Cheap planted aquarium lighting (Top 5)

After reading this article “Cheap planted aquarium lighting” the reader will be able to know about the features of 6 best and cheapest planted aquarium lighting. He will also know about the best feature of each product.

Cheap planted aquarium lighting

Following are the cheap planted aquarium lighting:

6 cheapest planted aquarium lighting

Following are the 6 cheapest planted aquarium lighting:

Nicrew SkyLED Plus

It is the best and the cheapest choice of lighting for your freshwater aquarium and low to a high planted aquarium. It boasts the LED light and brightens up the environment of the aquarium. It has all the technical support needed to grow the plants in the aquarium.

This product has a feature of full-spectrum flexibility. This feature means that the product has a range of 6000k to 12000k for colour spectrum. The ideal colour spectrum range is 8000k to 9000k as directed by the vendor.

Another good feature of this product is it has adjustable daylight and moonlight colour spectrum. It has a switch on the power cord to turn on daylight colour spectrum or moon colour spectrum. These colour spectrum either operate independently or together giving infinite modes of colour.

This product is good for all kinds of plants in your aquarium. The PAR value scales with the colour spectrum of the light. They have the highest value of 97 correspondings to a 12-inch depth which is measured by the 30-inch fixture. That is why it is the best and the cheapest planted aquarium lighting.

You can check out the price here.

Finnex FugeRay Planted+ clip light

It is the best clip-on aquarium light that is very useful for small aquariums. It has an advanced design that best works in the low or medium planted aquarium. This product is suitable for a tank size of 10 gallons. This light reaches to the depth of the aquarium and you will see that your fish will enjoy the atmosphere created by this light.

It features two kinds of light one is called day light and the other is called night light. It also has a red light-emitting diode that has a range of 660 nanometers, that is very good for photosynthesis in the medium planted aquarium.

It has a long life because it has aluminium circuit boards and the plastic cover covering the LED bulbs. The plastic cover protects the LED bulbs from the moisture and the aluminium circuit boards keep the LED bulbs cool so that they do not heat up and do not change the temperature of the aquarium. The change in aquariums can cause the death of the fish in the aquarium.

It has a farily easy set up for the aquarium. The clip-on light makes the effortless to fix this light on the aquarium. You just need to slide the gooseneck on the aquarium wall and then fix it with the help of nylon crew which is included in the setup. 

The gooseneck is very flexible which ensures that the product can easily be fixed and is movable. Due to this feature and several others, it is regarded as among the cheapest planted aquarium lighting set up.

You can check out the price here.

Finnex Planted+ 24/7 ALC – automatic timer control

The most lovable feature of this Finnex Planted+ 24/7 ALC – automatic timer control product is it has an automatic 24/7 lighting mode which gives the user the opportunity or the facility to not worry about the schedule of the lighting. It comes with a remote to control the lighting intensity and the colour of the lighting.

The 24/7 lighting feature regulates the day/night cycle of the plant. You need not worry about the light and the growth of the plant. The plant will grow well in this light and it is the smartest and the cheapest planted aquarium lighting you would ever experience.

Besides this feature of the product, it also has many other features. The second feature of this product is it gives you the facility to choose your colour combination and to control the intensity of light. It also has four weather modes. It quickly turns on when you are operating the product. It also has a sensor with two different LED lights to clear any confusion.

It has a high-range PAR output which enables it to work best in most of the planted aquariums. You can control the amount of light each plant is getting. The light will help in the growth and development of the aquarium plants.

You can check out the price of this product here.

Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED Plus

This product has an excellent feature of many light modes. Most of the product we discussed earlier has only day-light mode and night mode. This product has more than two modes of light.

It has a lunar and a dusk mode of light which gives the effect of the evening in the aquarium. It also has a cloudy effect and a lighting effect which gives us the idea of lighting strikes in the aquarium. These effects help the fish to realize that he or she is in the wild. 

This effect also enhances the growth of the plant giving them proper lighting and the environment to grow in the aquarium. For this purpose, it is the best and the cheapest planted aquarium lighting product.

It has a colour spectrum of 6500K. When we talk about the PAR value then it gives a PAR value of 35+ at 12 inches of depth, which is only enough for the low light-demanding plants in the aquarium. This is the feature you need to watch out for while installing or setting up the LED lights in case you have an aquarium having more demanding microbial flora.

The installation of this product is very easy for you. The installation process is very quick and there is a little hassle for you. However, it doesn’t have a 24-hour timer which is a limitation of this product as most of the products we have discussed have a timer in it. You can use a common socket timer for this product in your aquarium.

You can check out the price of this product here.

Fluval Plant Spectrum Bluetooth LED 3.0

This is one of the top-rated products in the market. It has a 24-hour timer to control the lighting process and to schedule the lighting process. It also has different modes of light. Most of the product listed above has only two modes of light and that is day light effect and night light effect. 

It has a sunset, sunrise, midday and might affect. This product has six unique band waves for the full spectrum of light and has option preset habitat light like that of Lake Malawi, Tropical, and Planted.

We do not get the information about the PAR from the manufacturer but we recommend it to be used in most of the aquariums and most of the plants. It has a Kelvin rating of 6,500K, the Luman value is 4250. We recommended it to be used in most of the plant aquarium because of its wattage.

The most convenient feature of this product is the mobile controlling feature of this product. You can download the mobile companion app and you can control the device and the lighting of the device as you want to control it. 

Most of the product listed above has the feature of remote control. This product is quite different from the rest of the product in the market because of its mobile controlling feature.

This is the best and the cheapest planted aquarium lighting you can buy in the market.

You can check out the price of this product here.

Current USA Satellite Plus Pro with timer, highest PAR

This is the best product to be used in the aquarium for those aquarists that love to fit in new technology in their aquarium. It has a PAR rating of over 155 at 12 inches which is the highest in products that are listed in this article. 

This product brings all bells and whistles to the underwater aquascapes. It is best for high demand plants which require high quality and intensity of light in the aquarium.

This product has dynamic modes of light. Unlike the other products in the aquarium, this product gives you the 24-hour modes of light of the aquatic life in the wild. The dynamic modes include moonlight, cloudy, stormy, It gives your fish the opportunity of enjoying the sunrise and the sunset mode of light in the aquarium. 

This 24 hours dynamic light mode gives your plant the facility to grow and develop as the plant grows in the natural environment of the wildlife.

The aluminium associated with this LED light keeps the LED bulbs from overheating and keeps them cool in the aquarium.

You can check out the price here.

You can also use CFL lights for 3 hours instead of LED lights or DIY lights in your aquarium.


In this article “Cheap planted aquarium lighting” we have discussed the features of the 6 best and the cheapest planted aquarium lighting along with their best features.

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FAQ; Cheap planted aquarium lighting

Frequently asked questions of “Cheap planted aquarium lighting” are:

Is LED light enough for aquarium plants?

The LED floodlight is enough for the aquarium plants. It is enough for the growth and the development of the plants and the fishes.

Can you grow plants with aquarium lights?

You cannot grow plants that need blue and red light for their growth. The aquarium light has a less red and blue and more green light.

Are LED lights good for fish?

LED lights are good for aquarium fish. They are also good for live plants in the aquarium. The lighting should be turned on for 8 to 12 hours.

How long should lights be on in a planted aquarium?

The lights should be on for not more than 8 hours a day. If you have a new planted aquarium then 6 hours a day is better to keep the algae away from the plants.

How many lumens does a 55 gallon planted tank need?

A 55 gallon planted aquarium needs 620 lumens. Having lumens less than 620 is not good for your aquarium.

Will 5000K LED grow plants?

When LED light exceeds 5000k your plant will grow slowly and without much vigour because so much of the red light is out of spectrum.


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