Cat looking up (7 interesting facts)

In this article on cats looking up, we will go through the reasons why a cat is looking up? or looking to someone and try to understand the body language of your cat whether he is sad, happy, or anxious. Lastly, we will discuss the diseases and the common questions asked about cats.

Cat looking up

There are two answers to the question of why my cat is looking up? The first one is based on the spiritual powers of the cat and the second one is the scientific one.

The first one says that cats can see between the dead and the living plane of existence. This behavior is sometimes called “chasing fairies”. This is the witchy answer to the question of why my cat is looking up? 

The scientific answer to the question is your cat might have seen a lizard or a mouse up there and suddenly they got out of the site and now your cat is searching the mice or the lizard up there and moving his head on the wall. Your cat may be looking at the big blue sky on a sunny day to absorb some heat from the sun.

Cat staring another cat

After answering why is your cat looking up? We move to our next question. Every animal likes to guard its territory. When the cat stares another cat is probably showing him that the territory in which he is standing belongs to him. Cat communicates mainly with body language. Your tabby cat may be having a side view or rear view of the cat.

Cat staring another cat

When a cat notices another cat is staring at him, they both quit their work and start staring at each other. When the dominant one doesn’t satisfy the other one, it ends up in a catfight.

Cats can see each other without blinking their eyes. They are not like humans who blink their eyes often to lubricate them. Now we came to know from the above discussion that we can’t win the starting game from the cat.

How to prevent cats from staring at home?

Here you wish to deal with two cats. You need to take steps to minimize the aggression between the two cats.

  1. Start by introducing them gradually to each other. Don’t just put them together in the same room and expect them to be best friends forever.
  2. Allow them to get used to each other scent. Shuffle and blankets and toys between them so that they can recognize each other’s scent.
  3. In the beginning, confine the new kitty in a separate room and give him separate food and water.
  4. Initially start with feeding them in the same bowl with the barrier in between them. Now slowly remove the barrier between them and allow them to interact with each other.
  5. These activities should be supervised.
  6. You can also prevent cats from looking up by using the above method.

Body language of the cat

You need to read the body language of the cat around you to know what he or she wants from you. Here are some tips to read the body language of your cat.

The question is how you came to know that your cat is scared? The answer is pretty obvious. 

If you see your cat looking at you with the pupils dilated and the tail crouched under the body, or if you see your cat hiding under the sofa or in the kitchen or under the bed, it is a pretty obvious sign that he is scared. You might scare him with the loud noise of pan hitting the ground or you cheering your favorite team in a football match.

He might be starting something in the house that might have frightened him. You need to look for these signs as a responsible owner.

Now to tackle this situation you need no to directly approach from the front or behind of your cat but instead toss his favorite treats towards him. If he comes out to eat, then give him more until you see the fear going out. When your cat is ready to accept you, feel free to approach.

Cats are intelligent animals, they stare at their owners to take their attention and show them they love their owners. Cats also state their owners when they are scared or when they are hungry.

Feline vision problems

Cats looking up may be extreme. Cats’ eyes are adapted to see clearly indoor and outdoor. They have unique vision due to their unique structure of the eyes.

Their eyes are prone to many diseases such as glaucoma, and cataracts. The most common of the diseases is the inflammation of eyes conjunctiva known as conjunctivitis.

Other complications are FIV, feline Leukemia virus, Feline infectious peritonitis virus, and toxoplasma.

As said early the most common illness of the eyes is conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is the inflammation of the inner mucous membrane of the eyelid. This is a painful eye disorder.

This condition is the complication of upper respiratory disease of the animals caused by bacteria and viruses. Some cats have night vision blindness. If you want to check the vision, show him some stock photos of other cats, if he has a normal vision he will react to the situation.

When you visit the vet he will need to have a look at the profile of your gray cat.

The feline vision problem is also in other species like lion and tiger.

Other associated diseases of Cat looking up

Among the other conditions that lead to blindness is the inflammation of the uvea called uveitis. It is the middle area of the eye that consists of the iris, ciliary body, and choroid. The most common sign in this disease is gradual blindness, inflammation of the eyeball, and swollen third eyelid. 

other associated diseases of cat looking up

The other most common condition that leads to eye diseases is retinal detachment. Retinal detachment is the detachment of the retina from the underlying tissue. There could be several reasons for the retinal detachment such as high blood pressure, thyroid disease, and kidney disease. This can cause permanent blindness in most cases.

The third associated cause is trauma or injury most commonly lacerations. This could happen during a fight with other cats or animals.

The cat’s eye impairment is treated as early as it is diagnosed. But unfortunately, in most cases, the injury became irreversible by the time the owner pursued veterinary help.

Common questions related to a cat looking up

Why is my cat looking up and meowing?

There are certain diseases in which cats start excessive meowing. It could be overactive thyroid or some kidney disease that is causing him a lot of pain. Some diseases cause a cat to feel hunger and thirst more than often.

Why should you never look into a cat’s eyes?

If you keep looking in your cat’s eyes without blinking this would cause the cat to think that you are challenging his dominance and that is not the right approach. You need to look into the eyes with blinking to show that you love him and are not a sign of threatening to him.

What does it mean when a cat stares at a wall?

When your cat is staring at the wall for a long time that could be a sign that something is going on on the wall like a lizard movement or the spider movement on the wall. It might be the sign of something going on behind the wall like a sound is coming from behind the wall.

Cats have a wide vision and are among the top members of the feline family.

What does it mean when your cat looks at you in the eyes?

Cats are naturally curious animals and they love to watch someone they care about. He could be watching you when you are on the sofa watching television or making a sandwich for yourself in the kitchen.

Can cats see guardian angels?

Some stories are passed from generation to generation that cats can see guardian angels. If your cat is looking at something like a door or wall some people think that there is something with the cat.

They can do things above or below the normal vision of the human eye.

Why do cats act like they see something?

Cats have the habit of staring at people for no reason or running around crazily and apparently act like they saw something which other people can’t see. They also show the behavior of anxiety around things that are not there. Extreme staring and gazing could be due to a disease.

Is there something wrong with my cat’s eyes?

Squinting and rubbing of eyes are common signs of eye disorder. Other signs are redness, swallowing, discharge from the eyes, and infection in the respiratory tract.

What is feline Hyperesthesia syndrome?

Feline hyperesthesia syndrome has other names also known as neurodermatitis, rolling skin disease, neuritis, and pruritic dermatitis. This disease has no single etiology.

Do cats’ eyes dilate before they die?

The pupil appears larger than usual, muscle control is needed to keep the eye closed so when a cat dies his eyes remain open after his death.


After reading this article on “Cat looking up” we try to understand this behavior of cats and learn about some of the reasons and the diseases related to this behavior of the cat.

Feel free to ask anything about “Cat looking up” in the comment section below.

FAQ; Cat looking up

Frequently asked questions of “Cat looking up” are:

Why does my cat just sit and stare at me?

Cat does this because he thinks that by staring he can control your mind and can get food from you. He may do it to keep an eye on the predators. Cat sitting and staring are common in cats.

What do cats see when they stare at nothing?

Ron Douglas says that cats can see through ultraviolet radiation. That is why cats see in the deep space of nothing but they do see something in there.

Why do cats tilt their head when looking at you?

They tilt their heads to see you better such as we squint to see the print that is too small in size. The same thing is done by dogs when they try to hear.

Should I stare back at my cat?

Cats want their owners to use their peripheral vision to look at them. The owners should look at them by slowly blinking or winking their eyes. This sends a message to the cat that the person is not an enemy.

Can a cat see TV?

Yes, cats can see TV. At older ages, they can’t see the TV because they have no colors or probably they have more vibrant colors. Modern TVs have less vibrant colors and they have pictures that a cat eye can perceive.

Can cats see things we can’t?

There is probably a difference between the retina of the cat and the retina of the human. Cats can’t see colors. Cats can’t see objects lying far.


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