Chihuahua bite force (7 interesting facts)

In this article “Chihuahua bite force” we will cover how forceful is the bite of a chihuahua dog along with the reasons for the bite and the level of the bite. We will also cover the cause of aggressiveness and how it makes a dog dangerous for human beings and other animals.

Chihuahua bite force

The Chihuahua bite force is 500psi. These are little dogs but have strong biting force. They can break your skin with their sharp teeth. You cannot compare them with German Shepherds, and rottweilers. They can catch you as they are small and fast and can hunt down calves when they are angry. They have small mouths and sharp teeth and probably the smallest bite.

Chihuahua bite requires more than just stitches but also a tetanus shot and antibiotics and if the dog has rabies, careful observation is necessary to keep the humans safe from the bite.

Chihuahua bite force also depends upon the size of the dog, let’s say for instance the dog is 5lb, this chihuahua bite force is not as strong as the adult one. 

Chihuahua dog

Chihuahua dogs have rounded heads like the apple and have shiny luminous eyes. They have erect ears. Their coats come in different colors and have short or long hairs. Their weight is 6 pounds and they have the strongest bite as compared to their size and height.

Chihuahuas are loyal dogs and if they are not trained they can rule your house like a Napoleon. Special care is required during the cold season. They are small dogs with small jaws. They are adaptable and also are kept as pets.

Chihuahua dog

Chihuahua’s behavior depends upon the genetics of the parents and the grandparents of the dog breed. They are small dogs so that they are vulnerable to many predators. This makes them adapt to an environment of self-defense.

They are aggressive because they have lived the life of attacking and defending themselves from prey and predators.

Their behavior also depends upon the quality of the training you are giving to them. If these dogs are trained well then they came out to be intelligent dogs.

These dogs catch a cold very easily so they are often found in the pillows or a place where they are warm and far away from cold. They enjoy the sunlight.

There are also teacup chihuahua dogs that have an average weight of 5lb when adults. There are also medium-sized chihuahua dogs. But the size doesn’t matter, the danger is the dog’s bite force which he applies to a human being or an animal.

There are also mixed dog breeds of a chihuahua. One example is “Chipit” which is a mixed breed of chihuahua dog and American pit bull terrier. This mix breed is 15 to 18 inches tall and 15 to 35 pounds in weight.

Top 10 dogs bite force

  1. Kangal Dog bite force pressure: 743 PSI
  2. Bandog Dog bite force pressure: 730 PSI
  3. Cane Corso bite force pressure: 700 PSI
  4. Dogue De Bordeaux bite force pressure: 556 PSI
  5. Tosa Inu bite force pressure: 556 PSI
  6. English Mastiff bite force pressure: 552 PSI
  7. Dogo Canario bite force pressure: 540 PSI
  8. Dogo Argentino bite force pressure: 500 PSI
  9. Leonberger bite force pressure: 399 PSI
  10. Rottweiler bite force pressure: 328 PSI

How to calculate chihuahua bite force?

We can calculate the chihuahua bite force in PSI. But what is PSI? and how it works?

PSI stands for “Pound per Square inch”. This is the measure of the pressure applied to a given point. Actually, the correct definition of PSI is “The amount of pressure applied on one square inch of the pound”. The pressure is easy to calculate. 

Now you can assume that a chihuahua bite force is 500psi which means that a chihuahua applies 500 pounds of pressure on 1 square inch of the body.

Let’s take another example of Dobermans bite force which is 245psi. This means that he can apply 245 pounds of pressure on 1 square inch of the body.

You can apply this method to other dogs too to calculate the amount of pressure they are applying on 1 square inch of the area.

Statistics of Chihuahua bite

A study was conducted on 188 breeds bites frequency in 2009 by the Coalition for Living Safely with Dogs and Colorado Veterinary Medical Association. They came up with the following interesting facts about the chihuahua bite force.

  • Chihuahua ranks 4th in biting children
  • Chihuahua bites more than any other dog

Another study was conducted in 2016 by “Dognition” company and they came up with shocking results. They took almost 4000 dog owners’ opinions and asked them about how often their dogs get aggressive.

It came up that the chihuahua became aggressive when confronted by a large dog on his way. But you need to keep in mind that the dogs included in this study were not very aggressive and the chihuahua falls in the medium category of aggressiveness.

Chihuahua bite that killed human

Although a chihuahua dog is small, it can cause the death of a human. The annual statistics compiled by says that from 2005 to 2017 chihuahua was responsible for the death of one human being.

In fact from 2005 to 2020 the chihuahua was responsible for two deaths of human beings. This can give you the idea of how dangerous this dog is and how strong the chihuahua bite force is.

Chihuahua not to bite

The second attack was made on a lady having two pit bull terriers. There is no eye witness of the scene but I think we can conclude from the above statistics that a chihuahua can cause the death of a human being.

The next question arises how a bite can cause the death of a human being?. The answer is very simple. If he bites you on the main artery of the body then you need to seek medical help. If medical help is not available then it can cause death due to excessive blood loss.

Finally, we can have evidence of the chihuahua bite force by the “Dailymail” saying:

“An out of control Chihuahua is facing a death sentence after it allegedly savaged a woman during a rampage through her home. The eight-inch long dog, called Chelsea, is said to have leaped up to bite Andrea McGann in a home in Twickenham, London. Wimbledon Magistrates Court heard Chelsea has been taken into custody and faces a potential destruction order after Fox was charged with being a person in charge of a dog dangerously out of control and causing injury.”

Although the woman was not killed, you can think of the bite. The bite was so intense that it causes the law to be enforced on the dog and the owner of the dog.

The dog bite levels

There are six categories of dog bites and they are the following:

1-Dog bite level one

In this level of dog bite the dog tries to frighten the person or another dog. At this level, he doesn’t bite the person or the animal and his teeth did not come in contact with the skin of the individual.

2-Dog bite level 2

In level two of a dog’s bite, the dog’s teeth do come in contact with the skin of the person or the animal but the skin is not punctured or the person is not harmed. 

The level one and the level two bites are the most common bites and are often reported. The dog shows aggression and is taken care of with plenty of other treatments.

3-Dog bite level 3

In this level of dog bite the skin is punctured but for not more than 1 to 4 teeth are as deep as half of the size of teeth. This behavior shows that a particular dog is a threat to humans or animals.

4-Dog bite level 4

Level four shows the dog aggression and one of the dog teeth penetrates deeper in the tissue. The wounds are worsened by the dog shaking its head. This is the warning sign that the dog should be kept in confinement and be analyzed by the expert.

5-Dog bite level 5

This dog is clearly dangerous for humans and animals. The behavior is not good and the behaviorist also confirms this.

The behaviorist also advises not to allow dogs to be free in the streets. He should be put out of the misery of confinement.

6-Dog bite level 6

The only good thing about this level is that it is very rare. the aggression of the dog is determined by the bite force of the dog. The sudden aggressiveness of the dog shows that there is a behavior problem with the dog and it needs to be immediately discussed with the behavior expert of dogs.

If you see behavioral changes in your dog you should not allow the dog to go out for a walk.


The article “Chihuahua bite force” helps us to understand how dangerous is the bite of the chihuahua dog and what are the reasons for the chihuahua bite. It also gives an idea of what makes a dog dangerous and the reasons for the aggressiveness of the dog.

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FAQ; Chihuahua bite force

Frequently asked questions of “Chihuahua bite force” are:

Are Rottweilers better than Chihuahuas?

Yes, Rottweilers are better than chihuahua dogs. Although chihuahuas have a strong bite force, rottweilers are the nasty ones. They are far more aggressive than chihuahua dogs. If properly trained they can be a man’s best friend.

Do Chihuahuas bite more than pit bulls?

Yes, chihuahuas are more aggressive than pit bulls. They often bite but can cause minor to no injury. On the other hand, Pit bulls cause serious injuries and can cause the death of the human or the animal it bites.

Are Chihuahuas the most aggressive dog?

Yes, chihuahuas are the most aggressive in the 35 breeds of dogs and they are probably more aggressive towards bigger dogs. They have no match with Rottweiler. They stand out in the crowd because other dogs are not very aggressive.

How big will a Chihuahua Rottweiler mix get?

Chihuahuas are 6 pounds in weight and 5 to 6 inches tall. If you are interested in mini rottweilers then you should go for the rottweiler chihuahua mix breed.

Why do Chihuahuas bite their owners?

Chihuahuas can bite their owner when they are in deep pain or when they are aggressive. The aggression may be environmental induced or maternal. They will bite the nearest dog or the person standing there.

How dangerous is a Chihuahua?

Aggression is not a trait of a chihuahua. They are prone to aggression because of some reasons. Like other dogs, chihuahuas are also loyal and love their owners.


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