • The key point to remember when playing betta fish is to play in moderation. Everything in moderation is good for your fish. Excess of anything is bad, be it food or play.
  • If your betta gets tired, stressed or afraid during any kind of play or game, stop the activity.
  • Some fish tend to be more stressful than others, so your duty as a guardian is to monitor the behavior of the fish and make sure it is always safe and thriving.
  • Find innovative ways to entertain betta fish and introduce a variety of toys and games to enrich your bettas life and keep it healthy and happy.
  • Don’t limit yourself to using floating items made specifically for bettas. You can even use an airline tube that folds into shape to let your betta play.
  • Betta fish are completely trainable, they are driven by food and will learn tricks for food.Be patient and experiment with different foods and treats to keep things interesting.
  • Give your betta time to get used to any new toys or objects in his tank, and don’t be discouraged if he doesn’t seem to like them right away. 
  • Avoid toys that seem to stress the betta, especially those that are used for extended periods of time.

Safe and interesting toys for betta fish to play

  • Ping-pong balls
  • Floating logs or betta logs
  • Betta hammocks
  • Plastic straws
  • Airline tubing
  • Fishing bobbers
  • Mirrors
  • Real and fake plants
  • Moss balls
  • Fish training kits
  • Hoops 
  • Betta-safe food and treats


Male and female bettas are inquisitive and agile creatures that enjoy different types of psychological stimuli.Ping pong ball is an excellent toy that enriches betta fish.

Using a mirror will not hurt the betta fish, but using too much mirror will do harm. Bettas can be stressed when they see their reflexes, which is good stress. And it’s not harmful unless you leave it until he’s exhausted or manic.

Buy a small floating toy because you don’t want to cover the entire tank surface as the bettas will come to the surface for air, but you can float some fun toys for the bettas to play with.

With patience, you can train your betta to do things like follow your fingers through the aquarium, eat with your hands, swim through a hoop, play football, and even jump out of the water or come up to be petted. Fish feed is the best reinforcer of desired behavior.

Frequently asked questions

Do betta fish really  like mirrors in their tank?

Betta fish won’t necessarily like mirrors, but they are extremely useful. They will make your bettas feel better in several ways, including: By allowing them to carry out their natural instincts.

Do bettas enjoy playing with betta logs?

Natural looking floating or betta logs for your pet betta to sleep, play, breed, feed or blow bubble nests to keep your betta happy and help relieve captivity boredom.