Do betta fish bite?

In this article, we will answer the question “Do betta fish bite?”. We will also discuss if they have teeth and how strong their bite is.

Do betta fish bite?

Betta fish do bite, and they have teeth that allow them to do so. Whether or not your betta bites you is mostly determined by their disposition. Depending on how relaxed or afraid the betta is, they may not attack you if you stick your finger in their aquarium. Bettas with a higher level of aggression, on the other hand, may view your hand as a danger and attempt to bite it.

Remember that a betta can bite anything that enters its tank, so it’s not just your fingers it’s seeking.

Do betta fish have teeth?

Rows of little white teeth can be seen in your betta’s mouth if you look attentively, especially on its bottom jaw. However, because their teeth are so small, you may have problems seeing them unless you use a magnifying glass or your phone’s magnification feature. 

As a result, you shouldn’t be concerned if you can’t see them. Your betta has these, but they’re probably too small for you to notice. Yes, the teeth of a betta are razor-sharp.

What do bettas use their teeth for?

The teeth of a betta come in handy for a variety of reasons.

For eating

The majority of a betta’s diet consists of meat (but they are extremely gutsy and will eat some vegetables if given the opportunity). 

As a result, they require fangs to attack and kill their prey. Because little insects make up the majority of their meal in the wild, their teeth make it easier for them. 

Teeth not only fight them but also assist them in chewing up anything they’ve managed to kill. Your betta may be munching on betta pellets and other food in a similar manner to how you feed it.

To attack

Siamese fighting fish aren’t called that for no cause. They require their teeth to help them fight because they’re so ferocious. This is especially true if there are other men in the vicinity. Their razor-sharp teeth rip through the tails, scales, and fins of their prey, shredding them to pieces. 

Therefore, you should never group male betta fish together, and in some cases, you should avoid grouping your betta fish with other fish altogether. It’ll attack anyone if it’s feeling extremely angry. 

Any fish that is brightly coloured or has a long, moving tail and fins must not be housed with your betta, on the other hand, if it is. 

What is the strength of a betta fish bite? 

If you compare the bite of a betta to that of other species, it is stronger than that of a great white shark. This is remarkable until you consider the size of its mouth. A betta can bite you, yet its mouth isn’t strong enough to break your skin.

Does betta fish bite hurt?

Being bitten by a betta fish isn’t painful since their teeth and mouths are so little. Your skin is too tough to be broken even by a betta fish, as previously said. What it feels like to be bitten varies depending on who you ask. 

Some people describe it as a tiny tickle or a sensation that is felt but not painful. Others have described it as a peculiar pinch. In any event, while it may take you off guard, it isn’t going to injure you. 

If you want to know what it’s like to have a betta bite you, try placing some food on the fingertips and watching your betta bite it off with its teeth. If it’s feeling brave, it’ll bite both your finger and the food. Make careful you don’t do it too often, though.

What causes betta fish to bite and refuse to let go? 

On rare occasions, you may discover that your betta has bitten you and is refusing to let go of the bite. If this is the case, it’s not because it’s trying to hurt you; rather, its jaw has been caught. 

This is one of the explanations for why you should prevent allowing your betta to bite you in the first place. If its jaw becomes caught and it is unable to release it, it may injure itself.

Why do bettas bite people?

There are a variety of reasons why your betta fish may bite you. And, if at all possible, you should avoid the majority of them, as they may cause your betta to get stressed.


Your betta may bite you for a variety of reasons. The first is that it is curious. It’ll be inquisitive about what’s going on if it sees your hand-looming into the tank. Bettas don’t have hands as we do, so they have to grip objects with their mouths and find out what they are.

Defensive behaviour

Your betta may bite you for a second reason: defence. Consider how you’d react if you saw a huge hand approaching you. You’d probably assault it as well. As one of the factors that would distress your betta, you must avoid putting the water in the tank with your hand at all times. 


Finally, if you place food on your finger in order to feed it, it may accidentally bite your finger off. When it’s hungry, it can get a little carried away, even if it’s generally very exact.

You will be bitten!

If you put your hand in your betta’s tank, make sure you’re ready to be bitten. It may make you jump if you aren’t aware of the bite. And if you react too rapidly while holding your betta, you risk hurling it into the air. 

Not only would this startle it, but if it does not return to the water, it may suffer catastrophic consequences.

Betta fish biting during spawning

Unfortunately, bettas aren’t amorous fish, and even when they’re spawning, they can be antagonistic toward one another. However, depending on the type of bite, it could be a favourable indicator or cause major concern. 

It is possible that your betta is giving you a dependable indication, no matter how hard it bites. A betta biting another, but the other one merely backs away a little or doesn’t move, indicates that one of them isn’t quite ready or certain about mating with the other, but they aren’t completely averse to it either.

Check to see if the bite is causing any damage. It should be a little nip rather than a full-fledged bite. 

Even if bettas do not bite, this does not rule out the possibility that they are attracted to each other. 

Biting can sometimes occur as a result of aggressive behaviour. You may need to separate the bettas if you observe bites on the tail and fins. 

This is a hint that they aren’t going to be good friends and are being openly hostile to each other. Remember that violent behaviour is not limited to males; ladies can be hostile as well. 

You can tell whether or not it was an aggressive bite based on the recipient’s reaction. It’s not the nice sort of bite if they flee and try to avoid the culprit. 

If you detect this type of biting, you should take a break from breeding your bettas for a while.


In this article, we answered the question “Do betta fish bite?”. We also discussed if they have teeth and how strong their bite is.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know in the comments section below!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Do betta fish bite?

Does betta fish bite hurt? 

No. A betta fish bite will not damage you, although it may frighten you if it happens unexpectedly. If it bites you hard enough, it may become lodged on your skin.

What is the betta fish lifespan?

In captivity, a betta fish can survive for about 3-5 years. Simply feeding it properly, keeping it in ideal conditions, and pairing it with the appropriate tank mates can help you avoid unwanted fights on your hands. 

Is it possible for betta fish to kill other fish? 

Yes, they have the capability to kill. This occurs when an opponent refuses to give up. It nips and nibbles the opponent’s fins till it dies.

Do betta fish bite tails? 

Yes, they do. The exact cause for why they bite their tails is still up for discussion. Many people believe that strange conduct is caused by hunger, stress, or boredom. Others claim it is inherited or caused by aggressiveness. In any event, your betta fish is likely to bite its tail.

Do betta fish show affection for their keepers? 

Yes, especially if you’re the one who provides the food for the animals. They are clever animals that can be taught to follow a finger, move decorations, and so on.

Is it possible to go close to a betta fish? 

It is not advisable to touch any fish at all. Because the slime coat on your finger may rub off, exposing them to infection. Furthermore, touching them may spread hazardous microorganisms.


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